The Tank

March 2, 2017
By garrettcarpenter BRONZE, Middleville, Michigan
garrettcarpenter BRONZE, Middleville, Michigan
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Darkness. That is all I saw when I opened my eyes and blinked them a couple times. I gazed over at the clock on the wall and it said 5am. This place opens in 4 hours. I tried to go back asleep, but I couldn't. I was too afraid that someone was gonna separate me from all my friends. Just the other day some little kid came into the store and bought Jimmy and I don't think i'll ever see him again. I stirred in the water becoming very restless. I swam out of the castle in my tank that I sleep in.

Finally, when it was about 8:45 the same lady that is always here unlocked the door and turned on all the lights. All the other creatures stirred in their cages and started to moan about it being so early.

Get over it I was up since 5.

As the lady walked around, I think her name tag says Julie but I have not been able to read it clearly. She began to give everyone food.

Yes, I am starving!

Finally the doors to the store opened and people start coming in. The first couple people brought their dog in and dropped them off for a haircut. Whew, I think that I am safe over on this wall for a little bit.

It wasn’t until 11am that the tanks were even noticed. My buddies and I are a bunch of neon tetras. We are pretty good looking if you ask me. We have a glowing blue body with a red tail that seem to attract a lot of people. All of a sudden 2 little kids come running over and point in my general direction. Great, this is it. I started to freak out when I saw Julie grab the net and a plastic bag.

She opened the lid of the tank and the net started coming down. She stuck the net it in the water and I closed my eyes. Nothing happened. I open them up to see that the net is in the tank next to me. She scoops up 2 fish and put them in the bag.

That was close.

The rest of the day goes on without any more scares until 3pm. Then I see her. She is the one that took Jimmy. She is a short girl with blonde hair and her mom is with her. She is heading straight toward my tank. All the fish in my tank panic and we hide behind the rock. Then the lid opens and here comes the net. We all swim away and juke it out. Julie is too quick though and scoops up Terry and I.

Uhhhhhh I can't breathe. We are then flopped into a plastic bag filled with water. The little girl takes us up to the front and plops the bag down on the counter. I see her mom give her money. They are really selling us? I cannot believe that they are selling us for these peoples entertainment. This is ridiculous.

I have never been outside of the store before and let me tell you it is crazy. The girl carried us out of the store to this big silver box with wheels and we got inside. It made a really loud noise and then it started to move. What is happening? Ouch! There's a bump. This carried on for what seemed like a year and all at once it was quiet again. We got out of the box and I was still trying to wrap my fin around the fact that we are at a totally different place now.

The little girl ran up the stairs to her room with Terry and I.

In the distance I think that I can make out a tank. As we approach it, I see some other guys swimming around. Terry and I get lifted out of the bag and flopped into the tank. Easy there! As I get settled in I look over in the far back corner all alone and I can't believe my eyes.

It is Jimmy!

Terry and both swam over there and tackled him. We were so excited to see him again. I thought that I would never see Jimmy again.

Hey this might not be so bad after all. I might actually have fun here with Terry and Jimmy and I even get to meet some new people, plus I don’t have to deal with Julie. After a couple hours I got settled in and I'm going to be happy in my new home. I'm glad that little girl took Jimmy and Terry and I'm also glad she took me.

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