Down I Go

November 8, 2016

I heard a rumbling sound in the engine, but I didn’t think too much about so I put my headphones in and fell asleep. I woke with a sudden throbbing pain. The sun was so bright that it was shining in my eyes. I tried to see what happened, but the pain was so unbearable I couldn’t even look. I tried to take a quick glance at what happened. There was a shattered, broken piece of glass from the plane’s window in my upper arm. I started to look around, but I didn’t know what happened. I saw the wing of the plane in the trees above just sitting there. My heart started to race a thousand times faster with worry.

 I screamed for help to see if anyone could hear, but all I heard was birds singing. I was able to roll over and pull myself up using my other arm. As I stood up, I felt a little light-headed so I closed my eyes and stood in place for a couple minutes. I started to open my eyes, but things were blurry. While I was standing there in silence, I heard banging. It sounded like someone was trying to call for help. I turned slowly, trying to look for any sign of life. My vision started to clear up but not fully so I needed to be cautious. I started walking, trying to look for anyone or anything. The sound grew louder so I kept walking in the same direction. The air was hot and humid. I could feel the back of my neck start to sweat. I finally came to where the sound was being made. I saw a hand underneath the other wing of the plane. This wing was almost a mile and a half away from the other wing. I got on my knees and started looking for something. I kept wandering around the wing looking for someone, and finally a sound came from underneath the wing.

 “Help!” said a girl
     “Hello, are you stuck?” I said with panic and worry.
     “Yeah, my leg and arm are stuck under the wing of the plane,” said the girl.
     “What’s your name?” I asked.
     “ Marie,” said the girl.
     I could tell her voice was shaking when she was talking to me.
     “My name is Isabel,” I said.
     “Do you know what happened?” she asked with a quiver in her voice.
     “I think the engine stopped and the plane crashed!” I said trying to remember what happened.
     “Marie, you need to not move!” I said trying to be as calm as I could.
     “I am going to go try and find help,” I said looking around.
     “Ok, just when you find someone, promise you come back to help me!” she said.
     “Promise,” I said wondering if I would find someone.

 As I was walking I heard a sound; it sounded like water. I started to walk toward the sound. Finally I came to a little creek. Following the creek , I was led to a lake. I started looking around for someone.

     “Hello, anyone here?” I said with a panicked voice.
     “Hello?” I heard someone say.
     It sounded like a boy. I started to run. Faster and faster I ran. I came to a boy with a child.
     “Hello, were you in the plane crash?” I said.
     “Yes, do you know if anyone else survived?” he said with a sad look on his face.
     “Well, I don't really know. I found a girl and she needs help. Can you come with me to help her, please?” I said
     “Yes, My name is Joseph. What is your name?” he said.
     “My name is Isabel,” I said trying to put a smile on my face.

Joseph had dark brown hair with bright blue eyes. He was about half a foot taller than I was, and he had an olive skin tone. He looked about my age, which was 15. We started walking to where the girl was lying. He was holding the little girl in his arms walking behind me. The young girl looked about 5, and she had some dirt on her face. We were walking for awhile. It was awkward because we didn't even know each other. As we were walking, I felt agonizing pain from where the glass went into my arm. I grabbed my arm, trying to forget about the pain. When I touched my arm to try to see what was going on, the pain got even worse.

     “Ah,” I said trying to keep my pain inside.
     “Are you ok?” Joseph said with worry.
     “Yeah, I’m fine,” We should keep going, we need to help the girl,” I said.
     “Ok,” Joseph said with a weird look on his face.

My stomach started to rumble with the pain of hunger. I tried not to think about it so I thought about helping the girl. In the distance I started to see the wing of the plane.

“That’s where she is,” I told Joseph.

 He sat the girl down and walked around trying to see what happened. He kept walking around the plane, probably trying to figure out a solution.

     “Hey, Marie, it’s Isabel from earlier,” I said.
     “Did you find anyone?” Marie said.
     “Yeah, I found someone named Joseph. He is going to try to help you,” I said.

Joseph and I were wandering around the plane trying to look for a place to grab hold. I couldn't find anyplace without something sharp almost cutting my hand. Joseph couldn't find anything either. We stepped away from the plane, talking about trying to find something to help Marie. Going back over to the plane, we both had a worried look on our face. We went over to try to lift the wing of the plane together. The wing of the plane was as heavy as a boulder. We struggled, thinking we were able to both lift it, but all we did was get Marie’s hopes up. We used all of our effort and strength, but we did not succeed. We were unable to help Marie. We had to look into Marie’s eyes and tell her we couldn’t do anything else. Joseph and I were lying beside her, holding her hand. After awhile she finally closed her eyes. Joseph, the little girl, and I were lying on the ground. Looking up at the sky, we finally closed our eyes. The next thing I noticed was a bright light in my eyes.

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