November 3, 2016
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Spinning flying through the air, glass everywhere, Marshall a man nobody remembered was flying over a cliff in his car. How does one man getting in this predicament? For his story as with many we have to look at the past. Marshall grew up in the city with his single mother. Never kept many friends, just kept to himself. He loved his mother just as any other boy and did anything he could to make a better life for her. When Marshall was just 16 years old he began working as a grunt for the mob, he built a solid relationship with them and they helped him and his mother as they needed. All was well until Marshall grew more and more distant from the Mob, his mother and him rested with ease thinking that they had forgotten about him.
Although Marshall had not seen or heard from the them in awhile, but  always felt as though they were following, listening. Although he did not know for sure, he was right they couldn’t just let him go right? No of course they couldn’t, he knew too much he was a liability. He started to notice a certain few people would always see every day at the same time same place, they seemed to watch him. He kept getting more and more concerned, for his mother's safety more so than his. He voiced his concerns to his mother, and she brushed them off and wouldn’t leave the city. He started to see the same men appear in more of the places hed usually go. Then one day one of the men passed him and kept repeating  something just a little off. “Can’t leave, can’t leave, can’t leave”. That was enough for Marshall he went home and packed his things, and begged his mother to leave with him. Still she refused to leave.
The next morning Marshall caught a train headed to a little mountain town. He was sure that they'd never find him there, only his mother new where he was. A month had passed and all was well within the new town he now called home, but he worried for his mother every day. Always questioning is she ok? If I had stayed would I still be ok?

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