A Dangerous Code

November 3, 2016

The year was 1971, and the Evil Side corperation was on the brink of creating the world’s most dangerous weapon for its time. The Evil Side needed to create a secret code to launch this disastrous missile that scientists thought could possibly put more than half of the earth into flames and ashes. The agents on the Evil Side thought that it was more than clever to write the code onto a piece of paper, scroll it up into a bottle, and hide it where no one else could find it for decades, hopefully even centuries. Their headquarters were based underground in the frigid snow and slush of Antarctica. For years the spies and agents on the Good Side have been trying to uncover their secret hide-out, but they have always failed miserably.
At the Evil Side headquarters, Dr. B had been in the laboratory working on some very acidic and dangerous chemicals that he hoped would restore his youth. Dr. B was a short, old man without any hair and only one eye. No one knew how old he was, but no one wanted to know. He spent his days and nights trying to come up with the right formula. He tried to go weeks in the lab without food or sleep, and that soon turned into months. Agents would have to break down the door to get into the lab and hold him down to feed him. He turned the laboratory into his own, with eleven chalkboards scribbled all over with his equations and solutions, ripped posters covering the whole room, and a painting of a bottle. He eventually went insane. He went so insane that whenever someone tried to feed him, he would go ballistic and refuse the food. One day, the top six agents on the Evil Side all broke into the lab and tried to save Dr. B, but he became a maniac and knocked over all of his formulas. The chemicals were so poisonous and dangerous that the whole entire facility needed to evacuate the building, and not return for another thirty years.
Fast forward thirty years, and it is now present day. Most, if not all of the agents on the Evil Side forgot about their jobs of crime and moved on with their lives. Most of them are now husbands and wives, teachers, accountants, and any other normal job that adults might have. Dr. B was a mad scientist who would always stay mad. He would never forget about his headquarters; he knew he belonged there, and he couldn’t wait until the day that all of his chemicals cleared to go back. He spent the last thirty years in prison counting down the days of his return.
Back at the Good Side headquarters, Agent 13 was one the top spies of the organization. He accomplished every mission that he was sent to. He was a tall and handsome man with black hair and always wearing a tuxedo. The Good Side had been keeping track of the Evil Side since their discovery about the missile, even though they had no idea where their headquarters were. They knew everything about them from the secret code for the missile to Dr. B’s chemicals spilling and the abandonment that came with the evacuation. They knew Dr. B was locked up for decades and willing to go back to secret headquarters to restart the organization. If only Agent 13 had a way in…
It was finally the day of Dr. B’s release from prison, and he knew exactly where he was headed to: Evil Side Headquarters. He eventually made it back to headquarters, but it was cold, dark, and abandoned. He was recruiting new agents for his organization and sent emails and secret messages to every headquarter in the nation, good and bad. He was hoping that he could find many new agents. But Dr. B didn’t realize the amount of trouble he could get into if he sent secret messages to the Good Side organization looking for new agents…
Agent 13 had received Dr. B’s secret message and decided that it was only a brilliant idea to disguise himself and go in as a new agent for his new Evil Side organization. He didn’t know what he was going in for because they had been inactive for the past 30 years. When Agent 13 heard that the most dangerous organization in spy history had made a comeback, he knew he had to  go in and find their headquarters. He applied for the new recruitment, and he was accepted. Everybody on the Good Side organization was in on the plan of Agent 13. He was to apply for a  recruitment, get accepted, find their headquarters, and report back. He already completed half of the mission, and now it was time for him to go in.
When Dr. B returned to headquarters, he found it the exact way he had left it 30 years ago. It was dark, dusty, and cold. No insects or any other living thing had dared to crawl its way into the underground building. Papers lay on the floor, all burned and torn up from the scattering of agents back in 1971, along with the chemicals that lingered throughout the facility following them through their escape. A mixed blanket of dust and snow covered the furniture laying on the floor like a baby in his crib. The silence was like no other; Dr. B had never felt so alone, yet those screams in his head of the escaping agents kept on playing in his head, over and over again. He still had vivid images in his memory of the terrified and worried expressions that everybody was making on their faces. He still remembers the amount of grief and anguish he felt as he finally came to a realization one day in his cell that the abandonment was all his fault. “There’s no time for grievance now; I must get to work to fix this once beautiful facility to rebuild my organization”, he said to himself. He embarked on a journey to the fuse box on the lower level, and flipped as many switches as he possibly could to try and make the electricity turn on. To his surprise, the lights turned on as did everything else. Every machine and power source was up all fully working just like the way they did. He worked endlessly for days and nights cleaning up the building and getting it ready for Recruitment Day. As Dr. B was dusting off the walls, he found a tear in the wallpaper. He reached up to grab the paper and slowly tore it off of the wall. He found a small crevice behind the wallpaper hidden in the wall. He could see something reflective in the crack and reached in to grab it. It was a clear glass bottle with a cork to trap in the paper scroll that was hiding inside. He tried to pop the cork off but it wouldn’t budge. He started getting all fired up again and just decided to smash it on the ground. He picked up the piece of paper and read it. The writing was barely visible to read. “February 16, 1971”, he whispered to himself in curiosity. The day of the abandonment...
It was finally Recruitment Day, and the Good Side organization was ecstatic to finally find out where the Evil Side headquarters was. Agent 13 scrolled through the digital secret message to find out where their HQ is, since it was going to be discovered that day. “Okay crew… today is the day we make history. Today is the day that we find out their top secret location. Once we find out where their location is, we can track them and stop their evil plans. Whatever they may be, we will stop them”, said Agent 13 with assurance. The entire organization was all gathered into the main lobby. They all cheered with excitement and relief. Agent 13 said his goodbyes and fixed together his disguise. He had a fake mustache, a fedora, and a trenchcoat. He had a stereotypical costume on.
He sat down right before leaving and read the secret message. He decoded it word for word. “Antarctica… it is in Antarctica. Hiding in plain sight. How have we been so oblivious this whole time?”, he said to himself. He marked down the coordinates in his book, and made his way out of the building. He wasn’t sure how long he was going to be gone, but he didn’t care. He was so courageous and brave that he would finally end the Evil Side cooperation once and for all.
He followed the coordinate for 32 hours in his private jet. At some point he had to stop in Venezuela to rest, since he was flying from Chicago. Agent 13 finally made it to Antarctica, and he found the facility. He sent coordinates and locations to the Good Side cooperation of where he was. He made his way through the door, and signed in. He realized that no one else showed up, and Dr. B realized that too. He was sad and disappointed that no one showed up for his new organization besides Agent 13. He proceeded to take Agent 13 into a room to talk about his new discovery that would make the Evil Side cooperation thrive. He took out the scroll of paper he found in the wall earlier that week. “This is a big secret that has been hiding for 30 years right in my own two hands. This piece of paper can make our cooperation the most evil of evils. This piece of paper can make more than half of the world burst into flames… And I am ready to use it. Follow me if you want to become part of this”, said Dr. B. Agent 13 proceeded to follow him into a huge section of the building. The ceilings were high and made of glass to see the stars. In the middle of the room stood the giant weapon that he has only heard about in rumors; the thing to make the world burst into flames. “...this is the thing you were talking about, wasn’t it?” “Yes, it is, and I have the code to make it go boom… there goes the world, all on this little piece of paper I hold in my hands”, exclaimed Dr. B. “What is the point of blowing up the world if nothing is going to exist anymore?”
“You see… what is it again?” asking for his name.
“...I go by Thirt.” (short for Thirteen, not wanting to give away his identity)
“Well you see Thirt, I won’t actually make the entire world blow up.”
“Thank God”, Agent 13 muttered to himself.
“Only half of the world! Once that happens, I will reveal myself as The Destroyer, and everybody will be forced to rebuild. They will be so afraid of me that I will have to be their ruler. That is when I can take over the world.”
“How did you find this code?”
“In the wall. On the day of the abandonment, the scientist working on this missile quickly wrote this code on a piece of paper, stuffed it into a bottle, and hid it in the wall hoping that maybe one day somebody will find it, and here I am! I have fulfilled their hopes. Now… time to put in the code.”
“Freeze!”, yelled Agent 13 while pulling out a gun. He pointed the gun right at Dr. B and forcefully commanded him to hand over the code. “The one recruiter I get is undercover for the Good Side? Just my luck. I waited a whole thirty years for this. All of my plans; they’re just ruined! Are you are going to pay…” said Dr. B while pulling out a gun himself too. Dr. B and Agent 13 went into a fight throwing punches at each other. Finally, one of Agent 13’s punches knocked the gun and secret code right out of Dr. B’s hands and into his own. He then punched him in the head and knocked him unconscious. He quickly ran over to the missile and adjusted it so that when it launched, it would launch right into the building. Agent 13 punched in the code, and set it to launch in 5 minutes. He sprinted out of the building and into his private jet. As he was flying away, he could see and hear the explosion of the building- with Dr. B in it. Dr. B was defeated for once and for all, and the Evil Side cooperation was finally out of business.

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