The Adventures of Lightening Boy

October 25, 2016

Three years ago in New York City, Lightening Boy zoomed onto the parking lot. He heard the screams of people. Then he raced to go help people. He ran really fast just, like The Flash, hoping no one would get hurt. His father is a mad scientist, but Lightening Boy is as super
One-day Lightening Boy tried The to avoid his father because his dad was MEGA-CRAZY. His father ran to the basement. He shot the robot costume with a laser gun. It will make everyone weak. His father showed up at the tower and built the mega ball. He shot the laser and then it will spread to the whole area.
Lightening Boy slept and dreamt about his father hurting someone. Next, Lightening Boy woke up and zoomed. Finally Lightening Boy caught up to his father. The Lightening Boy met his father. Lightening Boy shocked his father because he is mean to people.
Then Lightening Boy asked, “Why are you mean and stupid to people?”
His father said, “I don’t care, you are betraying me.”
Lightening Boy said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it.”
Father shot at Lightening Boy, but Lightening Boy caught the shot with his hands. Then he turned the shot around. Next he let it go. The cannonball was close to hitting his father, but his father was not dead. His father was vaporized by the power and he disappeared. Lightening Boy said, “I saved the world!!!!!!!!” All the people returned to normal. Everything the world was saved.
In the end of the story, the Lightening Boy was a HERO.


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