Roller Coaster

March 1, 2017

Finally! You’re looking at the number on the wait time sign and see that the roller coaster you’ve been waiting to go on now has a five minute wait time. You’re zooming past the souvenir snoopy t-shirts and toys at a stand near the entrance. You’re getting in line with you best friend, eagerly waiting to ride the roller coaster you’ve heard so much about. As the line occasionally moves up, you are laughing with your best friend. You get anxious and excited as you move closer and closer to the gate. Finally reaching the front of the gate, you wait impatiently for the roller coaster to return.
You are becoming overwhelmed with excitement as the carts pull back into the station. However, you notice the horrified expressions on the passengers faces as they hurriedly exit the carts. Crap. What have you gotten yourself into? Your friend is pulling your arm as they move past the cart to put their stuff down. You see the exit as you place your backpack on the floor, wondering if you should just make a run for it. But it’s too late, you’re friend is smiling as they’re pulling you onto the ride. Crap. Crap. Crap. You lost your chance to run, so now you’re entering the cart. You’re anxiously sitting down and pulling the handle down over your head, hoping that the ride isn’t as bad as you think it’s going to be.
Your friend eagerly turns to you and asks, “You ready?”

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