November 4, 2016
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It was 1941 in the frosty, chilled alps of Germany there was a U.S outpost named Elixir buried in the side of the tallest mountain, surrounded by Nazis. The troops there were hardly adults they averaged 20 years old and many were forced to be there in the shortage of troops. Milo and Clyde had just celebrated their 21st birthday and before they had time to celebrate they were tasked with the most dangerous mission yet. Milo was part of a special U.S task force that was assigned to disable a large cannon buried in the mountains to protect the U.S troops storming an enemy fort below but if the cannon was not disabled it would be a suicide mission and a mission his own brother Clyde was a part of. If Milo and his team could not succeed Clyde would die and If he could Clyde was still invading an enemy base with little information and abused, dirty and outdated weapons against the highly advanced and well organized Germans.


His brother Milo on the other hand was a part of an elite group in the Army who had advanced ballistics and steel plated armor that covered every part of their bodies. They believed that if they were to not succeed than they better all be dead. Milo and his team were very proud to be fighting in the war and believed they would not fall no matter the task, as long as they worked together. Milo and Clyde had to say goodbye as they prepared to part ways and fight for their own lives and for their countries. Clyde started a trek through the beautiful green dense forest of the Alps and Milo began his hike up the enemy mountain with hundreds of pounds of gear weighing him down. The trees were few and far up there compared to the surrounding area and the Germans created more cover by building deep trenches around the 150mm cannon that overwatched the fort below.


As Milo and the special unit worked up the mountain Clyde and his team were already engaged with the enemy they had to take out several small outposts on the way to the fort. His team of almost one hundred soon realized that they were already outnumbered in the first of two outposts. As the americans pushed forward they already had at least 10 casualties and they had only killed a handful of Germans. Clyde pulled everyone together behind a building that could hardly stop the hellfire, He pulled together all of the grenades his unit had and prepared to bombard the enemy outpost before the Germans knew what hit them. All at once the soldiers threw every last one of their explosives over the building.


Milo was half-way up the mountain with his unit and they had already come across several enemies but they stood no chance against their armor they had hardly slowed them down. They could see the cannon just at the peak of the mountain,they were already exhausted but they had to push forward to save the lives of their fellow brothers. So they pushed on through the agony of the many weights on top of them and kept moving. Then they heard the violent explosion below and could only imagine who just took the hit as they saw the smoke soar into the air, Milos stomach began to ache under the though of his brothers health.


Meanwhile Clyde and his team of around 90 moved towards the 2nd fort and when they could see it up ahead they split into 2 groups and approached from the East and the West and
Clyde lead the group coming from the East. As they crawled through the grass towards the fences of the fort they could see that the fort was even bigger than the last with more than 200 soldiers. It was quiet the soldiers crawled in complete silence and the Germans were at a standstill just cleaning their weapons and eating their lunch. Clyde stopped his unit in the grass so they could watch all the soldiers and gain some intel on the compound, as they looked around for things like weapon stockpiles and generals Clyde was focusing on the guards on the perimeter and looking through the windows with binoculars. He heard the sound a stick makes when you swing it as fast as possible through the air and it was followed by a disturbing splashing sound and Clyde turned around to the disturbing sight of a German soldier with his bayonet driven through his teammates heart. Clyde cried “AMBUSH” as the Germans came out of the ground surrounding the soldiers and everyone was engaged in knife fights the blood was splattering in every direction covering the ground of the forest surrounding them men from both sides were dropping to the ground in the intense fight. The side from the West heard the noises and thought that they were rushing the outpost so they stormed the gates and came up on the enemies from the back as they were shooting into the East at the intense, bloody battle and in one clean motion the Americans killed every German within the compound. Clyde was still on the outside and a German soldier was on top of him on the ground trying to push his blade through Clyde's chest and as he pushed back he could feel the strength of the german and he knew he could not stop it and as the knife pierced his chest and the blade began to dig into him he felt the blood splatter on his face. The Americans in the compound had began shooting upon the Germans outside and had killed the soldier on top of Clyde right before his inevitable death.


Milo was at the top of the mountain now but to reach the cannon they would first have to take out hundreds of German soldiers with a team of 30. The special unit was equipped with heavy armor and light machine guns called “The Lewis Gun” they were an unstoppable force as they moved forward they plowed through the germans whose bullets bounced of the Americans armor. German planes were flying above mostly to scout the forests activity below but now they have targeted Milo and his team and were dive bombing them. A few men were hit directly and were blown in every direction off the sides of the mountain. Milo knew that the trenches were no longer enough protection they had to get to the underground fort where the large cannon was preparing to fire at His brother below. He ordered his men to move faster as they continued to fire the heavy guns they had just hauled up the steep mountain. They were now just outside the the fort walls.


Clyde threw the dead German off of him and stood up to see the horror surrounding him. His entire half of the group had been slaughtered by the bayonettes on the end of every Germans gun. The only survivors were Clyde and the other 45 men that stormed from the West and they still had the large fort ahead of them. The men gathered up the bodies and restocked their ammo and supplies and moved on leaving the horrific bloodbath behind them.


Milo and his team were now pushing through the doors of the fort and inside there was another German unit. As the bullets began to fly the germans were dropping at incredibly high rates. As Milo took cover behind a pillar he noticed his teammate jeremy had a jammed gun so he ran to his aid and gave him his own gun so Jeremy could give him covering fire while Milo unjammed it. Right as he unjammed it he felt something splatter across his face and when he looked up there was blood covering every square inch of the corner he was in. The Germans had shot him in the head and the bullet went right through his helmet and through his skull before ricocheting of the back of his helmet back through his head again. Milo was in shock and he could no longer comprehend what was going on as he looked around he saw his men falling to the ground and the entire room smelled like gunpowder and death. Milo froze but remembered what was at stake so he pulled his gun off the ground and began firing again before he ordered his deplenished unit of 11 to throw their grenades at the Germans. And in one swift explosion the Germans hit the floor and now they had to do what they were there for. One of the American soldiers yelled out he had found the cannon room where Several more Germans were waiting. They had no choice but to storm it with only 11 men so they approached the door and took in a deep breath before they breached it. In what felt like slow motion the bullets once again started flying. When they made it through the door everyone started taking bullets as they ricocheted off the armor they were hitting their teammates like a swarm of bees. By the time the seemingly last German hit the ground only milo was left standing and before he could catch his breath he heard the thundering boom of a 150mm cannon and Milo was the last American standing.


Clyde and the 45 american soldiers he now leads began their hike towards the large fort. And just as they began hiking through the thick vegetation the thundering boom came from above and Clyde and the rest of the soldiers knew exactly what it was and they all dropped to the ground in one swift motion. They could hear the whistling sound of the shell hurling towards them and then in an instant it was gone and a thundering boom came from behind them, misfire. The soldiers got up and continued their push forward.


Milo sprinted with his last bit of strength toward the last German the one sitting on the other end of the cannon. He ran with his bayonet in front of him and began a cry of war and as the German started to turn around milos bayonet drove through his ribs and the man's eyes grew large and as his last breath left his lifeless body and his corpse slid back off of the tip of milos gun. Milo knew that his brother would not survive without him so he began to run down the mountain towards the fort, as he ran his beaten armor began to fall off of his body and he continued to run faster and faster. The fort was not far from the mountain and Milo was already close. As he approached the fort all was silent and bodies from both sides scattered the ground and every step was full of blood, bullets, and mud. Milo began to turn over the bodies in search for his twin brother. As he continued he gos sick and could no longer go on but he knew he could not leave until he found his brother yet almost everyone looked like him they were all young men face down in the mud. Some were not even identifiable and as he got closer to the fort he heard a sound it was a soldier laying by the front gate of the fort and as milo sprinted towards him he knew it was Clyde. He fell to the ground and turned over the body and it was his brother, He could hardly breath and was shot almost 10 times all over his body. Milo held him in his arms while he tried to say something Clyde looked him in the eyes and said “We didn't stand a chance” Milo went to get something to stop the bleeding and he found a fallen medic so he grabbed his supplies and ran back to Clyde on the wet ground and when he got there he was already gone. In the first hour of the battle there was only one American left and the Germans still had an entire army in the fortress. So Milo stood up said a prayer and ran into the fort into an inevitable death. As he ran through the gate bullets littered the air and he fell face first into the mud.

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