No Racism

February 14, 2017
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To where everyone seems to find a safe and peaceful environment, where everyone believes in equality and diversity, the perfect world that revolves around society. The perfect world to where no hate nor racism is being brought into. As time ran through a speed meter as fast as 100 miles per hour we were here today in Austin Texas year 2020. The laws were being changed in the white house which was brought to the Capitol in Austin Texas. New government had taken over and their new inputs on the laws were being changed.
Mr.Bragg Woods a well known Mexican who loved helping the people that surrounded him and brought nothing but good in his life was very much loved by everyone in the city. Mr.Woods biggest issue was racism despite their struggles and hard battles he did not accept racism around him, he hated it with all his guts. Little did Mr.Woods know that what he couldn’t see would take over the city he was born and raised in. Everyone saw the city changing their were new laws that weren’t acceptable being accepted. All the unexpected was becoming reality and Mr.Woods couldn’t believe it. Government control was unexplainable, racism was allowed, riots and protesting weren’t allowed, fights were seen everywhere and it was acceptable. The government was taking over due to the new laws that were being forced and allowed.
Mr.Woods couldn’t believe it arriving to the north of Austin he began seeing the protest full of people who were angry at the fact that immigration (ICE) was taking over and taking their love ones away. Everything seemed to be a dream nothing was “safe nor peaceful” as everyone believed. The cops weren’t allowing this and began blocking the streets so people would no longer protest, freedom of speech wasn’t being allowed for them, the government wasn’t having it they would begin taking people away and separating families they weren’t having it they didn’t want immigrants in the U.S. Mr.Woods joined the protest in the north he wasn’t taking it from nobody he knew he had to stop this and make a difference in this city. As he was protesting a group of Americans showed up to the protest. They began telling all the immigrants to get away that they were rapist, lazy, criminals and they didn’t belong in the U.S as Mr.Woods biggest weakness was racism he could not believe what he was hearing from a group of Americans. Mr.Woods blood pressure went as fast as the speed meter of 100 miles per hour and immediately raised his voice and said “Excuse me?, who do you think you’re disrespecting like that?” the group of American people answered and began throwing things at all the immigrants while yelling at them saying “Y’all aren’t anything but rapist and criminals in this world.” Posters were being thrown at one another, food as well, even fist fights were happening in between all the unappropriate language they were yelling at one another, a chaos was going on that wasn’t believable to Mr.Woods. Mr.Woods had enough of it, he wasn’t going to let disrespectful people and government take over innocent people, as he became as big as hulk and blue as a blueberry and yelled “WHO ARE YOU TALKING TOO LIKE THAT?” The group of American people laughed at him and got all together and started throwing things at towards Mr.Woods, he couldn’t believe this was actually happening people were being disrespectful and it wasn’t correct. Mr.Woods began questioning himself how can people be so cruel and think their living under a “safe and peaceful” city. As people continued to protest ICE arrived and began mistreating and pulling the immigrants to the side to where they would be taken into custody and deported back to where they came from. Mr.Woods a U.S. citizen is being detained and having his citizenship taken away due to him helping out his people and speaking out for the people that aren’t able to. As they grab and mistreat Mr.Woods he closes his eye and begins to visualize of the perfect city that Austin once was no discrimination nor racism was seen, it truly was a “safe and peaceful” city like no other.
Mr.Wood was eventually sent away to Mexico City where he had a few family members. His citizenship was taken away and never given back, he never saw the other side ever again. As the government took over the year 2020, that year was the saddest and cruelest year for all immigrants. To what seemed to be the “safe and peaceful” city it had overcame hell for others.

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