Flying Is Your Only Transportation

February 15, 2017
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Flying is your only transportation. If you wanted to go somewhere the only transportation that you had is flying. You can’t walk, run, drive, or even bike, you can only fly. If you were in your house and your mom tells you to clean your room and you are downstairs no matter how close you are to something you still have to fly. And everybody in the whole world has to fly for their transportation too. If you were going to meet up with some of your friends somewhere then wherever you are meeting up your friends and you would all have to fly. If you were going shopping and you are looking for something in the store to buy and you can’t find it then you have to fly in order to find what you are looking for.
If you were late to school and you have to get to school quick then you can get there faster by flying instead of getting to school later by driving. Even if you had to go somewhere that is really close to you then you still have to fly to where you are going. Not just you have to only fly for your transportation everybody in the world has to fly for their transportation too. You can’t use any other transportation in the world except for flying. Even all the animals on the planet can only fly for transportation too. Everything in the world is normal except that humans and animals are using flying for their transportation. Even while you are playing a sport all you can do is fly. You can fly in any direction, you can go up, down, right, and left too. The five senses of the human body are taste, smell, touch, hear, and see.

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