Summer promise

January 25, 2017
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I run. Tossing of my clothes, not caring that it is not yet spring. It is in fact early February. I acknowledge the cold. Reveling at how it feels on my bare skin. After all today I saw a robin. The first sign of spring.  And I know with certainty that after spring comes summer. It has to. I know it will. It always does. Today is a good day. The first in nearly a week. Perhaps tomorrow I will see a daffodil. I stop. Trying to catch my breath. The cold air feels like daggers in my throat but I don't care. In fact I relish the pain because it helps me forget. It helps me forget everything that has happened. It helps me forget that my parents died in a car accident six days ago. I wish they where with me know so that they could enjoy this day with me. This day when I saw the first robin. The day that in my mind represents the promise of summer.

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