Born A Hero

October 25, 2016
By wishopbalters BRONZE, Warsaw,, Indiana
wishopbalters BRONZE, Warsaw,, Indiana
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It all began that night when my family and I went to dinner. When we were waiting for our table I saw a lot of family friends. As we walked to our table and passed our friends they all were commenting on my family and how they have powers. But then it always came to me and they asked me what my power was again. Yep, you're right I don't have any powers like my family does. My mom was elastic, my dad could fly, and my sister could read minds.
The next day I had school, and I went to Kids with Powers High School KWPHS. Even though I didn't have powers, I had to go there because of my family. At school we always did super hero games, and the kids got to use there powers. When my name got called I was just out there to embarrass myself in front of the whole school. Everyone at school knew me as the kid who didn’t have any powers.  My parents said they put me in this school because I will get powers soon.
I was always getting bullied because the bullies knew I didn't have powers. Joe, who could throw fire, was my biggest bully. He always tried to burn my finger or hair. The girl I liked was not impressed when she saw me letting them do that to me. But let's be honest here, what was I gonna do about it.
Joe would say, “What are you gonna do chump!”
I always let them do it because I knew I wasn't going to beat him. I got bullied by everyone though. I hand out with the kids who are considered nerds, and I guess that makes me a nerd too. Everyone at my school is there for a reason and will most likely save the world. I'm there to figure out why I’m there. My school is not your everyday school though. It's actually under a normal schools so yea its underground.
The next day when I woke up I felt strange. Everything I touched was lighter than they usually are. I felt different too, I felt more bold and powerful. They said I had to save the girl from the blades. I had to go against the villains the school pics. But something happened that made the whole school go silent. I lifted a car and threw it at the villians. I thought to myself I get it I have super strength!
Now the whole school knows I have powers and that changes my life. There were no more bullies, I wasn't considered a nerd even though I hangout with them still. When I was walking in the hallway I saw my bully getting bullied by a much bigger kid than Joe and I. I didn't know if I should help since he bullied me all these years or to go help. I decided to go and help Joe even though he didn't deserve it. I lifted the kid against the locker and then let him down that's all, I didn't know it was that easy to beat the bully.
After I showed the bully it's not right to bully, Joe came up to me and thanked me. Joe also said he was sorry for what he did and won't bully any other kid that is lower than the other kids. He learned his lesson I thought. Joe was a darker haired, long arms, and beefy. He was the type of kid though that didn't learn their lesson. The next day he thought he could pick on me again. But the minute he touched me I grabbed him by the shirt and picked him up off the ground. Joe started crying and I had to let him go. I never gave up on showing him who is the boss. I hope he won't judge someone on how they look again.

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