Life Of A Shoe

March 2, 2017
By , Middleville, MI

I am lonely.

All I do is hit the hard pavement over and over again. Or the cold snow freezes me. Or sink into the mud I do. Im treated with no respect, thrown into the closet over and over. I smell, oh boy do I smell.

Never am I cleaned. And once I don't fit I’m done like I was nothing. I remember my glory days. Back when I was in the store nice and clean. And everything was warm. I thought life was great. But then he came and had to ruin that. That petulant little kid just had to ruin me. Begging his mom for me. Tugging on her shirt, yelling and whining. I knew I was gone with this kid. Life’s never been the same since. Then one day it changed. It was just like any other day, thrown into the closet after a long day's work.

Then I saw her. She was bright and vivid and looked ever so gorgeous. She looked like a heel. She lived the high life. She got to go to luxurious balls and dances. Never would I experience something like that. She would never like me, it would be impossible for us to be together. Oh but I could dream. Oh why couldn’t I live the life she did, or even be in it with her. Why I ask? Because I’m a dirty old shoe, that’s why. Thrown into the closet I am. I’m wondering when my life will be over. I know it will  be soon. I saw it happen to the last pairs of shoes the kid wore. I was getting old, dirty and starting to get holes. My life would be done soon. I wondered where I would travel to.  Maybe I would be recycled, I wonder what that will be like. Maybe I could be turned into a new shoe and be something different and have an amazing life, and find somebody like that high heel. Maybe I could be a dress shoe, cool, black, slick and slippery. Then maybe that high heel would like me. But maybe I didn't even need her. Maybe I could just find some regular ol shoe like me, and we could live a happy life, and then it happened. Just what I predicted, I had got to worn out for the little kid and he was getting a new pair of shoes. So they donated me to goodwill. There I met the love of my life. She was a regular tennis shoe just like I had envisioned. I was about a size 6 and she was a size 4 so I was a little bit bigger than her. But we automatically connected, it felt like life was back, how it used to be at the store when I was fresh. I loved being at this store and getting to be next to her on a shelf. Then it happened. Just three weeks ago they best day of my life happened, meeting this wonderful girl shoe. Then some women, who looked like she was in her 30’s, took her off of the shelf, and she was gone. Just like that. My life was over, I couldn't bear the pain anymore of her not being here. Just like how it started.

Lonely I am.

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