Adventure: Prologue

March 2, 2017
By Dragoon2611 BRONZE, Salisbury, North Carolina
Dragoon2611 BRONZE, Salisbury, North Carolina
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The adventure of a level one warrior began in the small town called Novice. Most of the people that lived or worked in Novice were between the levels of one and ten and there were multiple classes to choose from: warrior, mage, healer, rouge, thief, and archer. There has always been a legend of a mythical warrior, who possesses the dragon mimic technique, that would defeat the oppression of the dragon king that terrorized the kingdoms from the far east to the farthest of west. He would show himself whenever the people of the city offered a statue in town square of a phoenix with one million gold coins. One day when the town was preparing the final offerings to the statue when suddenly .... BOOM!
A huge explosion was created on the outskirts of town where there was a nest of giant foxes. There was so much confusion throughout the people at the town square. “Attention all citizens we advise that you stay where you are and do not panic” May the mayor, a young but beautiful girl, said. “I’ll go check it out” said Roy, one of the newest male mages. He walks towards the huge cloud of smoke but hears a strange noise. “AAAHHHH.” “How could that be?” asked Roy. Roy looks around and doesn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary. “AAAAHHHH.” He still hears the sound of the yelling but it is getting louder. Roy tries to look a places he hasn’t look for and tries to search in the sky. He notices it’s in a single position. “That’s a strange bird” he states. As he keeps staring at the bird he notices it keeps getting bigger and prepares to attack the object. “RADIAN EXPLO-” he stops himself because he notices it looks more like a person when it is getting closer.
It’s a KID! Roy launches himself upwards attempting to catch the boy but … he is too fast and starts to plummet towards the town square. The towns people evacuate the area to protect themselves from the crash. The kid at a rapid speed crashes onto the floor and makes a crater from the high speed and height he had fallen from. Everyone is anxious for the smoke to clear expecting to see a kid’s lifeless body on the floor and questioned where he had come from or why he was flying? After the smoke died down a little people began to circulate around the statue to investigate the scene. Roy rushed as fast as he possible could running to the aid of the boy you thought he could save. When the smoke is completely cleared there was a shocking site in the middle of the crater. The young boy was …dusting himself off! “Whaaaaaaaat?” questioned the towns people with extremely shocking facial expressions.
Silence then falls among the crowd, and nobody talks for a whole minute. “Excuse me does anyone have a sword I can borrow?” said the strange adventurer. Roy walks in front of the and is shocked. “So no one does? “he proclaims. Roy steps into the crater and asks “How are you still live?” The boy looks over and says while smiling “Cause I’m not dumb enough to die.”
After a few hours’ of sleep the strange kid wakes up from a nap and is awaited by the whole town. “What are you doing? I’m trying to rest! “The mayor steps into the room and asks “Can you please tell us, how you survived an intense crash like the one from before?” The kid turns on his sided and yawns proceeding by saying “I turned my regular skin into dragon skin.” The room was silent and then the crowd of people yelled “He’s the chosen on”, “bring him some food” and “You’re so amazing.” The boy stood and said “SHUT UP, I’ll tell you how I got here if you just stay quiet.” He began his story “I just arrived here and I was on the outskirts of town where I heard there were some giant foxes that I could kill to start off and make a bit of money, but when I went up to the foxes they had created mines around their nest and I accidently stepped on one, flew in the air, fell and now I’m here.”
Roy, at the front of the crowd asks “what’s your name?” “My name is Hazard and I sure could go for a quest.” “Sure but you have to join a guild first and with your skill you’ll join one in no time” said Roy.
The next day, Hazard went to the local guild hall and register and made all the necessary payments to join. He received his card that he could use to accept quests. After receiving the items necessary he went straight to the request board and looked at the requests. There were a whole lot of kill quests and exploration quest but there was only one level ten quest, which caught the eye of Hazard. “Can I do this quest?” Hazard asked Rena, the guild master. “I’m not going to stop you, but there are high level monsters in the area the quest was requested in, are you sure about this?” asked Rena. “I really like to push my skill to the limit.” Rena certifies the quest and Hazard heads to get equipment from the blacksmith with a budget of five hundred copper coins.
When Hazard walks up to the counter he asked the blacksmith what he could get but he could not afford anything. Hazard sees Roy shopping for a new staff so Hazard gets a devious idea. “Hey, guy!” says Hazard. Roy turns around and smiles “Hey, Hazard how are you doing? Why did you come to the blacksmith?” “I just came to get a new weapon because I lost mine fighting the foxes yesterday, but sadly I cannot afford anything heh heh.” “I can pay for you but you are going to have to do something for me, alright?” “Yeah, sure I’ll do anything.” Roy gives Hazard five thousand copper coins to buy a good sword. Hazard runs to the front desk fearing that Roy would try to take the money back and bought a used Katana for four thousand copper coins and three health potions for the rest of his currency.
Once the purchases were complete they talked in front of the shop about the payment for borrowing money. “What do I have to do?” asked Hazard. “We’re going to start our own party and have a group of about five people.” “Wh-What why do I have to form a party with others could I not just pay you the money back or something?” asked Hazard. “Nope, you said anything” and a smile creaked on his face. “Fine I will honor our agreement but I’m only going along with this because I need to get connections and make friends.” The two of them created their party called “Elemental Diversity.” The adventure has finally reached to chapter one.

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