The dragons

February 7, 2017
By winniewinnie BRONZE, Riverside, California
winniewinnie BRONZE, Riverside, California
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A long time ago, people found a habitat of dragons. The dragons lived in the deep mountains and it was hard to discover their home. People tried to catch these dragons, however they failed because the dragons were too big to be caught.

This was a black winter, the wind and snow were strong likes the monsters' bodies.  The sound of the wind echoed like the monster roaring. There was a huge rock in the middle of dragons’ habitat. The rock made people feel scared, especially as the dragons flew around the rock.

A few days later, people realized that the rock was growing. That rock became more and more huge. People could hear a strong and powerful heartbeat in that rock. It sounded like evil and made the people scared. Thus, people claimed the rock represented evil itself.

The king of dragons was inside the rock. People wanted to control the dragons. They believed that the king of the dragons would kill all people in the world because it represents evil. People killed some small dragons and used ropes with small dragon's blood to prevent the rock from growing anymore. The rock never grew anymore.

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