spooky story

November 3, 2016
By Anonymous

Spooky story

It was around 3:00 pm on a cold winter day. The wind was blowing hard; snowflakes were as big as golf balls. Families were in their houses, all warm and cozy. Adam (the oldest), his brother (the middle child), and his sister Sophia (the youngest) wanted to go and play outside.
“Be careful, my little angles” Adam’s mom said.
“We will” all three kids answered.
They went out in the backyard, started having a snowball fight. They eventually got bored. “We should go to the woods, at our tree house” said Sophia
“Sure, “said Adam and Justin.
They opened their backyard door, and they were off. While they were going to their tree house, they told each other about things they did that their parents don’t know about. But what did didn’t know was that somebody was following them, and listening.
“Ugh, are we there yet?” asked Justin all tired of walking.
“You know that we are almost there” said Adam in a sassy tone
Right after he said that, they heard a noise, they couldn’t describe what it was, or who made that noise. “Did you hear that?” Sophia asked nervously
“Yeah... It was probably a cat or something, common, let’s go” said Adam, even though he didn’t show it, he was kind of scared.
When they finally got to the woods, Justin said “wow, that actually took longer than usual”
“Well yeah, because we usually take our bikes, but we can’t because of this snow.” Said Sophia “but I don’t quiet remember where our tree house is at”
“Oh it’s fine, I know where it is, like the bottom of my hand.” Said Adam.
They got to the tree house and they talked for hours and hours That’s when mom called and said to come back home. Adam checked the time; it was already 9:10. They were about to get down out of the tree house, until they heard a whistle.
“Shh guys, shh, do you hear that?” asked Justin
“Oh my god” said Sophia nervously. “I don’t think anyone comes and passes through here, but if they do, they don’t whistle at us.” Sophia said very nervously.
The whistle was getting louder and louder, then the whistle stopped. “Do you think they’re gone? asked Justin. Adam could hear Justin’s heart beating really fast.
“It’s ok, I think they’re gone, everything is going to be ok” said Adam trying to calm Justin down.
Adam peeked through the window and didn’t see anything. “Ok, clear, but just to be on the safe side, I’m going to get out first” said Adam trying to be brave, so his brother nor sister get even more than they already are. So Adam opens the door slowly and looks to see if the person or noise was still there. He didn’t see anything.
When they all got down, Justin saw a man. “Guys, RUN!” Adam and Sophia where confused at first, but when they saw the man without hesitation, they started to run, not actually knowing where they were heading. Adam was looking back to see if the man was getting closer. While he was looking around, he fell in a deep hole. “Adam!” screamed Sophia and Justin.
“Are you ok, are you hurt?” asked Sophia (breathing heavily)
“Yeah, I’m fine … I just need a minute” said Adam.
“S-S-S SOPHIA!” screamed Justin nervously. The person was right there. Adam couldn’t see anything, so he didn’t know how this man looked like, the only thing he did know is that it was a man. He was climbing the hole hoping to reach the top before the man did anything to his brother and sister. But it was very slippery making him slipped and hit his head with a rock.
He got up and he climbed and climbed, and he made it. After he made it, he laid on the cold, white, snow and took a deep breath in, and then exhaling it. He quickly remembered about Sophia and Justin. He got up and started to look for them. He kept looking and looking, but he couldn’t find them. Adam was sat down on a tree and started to cry, he said “forgive me Sophia and Justin”. Right after he heard a voice; “ADAM!”. That’s sounds like Sophia, he thought to himself. He followed the voice until he found them. He was so happy, but that quickly changed. Adam never in a million years would’ve imagine seeing his brother hanged, “JUSTIN!” He screamed. His sister was next and he couldn’t move at all; it was like if he had super glue all over him.  No, please sir don’t do it please he thought to himself. The man pulled her up and she was soon hanged. “SOPHIA!” he screamed, tears were coming down from his eyes. He just saw his brother and sister getting hanged.
Adam woke up, he had been unconscious. He quickly got up and climbed, when he made it to the top he was running around, hoping to find them, or to hear Sophia’s voice. “ADAM!” a voice echoed through the woods. “Sophia” he whispered. Adam was running and running and the voice was getting closer and closer. “ADAM”. He had found them, he quickly checked if they were going to get hanged. Sophia and Justin, did had a rope around there neck. So Adam quickly saw the first hard item he could find and get in his hands; he grabbed a big stick.
Adam was waiting to see the man, so he can attack. When he saw the man, without hesitation, he ran up to him and hit him as hard as he could, aiming to his head. When the man fell on the floor, Adam quickly untied Sophia and Justin, gave them a big hug, and they all ran back home.
When they opened their backyard door, the kids saw their parents getting in the car. “Mom, Dad” screamed Justin. When the parents saw their children right there, their eyes got big as the sun. They got off their car, and ran up to their kids, and hugged them. Tears where coming out of their eyes, they were so happy that they were back.
“John, tell the cops that are kids are here” said Adam’s mom. “Oh my god my, where were you guys.
“It’s a long and scary story” Adam”
They all went inside and the kids told their parents what happen.

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