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March 2, 2017
By , Middleville, MI

Far off in the distance the sun creeps above the horizon, gradually replacing the morning twilight with iridescent sunlight. In the forest below, nocturnal denizens of the night silent retreat back to their dens while the myriad creatures of day are roused from their slumber to start a new day. The landscape that had a silent, sinister feel during the nighttime hours has become beautiful and lively with the coming of day. Bird song is carried through the treetops, the underbrush rustles gently with the passing of rabbit. In the very center of the forest there is a clearing with a house in the middle of it. The house looks warm and cozy from the outside, it is made of oak wood taken from the forest and has a foundation of stone. Having only two floors, the house would seem humble if it did not have a tower located on the back side. Inside, a different type of creature is starting his day.

Gallium sits on the side of his bed, head in his hands, the details of an unsettling dream already escaping his mind. Standing up, he wanders to a full length mirror located in a corner of his room. His dead, gray eyes meet his gaze. Shifting his attention, he takes in his features, same as always. The same disheveled, medium-length gray hair, the same sharp features and slightly handsome features of his face, his same short stature, his same lean, but muscular build. Continuing with his morning routine, Gallium exits the bedroom. He walks down a hallway on the second story of his home and takes the stairs down to the first floor and into the kitchen. Absent mindedly muttering a charm, he starts a cooking fire with a small puff of flame that takes a bit of mana and cooks a small breakfast of eggs and ham, and puts on a pot of coffee.

After finishing up his morning meal, Gallium returns to the bedroom and slips out of his sleeping clothes and puts on his everyday attire, a gray tunic with black pants. Since today was a normal day, he donned his normal gray cloak and his wizard hat, the leather worn from long years of wear. He fetched his oak staff from his bedside, and much like his hat, has been worn smooth from years of handling. Heading back downstairs, Gallium heads for the front door. He waits expectantly, although he isn’t sure why. Letting out a short sigh, he reaches for the knob and exits the house. As he exits the clearing onto a forest path towards town, he can’t help feeling a strange feeling. Perhaps the feeling came from an urge to break the monotony of his everyday routine. Or perhaps it was the call of destiny, but from the very depths of his heart, Gallium couldn’t help but feel that today was going to be wonderful a day indeed.

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