Mr. OJ Ozzy Jones

February 10, 2017

Just another day, lacing up his boots, he was ready for the day. As he walked out the door, he slightly paused and raised his left arm with his I.D. in hand as it was scanned. As he was driving to work, he saw people who worked for the government standing at every door all the way down the street, waiting for people to come in so they could pay the fee for going in. Ozzy started to wonder what the money was being used for. Everywhere he goes he has to scan his I.D. He knew something wasn’t right and wanted some answers quick.

Later that day he decided to follow one of the trucks that transports the money away. After thirty minutes of following the truck, he was finally led to an old abandoned warehouse. He saw more people who work for the government come out to help bring the money in the warehouse. So after waiting for them to get inside, he got out of his car and snuck in through a window. He followed the sound of the voices which led him to a room with a bunch of government guards and the president, Trevor! He overheard the conversation about what the money was being used for.

Trevor was using the money to build a wall around the downtown area of the city and only allow the rich and wealthy people to live inside of it. While he was trying to leave and let other people know what was happening, he stumbled on the way out which caused a really loud noise. It got really quiet and Trevor knew someone unwanted was in the building. Ozzy quickly got up and made a run for his car before the guards could see what caused the noise.

The guard ran out and fired three shots. He missed the first two times and the last one hit Ozzy in his right leg. Ozzy stumbled a little bit but managed to get to his car and drive away. Ozzy knew if he didn’t stop the bleeding from the wound, he would bleed to death. So he dug into his leg and pulled the bullet out. He noticed a blinking red light on the front of the bullet and quickly knew it was a tracker. He acted quickly and threw it in the back of a pickup truck he was driving behind. He got back to his house and contacted all of his old buddies he was in the Marines with. They were all ready to go shut down the crime the president was doing.

They all headed back to the warehouse and noticed that no vehicles were there, So they went in to check it out. They heard Trevor in the back talking on the phone saying,” If you don’t catch that guy, this whole plan can be compromised.” They busted through the door and pointed their weapons at him. He was shocked to see a bunch of guns pointed at him. They threw him on the floor and tied his hands behind his back with a ziptie. In the background you could hear sirens getting closer and louder every second. The police barged in with no remorse and saw what was happening to the president. They immediately started asking questions and Ozzy told them what president Trevor was doing and all of the evidence that was in the warehouse.

So President Trevor was found guilty and was arrested. A new president was elected and planned to make the city a better place. Ozzy and his buddies were awarded the Purple heart and were known as heroes for the rest of their lives.

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