In My Head

March 6, 2017

 The hum of the plane kept urging me to fall asleep, but I can’t.  I have to load all up all my gear. Just as I get up to go to the bathroom, we hit a really rough spot of turbulence. Just as the “Fasten Your Seatbelts” sign came on a lady tells us everything will be okay we just have to sit down. As I start to relax, the plane all of a sudden goes into a downward angle. The high pitched shrieks of little kids, and their parents telling them everything will be alright is all to be heard. The oxygen masked fall from the opening above our heads. All of the passengers put on their masks. We then hear the pilot say that we are going to try to land. Just as he says this the plane dips lower and lower until we are going straight down. The sound of people bawling fills my ears. Then the pilots says that we are going to. Than everything goes black.

The pounding ache in my head is what awoke me from my state of unconsciousness. Looking around to see if anyone was alive or awake. I was alone, trapped without any means of survival. My pack must have been lost in the wreckage. Looking around, trying to see if I can see anything I can use as a weapon. SNAP! I quickly jerk my head around just in time to see a great, massive grey wolf staring at me with vacant eyes. It keeps on looking at me before it turns and walks away. I let out a breath that I must have been holding. Getting up I stumble over to a tree, grabbing a fallen limb, I venture away from my crash site and go to look for others. I look to the sky and I see huge fumes of smoke rising to the clouds. Walking as fast as I can, I make it to the plane. A wall of fire was dancing around the plane's fuel engines. Once I see this I turn and run for coverage. My body slam the ground when all of a sudden I hear the blast of the plane exploding. After sitting on the ground for what seems forever, I finally realize that I am alone.

This was when I realized that I needed to find some shelter, it was approaching night. Getting up ever so slowly, I search for any openings into the forest.  Before I can finish my sweep of the area, my eyes is caught by a gleaming can by a tree. Moving closer I see that it is a knapsack with a radio on top. A piece of hope inches into my heart as I look at the thing as though it was a message from God.
Talking in the radio I say,
¨My name Liam, and I  am trapped somewhere in the forest!”

There was no response that was when I notest that there were no batteries in the radio. Groaning out loud I fall back against the tree. Looking up at the sky I wonder what my parents are doing as they wait for the now destroyed plane at the airport. Closing my eyes I fall into a restless sleep. The blinding glare of the sun is what pulled me from my state of unconsciousness. Slowly standing up, I stretched my arms way above my head trying to get all the kinks out. Going over to the knapsack, I flip open the lid I looked through the pack. I see a first aid kit. Or at least part of one. There was also a small lighter, and a map. Grabbing the map, I quickly open it and look to see if it was in any way marked. Groaning loudly in frustration, I cast the map to the ground. All it showed was a route to the airport that we had taken off from. Putting the newly found gear back in the knapsack, I tossed it over my shoulder and trudged into the forest. As I walk, the trees seem to grow bigger, and bigger the deeper in I go. After what seems to me like hours I finally stop and rest.

Looking around the forest the thought I am alone, in isolation finally pushes into my brain. Realizing that I start to cry. I cry for my parents that may never see me again. I cry for my family that will never have a welcome home banner hung across my room. Most of all I cry for the fact that I am alone. Never getting off this God forsaken place. The trees whisper things to me through the wind. Saying that I will never be free, that I will stay on this place forever. People will forget me, and I will be left here to die a lonely and slow death. Hearing this me lose some hope, but then I realized that, it´s not real. Trees do not talk. It was all my imagination, but the one thing that was real was the fact that I am stuck in the place with no way off.

Getting ahold of myself wasn’t easy but I did it.That is when my stomach starts to scream at me to eat food. Twisting my head, I look around to see if their is any type of berries or fruit around. Seeing an apple tree, I bolt over and try to shimmy up the trunk. With no luck of reaching a branch I slide back down. Looking around thinking that there has to be some way to get the fruit, I  look around for something to use. That was when it hit me, a stick hit me in the head. Picking it up I closely inspect it. Thinking that it was a sufficient enough length to the point were that if I were to to to one of the higher branches I could knock down an apple. Shimming up the tree I make it to a more elevated high, I use the stick to hit one of the apples down and it worked!. Catching the apple before it hit the ground was easy compared to getting it to fall. Dropping from the tree I make my way back to my camp site.

Slowly I make my way down the trunk of the tree. Holding the apple gently I take a bite. Juices slowly roll out of my mouth and onto the side of my face. Savoring the bite, I slowly chew the sweet apple. Swallowing I continue to eat the fruit. When I finish eating I go back to my “camp” and create a fire. Once it starts up, I lay back and close my eyes. At first there is only blackness, but soon that fades away to a field. Scanning my surroundings I see nothing. Crawling I ease my way to the edge of the field. This seems to go on forever, but then I hear something. A growl like noise comes from behind me. Not wanting to see what it is I pinch a sensitive part of my arm.

Jolting awake, I try to get my breathing under control. Needing a walk I go to search for water. Thinking that maybe there might be some near the plane, I hike in that direction.Once I arrive at the now desolated plane I commence my search. Since the plane was burned pretty bad I had no hope that there would be water, but I still continue my search anyway. Deciding to look in the cargo bay I try to find the back of the plane. Seeing it I delicately walk in, seeing all the wires hanging from the roof of the plane made me think that maybe I could use them for a make-shift shelter.  Some were easier to grab than others but I got enough. There was also some tarp that I grabbed as well that could work with making a roof. I try to avoid all the shards of broken glass and metal that litters the floor of the plane.

Delving farther into the plane it started to progressively get  darker. It got to the point of which that I had to pull out the lighter. Finally I came a crate. On it was labeled in big red letters, ¨EMERGENCY USE ONLY¨ . Prying open the lid, I peeked inside. My breath got caught in my throat at the sight of five two gallon water bottles and a small canteen. Also there was a huge, leather pouch. Opening the pouch I almost screamed for joy! There were food rations! Not believing my own eyes I gently picked up one of  the silver packet and revealed the hidden content. There was a small quantity of roast beef, and potatoes. With my fingers I reach in at grab a piece of roast beef. The fragrance was surrounding my nose, and I took in the deepest breath and sighed. Devouring the food all at once.

As go to reach for another one, I hesitate. Being caught between what my head says versus what my stomach says is a horrible place to be, so I formed some type of compromise. That I would only eat half of another placket. Reaching for another one I hear something. Not really sure what it was or even if it was real I still go out to investigate. Peeking my head around the opening of the plane I sweep the area of anything that might be out of the ordinary. Not seeing anything I go to turn around, that's when something catches my eye. In between the tree I saw it. A person?! Running after them I'm yelling

¨Wait! Can you help me? Who are you, and where are you going?¨

He or she just kept on running though. Giving up on attempting to communicate with it I turnaround and jog back to the plane. Packing the food, water, wires, and the tarp in the food crate and I left.

Going back to camp I kept having a feeling as though I was being watched, but every time I looked around no one was there. Once I reached camp I grabbed the tarp and wires from the crate, and I tied the wires to surrounding trees. The wires I had up crossed each other so that in the middle there was a triangle. Placing the tarp expertly on the wires, I grabbed the last couple of wires I tied the edges if the tarp to the wires underneath. After I finished doing this I moved somethings under the tarp, like the knapsack and the crate full of food and water. I slightly moved the fire pit closer to the “tent” so that when it gets colder at night I will be able to keep warm. I thought about going back to the plane to see if I could find the person. Maybe track their trail. Thinking that might be a good idea I get up to go when my stomach to protest. Smiling slightly I go to the tent and grab a food pouch and a filled the small canteen.

As I make my way back to the plane I hear a sharp scream. Spinning around I rush to where the scream came from. Once getting there I realise that there is no one there, and no one has been there. The only set of footprints are mine. That is when I realize that I have another problem beside being alone. I was going mental in this place being alone. Walking back to camp I hear it again, that scream. Ignoring it I keep on walking back to camp. Once there I flop down under the tarp and try to get the fire going. It starts up without a problem, and I lay back under the the tarp with my head resting on the knapsack. Closing my eyes I dream of a place other than this. One where no one is dead, one where I am not alone. Where I am with my family and friends. With these thoughts I fell asleep.

Waking up was a pain, but I was able to accomplish the task. Eating my food and drinking my water my eyes kept going back to the useless radio. That’s when an idea pops into my head. If on the plane they had survival necessities maybe there would be batteries for the radio. Picking up my body, I started on my way back to the plane. Once reaching the plan I slowly made my way to the cargo bay. In the plane I go to the place where I found the food packets and water. Seeing another crate I sprint over to it. Smashing my fist through the top, I peer into the box. There is another radio, picking it up gently I check to see if there are any batteries present.

The small batteries gleaming made me want to scream with joy. Tuning the radio to a channel I try to see if anyone can hear me. This time the scream escapes my lungs when I hear that man’s voice over the speaker. He asks who this is and what do I want. I answer all his questions then ask if he could send someone to come and rescue me. He said that they might. He then asks me if there is any way that I can make some type of beacon to show the pilots where I am. I tell him that I can make a smoke signal for him to look for. Agreeing with me he says that they will try to send someone out right away. With more enthusiasm in my step I make my way back to camp. After collecting all the wood I stack it all up and light it. Going over to a tree I lean against it and slide down it. With a huge grin on my face I fall into a calm and deep sleep.

Slowly as I start to wake up I hear someone calling my name. Carefully opening my eyes I look around. Panic begins to fill up my body. I have no idea where I am or how I got here. So, I close my eyes and start to tell myself to wake up, that this is all a bad dream and nothing is real. The person in front of me was repeatedly calling my name. Opening my eyes I came face to face with a woman. She keeps on saying the same thing, “Liam, come on honey, it’s time to take your meds.”

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