The Volcano

November 4, 2016
By Anonymous

                It was then at that point I thought that we were going to die.
                   My name is Jax and I am 15 years old. June 13th 1999, “Time to go”, my mom yelled.  As me and my five year old sister hopped in the car my dad packed our bags up. We were on our way to Dominica Island to go on a family vacation. It was my sister Olivia’s first time flying and as for me, it was going to be my second time to fly. Except the first time I flew I was only 2.
“So who is excited for a family vacation?!” my mom said.
                “Me!” my sister and I both yelled. We then hopped in the car and drove to the airport which was about 20 minutes away from our house. When we reached the airport we got our tickets, they checked our bags, and we waited for an hour to board the plane. Olivia sat with my dad and I sat with my mom. After they talked over the speakers I put on my headphones and took a nap hoping that by the time I wake up we will be at our destination which was about five hours away. They came by with snacks for us to eat so I took some cookies. I was starving because I missed my breakfast and it was then around lunchtime. We were halfway through our flight when they started noticing some turbulence. We then landed safely in Dominica Island. We took a bus to our resort and when we were on the bus we got to see many interesting things. The coolest thing we saw in my opinion was a really large volcano. They say that the volcano has not erupted for years. “Well at least it’s not Pompeii” a person from the back of the bus shouted.
We were then five minutes away from the resort.
                We then pulled up to the resort, grabbed our luggage from the bus, walked into the office and got our room key. We found our room and right away we changed into our swimsuits and went to the pool. Later we got out of the pool to jump in the ocean. I then thought to myself that I should make some friends so I won’t be hanging out with my little sister the whole time. I then started walking toward this boy and girl who I assumed were close to my age.
“Hey” I said.
“Oh hi?” they responded.
I introduced myself and they introduced themselves. The boy was 16 and the girl was 15. They were siblings, the boy’s name is Zeke and the girl’s name is Ava.
“Hey can I hang out with you guys?” I said.
“Sure.” Zeke responded.
“So who did you come here with?” said Ava.
“I came with my parents and my five year old sister.” I responded.
At that moment the ground started to shake a little. Everyone ran out of the water towards land. A loud voice came over the speakers,
“Everyone calm down this is normal just a little earthquake, it will be over soon stay calm, thank you!”
I then said goodbye to my new friends to go and find my family to make sure they were ok. The earthquake then stopped a couple minutes later and I still have not found the rest of my family.
After searching for about five minutes I finally found them running around searching for me. “Where were you!” shouted my mom.
“I… I was at the beach.” I responded.
”Well next time tell us that before you go, you had me worried sick!” my mom said.
“Mom it wasn’t even that big of an earthquake.” I said.
“Well I thought that someone could have taken you as well because I didn’t see you anywhere and we are in a different country!” she said.
       We then all went back to the room to get ready for dinner. We had reservations at a nice restaurant in the resort. When we got there we sat on the balcony able to watch the ocean with an alluring sunset on it.
“Wow what a pretty sunset.” My mom said
“You don’t get to see this every day.” My dad replied
“Yeah well that’s because sunsets technically are during the evening not day, so it would be difficult to see it in the daytime.” I said.
“Watch the attitude mister.” My dad said with a concerning voice.
As I rolled my eyes I noticed that my “friends” were there at the restaurant.
“Can I use the restroom?”
“Sure.” My dad said.
I then walked over to my Zeke and Ava who were sitting at a table with just themselves.
“Hey!” I said
“Oh hi!” said Ava
  “Where are your parents?” I said
   “They are at a bar.” Replied Ava
“Oh, well I got to go now bye.” I said
           I then left and went back to sit down with my family. We finished up our dinner. Then my mom put my sister to bed and I went and swam in the pool with my dad. It was then around midnight when we decided to go back to the room and go to bed. Around three a.m. the ground started to shake again. I heard glass shatter in the room next to ours, I also heard thing falling in the rooms above us. We all jumped up out of our beds, and that’s when I realized that the shaking was getting worse.
“Mommy!” Olivia said crying running over to my mom.
“Right here sweetie!” my mom replied.
“Mom this one is more powerful than the first one!” I said with a shaky voice.
                “Honey, what do we do?” my mom yelled nervously to my dad.
                “Come over here and hide under the table!” my dad yelled over to the three of us.
                We all ran and hid under the table hoping for the shaking to stop. After about five minutes of sitting under the table a voice came over the speaker,
                “Everyone please take shelter under a sturdy surface to protect yourself from falling objects. We are experiencing a minor earthquake so, please just stay calm and safe and this will be over in just a few minutes!”
It was then ten minutes of sitting under the small table and the shaking wasn’t stopping but it was getting worse. My dad then told us to just run outside where the ceiling could not have hurt us in case it collapsed. Soon then the ceiling did collapse. The ceiling hit the floor with a loud boom that hurts my ears, dust flew up in every direction and I was certain all of our stuff was smashed, but that’s when I noticed something. I noticed that the couple next to our room never ran out. My mom had tears rolling down her face by then. I had then been about twenty minutes of the horrible earthquake when my dad had spotted something.
My dad looked to his left and let out a startled gasp. My mom and I then turned our heads and gasped. Olivia then found out what we were all staring at and began to cry very loudly. Soon then about everyone in the resort was staring at the same thing, the volcano.

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