My Island

March 1, 2017
By MasonFlorence BRONZE, Federal Way , Washington
MasonFlorence BRONZE, Federal Way , Washington
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As I walked along the beach picking up coconuts, I heard a familiar sound. My only friend was sitting squawking with joy to see me. He was the first thing I saw the day of the crash, the only thing I am positive won’t try to kill me here on this island. My first day wasn’t the best, and I still remember it even though it was over a hundred days ago.

The first thing I felt was the cold water on my feet. It sent a shiver up my spine and made me jump in fright. I took so much in during those first few seconds. I felt sand under my feet and hands. I heard the ocean hitting the sand and rocks. I grabbed the first thing I felt and pulled it in. A piece of driftwood that was rough and looked liked it had aged for many years. Mossy and slimy I instantly threw it away from me. I struggled to get up. When I finally got into a sitting position, I started to take everything in. I was on a beach! How did I get here? Where am I? I started to quickly look side to side. Rocks to my left, trees in front of me, ocean behind me, and a long beach to my right. That is the first time I heard my friend cry. A long squawk, almost like a hello. I looked out to the ocean looking for my boat. There was nothing. My boat was nowhere to be seen.
I spent the rest of the day running around the island looking for my boat. Wanting, hoping, praying it would be somewhere out in the ocean. I kept an eye out for my boat for over three weeks constantly thinking I would find it.

On the four week I have confirmed that I will never find that boat again. I found part of the mast on the north side of the beach, destroyed and ripped apart but I knew what it was. My boat was no longer an option. Only survival was.

The last few weeks I have been making my life easier. I have made multiple things to aid me; a fire pit to be able to keep warm, a sturdy shelter that actually keeps out rain, and a rain collector so I have fresh water to drink. Life has started to get easier. I have learned when a storm is due and I have found where to fish. I barely ever go without food now and I am constantly getting kills when I go out hunting. I know the plants I can and cannot eat. I know the snakes that are poisonous and the ones that are not.
I have searched the whole island and I am the only person on it. At first this scared me because I was used to the noise of the city and the island made me feel lonely, but now I have learned to love the peace and quietness of the island. This island has become my island. I know every part of it, from the ocean to the forest, from the animals to the plants. This is my island and I love it.

I have been here for a hundred and fifty days and I finally realized that I’m not lost but I'm home.

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