November 7, 2016
By Zacklovesbooks BRONZE, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
Zacklovesbooks BRONZE, Albrightsville, Pennsylvania
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I’m not really one for being the adventurous type.However, when I had the ability to travel half the world, I took it automatically, hoping to get out of my cushiony comfort zone. I’m really was having second thoughts right then as I walked through the frosty forest with my tour group.

As I pulled off my scratchy yellow wool mittens and stretched out my discolored palm,the snow ate at my fingertips, leaving them bitter and numb.

I wished I had listened to my intuition and decided to stay home. Right then, I would be on my couch with my TV, trying to catch up on my favorite shows.

Instead, I saw ice icicles hanging up above me like chandeliers. The ground was covered in snow. I smelt a somewhat sweet-acidic smell coming from this moss-covered tree, overwhelming my nostrils . It had embers somehow still sizzling with a gooey clear slime dripping down its trunk. It produced this scarlet white-dotted fruit that was left untouched.

In the midst of all this, I got lost from the tour group.  So, here I was,  aimlessly walking around with no clue of where the heck I was.


Is this what I get for stinking being so curious? I thought to myself.

My footsteps were covered by heavy piles of snow. The trees were dancing, as the winds got stronger and hail began to fall.

I never liked the cold because I just get cold so easily and quickly;  the cold makes my face bright red like a tomato fully ripened.

Okay….Maybe if  I….Head north or maybe south,  I thought as I scanned the chilly area.

I felt my legs sinking deeper and deeper into the snow. I couldn’t grasp anything , my hands were frozen, and I tried to warm them up by rubbing my hands together and putting on my mittens.

  Come on…. I can make it to the group or at least find the hotel where I was staying.

I heard silence as a blanket of uneasiness wrapped itself around me. Then I heard a big boom come from my right. I looked in that direction as my ears started to ring, making them feel like they were about to explode . I saw a waterfall of snow coming towards me. I tried moving, but my legs were stiff as ice.

Why an avalanche? I thought, as I struggled to move as it sped up on me.

Oh no,  I thought as I heard it taunting me with it zooming its way to me. I felt it tower over me like a heavy blanket, and then suddenly it tucked me underneath.

I lay stiff as a board when it rolled me into the mountain below. It moved more rapidly than any stream I’ve ever seen , swallowing everything in its path.

All my sad attempts to get away failed. I screamed as I saw a gigantic drop that I was heading straight towards.
Come on,I thought as I tried and tried to push my way out, but like a whirlpool I was spinning out of control.
I grabbed a branch from a tree on the right side of me ; it was covered in spider webs but that didn’t bother me. It was the fact that my hands had become frozen and blue with frostbite.

My other hand reached out to the branch, but my right hand had slipped, and now I was falling into the dark abyss below.

Please let me survive this, was my last thought as I met my fate.

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