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The Rebelion

My name is Yumac, I am a rebellion soldier, I fight for the freedom of my people, a country of my own. After the Government betrayed their deal with us and took over our lands, we had the urge to fight. They will pay for taking our country from us. Even if the payment comes in the form of blood.

Hello! I am a Governmental Soldier! My name is Ghan, I fight for the Government. The Rebels as they call themselves have had bad blood for us. Saying we betrayed the contract of the war against the Communist Armies, we took their land, but the deal did say that, we could take what we wanted after the war. So we took their land, maybe that’s not what they wanted but it’s what the people wanted. I hope they don’t launch a surprise attack on us.

Ah, my fellow brothers and sisters we are going to launch a surprise attack on this Governmental Camp. It shall be sang for many generations of this battle! *When the Rebels attacked the camp, it was in poor conditions, not even enough men to work it. So the rebels had the advantage. But what they didn’t know, was that they were just suicide squads.* The Governmental soldiers put up a volley fire system but to no avail, so they used gas. The Rebels and Governmental soldiers both put on their gas masks and fought hand to hand. The hardy rebels had took kindly to their frozen lands and had the advantage with hand to hand combat, but what happened next changed both sides. The sudden call of “ARTILLERY!!!” Alerted them all, and they looked up, Yumac and Ghan were a few yards from each other. But the artillery covered the ground with broken trees and mud.
Yumac and Ghan both got up, looked at each other and both found a weapon at each others side and pointed it at each other. But each looked into the eyes of the other, and they both nodded, they threw their weapons from each other. Walking away from each other.  

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