February 9, 2017
By hjtuck BRONZE, Simms, Texas
hjtuck BRONZE, Simms, Texas
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It all began when the lights went out. Then they took over. Horrible creatures from the depths of Hell. They came to eat humans. They were once human themselves, but a terrible plague transformed them into man-eating monsters. Nobody knew why or how. Frankly, we didn't care. We just wanted to survive and kill as many as possible. The more we killed, the fewer we had to worry about.

We lived in Drave, Oklahoma - outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma. At the time I was 16. I had just started my sophomore year of high school at Drave High School. I was the star baseball and football player. I was the popular kid, basically. I was so good at football I got to play as the varsity running back. I lived with my littler brother and my parents in a two-story white brick house. “Weren't you going to go to Jake's house today?” my dad asked me. “Yeah, but i'm  taking my bike,” I said. It was winter so I was wearing boots, jeans, And a hoodie that said fallout 4. Jake had been my best friend since kindergarten.

We normally played this game called “Drivers”, basically you picked a character and raced a car. The objective was to get filthy rich and unlock a Lamborghini. (It kind of makes no sense but it was fun nonetheless). I rode my bike through the sidewalks and streets of my hometown on my way to Jake's house. Halfway there I heard helicopter rotors, a lot of them. A few moments later a fleet of helicopters passed over. Hundreds of helicopters marked with U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force tattoos. This was common for where I lived because there was a military base nearby, but this many helicopters was strange. There were Black Hawks, Chinooks, and standard military transport helicopters filled with soldiers. I worried all the way to Jake's house, then worried more when I heard this on his TV. An ear splitting siren sound filled the room and was followed by, “We interrupt this program to give you important information.  There has been a virus outbreak in several European countries. The virus is a mutated strand of the rabies virus, and makes normal people attack each other with pure rage. There have been no reports of the virus in the United States of America. All planes and boats leaving or entering our country will be terminated, and all planes have been grounded. Our country has now entered DEFCON 2 as well, we do not fear nuclear war with anyone, but our country and the world is in danger. This has been a message from the United States government”.

“Wow,” I said.

“Probably some sort of sick joke,”  Jake said.

“Yeah probably,” I said.

“Well there's no reason to worry we are the strongest country in the world” he said. Let's play some Drivers,”. Secretly i was worried the whole time but i didn't mention this. After playing several races with Jake i told him i had to go. I pulled out my cell phone to let my parents know i would be going to the store before coming home, but my phone wouldn't come on or get service. “Piece of crap” i muttered and slipped it in my pocket.Then i rode my bike to my local EZ mart and picked up a Dr Pepper and a bag of chips. Parked by the store i saw a bunch of military dressed people in a humvee.

“Scuse me sir, why are there so many military vehicles” I asked.

“That's confidential kid” he said. On the way home i saw a fleet of airplanes with the same U.S. Army tattoos from earlier. Now i was freaked out, I ran to my bike hopped on and rode it all the way home. On the way i saw military humvees and convoy trucks driving in the same direction as the planes and helicopters from earlier. When i got home i didn't couldn't find my parents.  I turned on the news to see if anything had changed and I saw a reporter in the middle of chaos in some town. People were running around with blood all over them and biting each other. At this point in time i can safely say i crapped my pants. Then i passed out. I awoke to the sound of smashing and knocking on my door. My parents were nowhere to be seen, so ran up the stairs and grabbed my bat and knife. I went through each room of my house looking for my parents. On the kitchen table was a note it read,
“We are going to get help, they have infected our town stay inside”. I went to the front door, back door, and windows to make sure they were locked securely and then went upstairs. The pounding never stopped during this time, it only got louder. If they were the things on TV this wasn't  good at all. I locked my door and got out my backpack and put my two extra bats in it, I was going crazy. The knocking smashing sound finally stopped and relief washed over me. Then i heard the door cave in and more smashing. I moved my dresser and nightstand in front of the door.  I opened my window and climbed on the roof of my house. I saw a bunch of them stumbling and slowly walking around. Then i heard a person yelling,


I heard him getting taken down by these things. “They must be attracted to sound” I thought to myself. I ran inside and grabbed a baseball and tested my theory. I threw a baseball at the closest car. The car alarm started blaring, and all of them for blocks and blocks came to the car and swarmed it. I ran across my roof and dropped back through my window.Then i went back downstairs and faced the monsters. One came down the stairs and i bashed it in the head with my bat. It fell and another replaced it i killed this one too. Something was definitely wrong though because the one i had just killed got back up. I kept hitting it this time though and it stopped moving. After 12ish swings i went to the other one and did the same. I quickly pushed cabinet with old trophies in it and a table in front of the broken door. Then i Sprinted out the back door and jumped the neighbors fence. I rolled end over end and came up to a kneel and scanned the surrounding area. I saw one of them crash through the fence and heard more smashing. I ran out of my neighborhood and went to downtown drave, where all of the stores and the market place were. I started looking for high ground, a ladder or something i could climb. I had to sneak around to avoid all of them. I saw the McDonald's and remembered that some McDonald's stores have ladders. I searched around the Mcdonald's and finally noticed the ladder hanging off the side of the building. I scurried up the ladder and surveyed the town. It was filled with them, just shambling around and bumping into each. Then i saw the 7 Eleven explode in a ball of flames, It was so enormous it knocked me over. Then i heard screams and gunshots ensuing each other. I saw an army Humvee with a mounted gun drive through the crowd and start shooting them. I started yelling
“Wait! stop! Wait for me!”. They came to a stop and 4 heavily armed soldiers quickly jumped out and started shooting at them with machine guns.

“Lay cover with the 50!”one screamed, I presumed he was the captain.I took a running and  jumped off the building. I landed a few feet away and rolled to my feet.

“Cmon kid, run!” One of the soldiers yelled.

“If we die here private I'm going to kill you!” I sprinted through the crowd of them and hit one in the face with my bat. After I fought my way through a dozen or so,  I ran to the Humvee and hopped in it.
“That was stupid!” the captain shouted.

“Well he could've died sir” the driver sheepishly said.

“There were to many to do our mission!” was the captain's angry response.

“Thank you” i said gratefully. The driver, the one who got yelled at, drove us through the crowd of them and onto the highway.

“My name is private Joey” the driver said,
“I’m lieutenant Dan” said the officer in  shotgun. The other two were private Greg and private John.

“We are part of a group of soldiers who was assigned to find survivors in this mess” Dan said.  We drove around broken down cars and winded through the highway.

“Where are we going?” i asked.

“Well thanks to you we are out of room, so we are going to the army base”, Dan snapped. “Good” I said. “Was that explosion you guys?” I asked. Joey smirked and said “yeah that was yours truly.” “Nice job” I said. “Any idea how this got started” i asked. “ no clue”,he replied.That shut me up.
We soon arrived at the army base. “Fort Hope” was scrawled on the gate. The base had two connecting towers in the very middle, they were about 8 stories tall. “Let's go see the commander” Said Dan. Then i went to see the commander, she had bright blue eyes and blonde hair, she wore a standard military uniform and steel toed boots. “My name is Navox” she said. “You're going to be a trainee soldier”.   To be continued…………                                                                                                                                              






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