The Mystical Island

November 18, 2016

The Mystical Island

Once upon a time , there was an adventures family of 5, a single mom named Veronica and 4 children , two girls and two boys .2 sets of twins . They were named , Riley , Jackelin, Rene , and Jonny . They loved going on interesting trips .  For example , Hiking , camping , and when its winter skiing. They always found something new .
One day they were on a airplane because they were going to Cali to visit their family. Everything was going as planned . Everyone was in their seats ,  and they were comfortable just waiting to take of and enjoy the ride . Then out of the blue , the plane started shaking , they weren’t worried , until the airplane started shaking even more . All ofa sudden the plane started falling. The pilot had forgotten to fill the gas tank .The family panicked and said good-bye to their family , thinking in that moment they were going to die . The plane fell on the arena that they were above. “CRASH!!!” is what it sounded like . About an hour later the family woke up with this horrible feeling of something bad had happened . Jackelin actually thought they were dead so she tried flying thinking she had angel wings and that they were in heaven . She jumped closing her eyes and fell right on her face . “OWWW!!” she said with pain on her face . Suddenly there was a  smile on her face. “We’re alive !” Jackelin said cheerfully . Veronica laughed . She stood up and looked around and they noticed they were on a island they have never been to .They were upset because they were the only ones alive . That would mean they didn’t have help .
They saw something really weird when they looked behind them .It was a big oval glowing bubble.Rene was really interested ,so he ran as fast as he could . When he got really close to it he put his hand in it not caring about what his mom tolled him. Then he saw it was safe and went in completely . He couldn’t believe what was on the other side !It was some kind of portal . Veronica went in ,and the Jackelin,Riley,and Jonny went in too. On the other side there was amazing things . They saw a person wearing a spoongebob costume . It looked pretty realistic to them . They said hi to the unknown person and then he laughed . It was really strange because he laughed exactly like the spoongebob on television! He turned around and ignored them . “How rude!”said Veronica . Then they were walking down the hill and saw Raven from Teen Titans Go ! “Is this like costume land or something?” Said Jonny . They figured that the costumes were actually not costumes ! Rene asked “what kind of island are we on ?” Then the teen titans attacked them . Before they could touch them the H.I.V.E came and safe them . The H.I.V.E are actually supposed to be the bad ones ! The family thanked the H.I.V.E and continued walking . Then came along , all the villains in stories and tried to … have a friendly conversation ?Yeah that's right a friendly conversation . They actually figured out that they were in a island that had cartoons that had opposite characteristics than on tv . They never found a way to get out . They had a difficult life because they tried and succeeded on not getting killed .Veronica actually found a boyfriend got married and had one more pair of twins ! One girl and a boy ! And they lived happily ever after in THE MYSTICAL ISLAND . Wait a second I'm not done yet !! One day something really horrible happened , Donald J .Duck was elected president!! TO BE CONTINUED!

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