The trip

February 9, 2017
By İlkim BRONZE, Ankara, Other
İlkim BRONZE, Ankara, Other
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The trip It was July the 10th it was the first day of my trip. I was going to Colombia. I got up early, had a fast breakfast, I dressed up and went to the airport. My flight was at 10:15 but I got there an hour before. I was very excited. I was eating a donut when they announced my plane. The flight took 8 hours. Colombia was very hot. Outside the airport, there were cabs waiting for passengers. I had taken a taxi then it drove me to my hotel. I entered the hotel and went to the reception, I took the key of my room. When I turned back I saw the most well-known drug dealer Pablo Emilio Escobar. I was literally shocked while he was staring at me. I decided to talk to him therefore I walk towards him. When we came together we started to talk. We talked nearly 2 hours. We could have talked more but I had to go to my room. I needed to cut the conversation although he invited me for a dinner at his villa. I accepted the invitation and went to my room in order to get ready for the dinner. It was 6 o’clock when I had finally finished my preparations and I still had 2 hours until the dinner. Since I decided to explore the city. I went out of the hotel. I learned the transportation ways, places to eat something, places where I could spend time. Two hours later a black jeep arrived to pick me up. We went to the outskirts of the town and came to a very big villa surrounded by a pine forest. Pablo Escobar was waiting for me in front of the door. He showed me his house before we went to the dinner where everybody was sitting around the table. Pablo showed me audiences and introduced to me them. We started to eat our dinner. Everyone was happy like they had no problems. They were drinking their tequilas, eating their dinners, making jokes to each other. The suddenly the servant came to the room and told something to Pablo. When the servant finished his words, Pablo got up and told everyone to pack up his or her clothes. They had to leave from the house because the federals were coming. On the other hand the actual problem wasn’t it. Pablo was paying all the cops to keep their mouth closed. However, this time a cop hadn’t kept his mouth and espionage Pablo to a federal. Everyone was in a hurry in the house. The ladies were packing their clothes. Pablo, his partners and his servants were burning all the important files, which needed to be kept hidden. Within an hour, everyone was ready to leave. So we did. Since he invited me to come with him, I accepted the invitation. Pablo had lots of places in the jungle his workers were producing drugs. Besides there was also a big cottage inside the jungle. We stayed there for a short time. During that time he asked me to join his cartel. From that time I was a partner of Pablo Escobar. My mission was feeding the cops and make sure that they wouldn’t talk to a federal. It wasn’t an easy job but everything was okay during a year until the day the federals caught Pablo Escobar. That day the whole cartel collapsed the feds found the places in the jungle. The federals knew everyone in the cartel and they wouldn’t stop until they had sentenced everyone. Until that time I was doing what Pablo said but now I was on my own and I had to make my plan quickly. I decided to go to Panama. I had lots of money so I could easily procure a ship then I sailed to Panama where was very close to Colombia. When I finally arrived to Panama I was a bit relaxed. On the other hand, I still had to find a safe place to stay. I couldn’t stay at Panama for a long time. Since the federals seek for the cartel members. I had to find a way to hide myself for a long period until the FBI stop to seek me. I should go to Mexico, it would be a safe place for me. However it was too far to go there with a ship also it is dangerous place. I had to cross over land border. While I was setting up all of these plans inside my mind a young boy came nearby me. He told me that he was arranged by Pablo Escobar in order to help the members of the cartel. At first I didn’t believe him but then he told me that Pablo knew that he would be turned in for a while so he made a plan to gave a change for us to escape from the federals. He said that his name was Jonathan. According to the plan Jonathan and me would leave from Panama at 4 o’clock in the early morning and we would go to the borderline. There would be a plane waiting for us, which would take us to Mexico. After he told me the plan we went to a hotel and stayed there for the night. It was 2 o’clock when Jonathan woke me up. He told me that we had a last duty to do before we leave. We went to Jonathan’s car. He drove nearly one hour when he suddenly stopped. He told me to stay in the car and he went out of the car. I stared at him, I was curious about what he was doing. Jonathan walked for a while and then he went into a shop inside an abandoned gas station. Five minutes later he came back with a big bag full of cash. I didn’t asked what the purpose of the bag. I knew it was Pablo’s money, at least I thought so. After two hours later we arrived at the borderline. As Jonathan said there was a plane waiting for us we jumped off the car and we got on the plane. Jonathan spoke something in a weird language with the pilot. After the conversation finished the plane took off. It was nearly 8 o’clock when we landed. A car was waiting for us nearby the plane. The car took us to Ixtapa. It was very crowded city. Jonathan told me that he would take us to Pablo’s house there, so he did. The house was very enormous and comfortable. I was searching the rooms in the house when Jonathan got a call. He was talking in Spanish. I think he didn’t know that I knew Spanish too. He wasn’t speaking loudly but I heard it. That’s why I understood that Jonathan was a double agent. I articulate that Jonathan was not only the man of Pablo, he was also working for the FBI. I could hear the man on the other side of the phone. The man was calling Jonathan ‘’ Carl ‘’. I got very angry but at the same time afraid. I thought of running out but I had nowhere to go and I had no plan. There was no way out. At that I hear a siren. It was too late. This time feds made it. They caught me. I was very angry, I got trapped. I went out, I was ready to surrender. When I got out ?f the house there were no cops, no feds nobody but the normal people. I sat down and began to laugh. This time I was lucky but the next time I couldn’t be so lucky. I managed to escape from him. I started to walk away from the house. I walked for a while. After an hour later I got tired and sat down on a bank at the park. Suddenly a man sat down near me. He stared at my face and asked ‘’ weren’t you the man of Pablo?’’ I didn’t say anything I just looked at his face. He told me not worry and said that he’s also a criminal, which is followed by feds. He told me that his name was Juan. I began to talk to him. He asked me to diminish together. I had no better choice so I accepted the offer. Before I left the house I had taken the bag of money. We created a plan with Juan. We decided to go to Alaska. It was a difficult plan but we had no better place to go. We were walking across the park in order to arrive Juan’s car when I saw Jonathan or Carl I hadn’t even knew anything about him. I said Juan that someone who was working for federals followed us. Juan got afraid but he tried to seem calm. We were nearly by Juan’s car when someone fisted me from the back. I fainted. The last thing I remember that someone was trying to kidnap Juan. I woke up with a terrible headache. I saw Juan n front of me. We were tight to a chair but the ropes weren’t too tight so I could get rid of the ropes easily. I heard footsteps so I loose the ropes quickly and saved Juan. I took a large wood part, which was on the floor. I hid behind the door and pulled Juan next to me. After a few seconds a tall and strong man came in. I hit him at the back with and fell on the ground. He was dizzled. Juan found a handcuff in his pocket. Juan tied him to the radiator. A gun felt from the man’s jacket. We picked it up and went out. We started to run. We were in the middle of a dessert. There were no busses, no taxi even no way for vehicles. We walked a long time but there was still no sign of human being. We were thirsty, hungry and tired. It was as hot as hell. We were losing our faith. We began to think that we could not make it when we saw a small building and a way. We runned to the building as fast as we could. We got inside the building. It was a restaurant. We were happy but then I got very cold because I realized that I hadn’t my moneybag anymore with me. I told that to Juan. We were broke we had no money. We couldn’t go to Alaska without money. Anyways we had to go further. We rested for a while and then we took a map from the restaurant. We were not so far from the borderline. Juan said that, if we could pass the border we could go to Juan’s grandparent’s house in Guatemala. It was not the best plan but it’ our only choice. We stole a car from the car park in front of the restaurant. We drove for 3 hours. When we arrived at the borderline the cops the federals were waiting for us. Suddenly I understood that it was a trap. They wanted us to escape from that hut where we were kidnapped. They knew that we were going to try to escape from the borderline. Everything was clear now. Money that Jonathan took from the gas station wasn’t Pablo’s money. Jonathan knew that I would escape from him at the first chance I could get. He also knew that I would take the money so he had a GPS system in order to follow me. Juan drove the car towards them, he wanted to kill them but the cops shoot him down. Juan died at the same time the bullet got into his head. I stopped the car and got out of the car. The feds caught me. That was my end. I had two choices. I could live forever in the prison or I could take the gun on the floor and commit myself suicidal. I hadn’t a long time to think. I had chosen the second choice. I bound down to get the gun. I got it and shot myself. Actually I tried but the gun misfired so federals turned me in the prison. I’m writing my life story from Fox River state jail. And it ends here. Since I’m here for 10 years sentences to jail and I can’t stand it anymore. I’m going to commit myself suicidal by hanging…

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