November 6, 2016
By julithememe BRONZE, Miami, Florida
julithememe BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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   I groan in pain from the gravel that embeds itself into my palms and knees as I trip over my last minute costume. I ignore the questions from strangers that surround me with their small childern and continue running. My short hair whips at my ears and the cold wind bites my bare shoulders. Your name is a mantra that falls from my chapped lips with conviction. But, as time passes and your small green eyes have yet to peek up at me, that mantra becomes a slur of worry. The laughs and smiles from the children who could very well be your friends, become condescending and they mock me. They mock me for not being able to find you. They mock me for losing you in the first place!

   The self-hatred and realization hit me all at once and I have to stop. That's when the tears fall harder and with force. My breathes become as heavy as my heart and I begin to panic. Despite the cold, sweat falls and mixes with my tears, ceating a concoction of fear that manifests over my skin. I scratch at my arms, hoping and waiting for it to give me the clarity to find you. 

   It seems as if hours have gone by and now i'm dragging myself home, full of dirt and pain. Every muscle in my body aches. I haven't given up, I never could but I need help. My eyes have become to glossy to see and the distress has confined me into my own bubble and I don't know if I could even recognize you at this point. 

   I'm attempting to clear my face so maybe I can search that one place for the third time. Maybe you've gone back or I didn't look good enough. Then, i've finally become alert as a small voice that could only belong to you, calls out my name. They worry that laces your words is absolutely heartbreaking and I can see your tear stains from across the street where I stand. The anticipation grows in my chest at an alarming rate and before it can burst, I run across the street without a second thought. I realize too late my mistake. The last thing I see is the horror in your eyes and a large car bumper that reads, "Happy Halloween!" 

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