Ninja Cat: Attack of the Rat part 1

October 28, 2016
By iamdylan BRONZE, Waco, TX, Texas
iamdylan BRONZE, Waco, TX, Texas
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Mitzi the Ninja Cat was tired after her recent battles against the Red Dot and Mr. Roach. All this crime fighting made Mitzi wonder if it was really worth it. After saying that over and over in her mind she thought,” why would I say something like that. My master's need my protection.” as Mitzi thought about this she noticed some suitcases being moved around. Wondering what was going on, she started to explore. She overheard her master's talking about a trip to West Virginia. She didn’t want her master's to leave, so she did everything she could to stop them. She would sit on their suitcases, barf in their suitcases, take all their clothes out and try to hide them, she even would try to MOVE the suitcases. Mitzi did everything she could to stop the master's from leaving but they were still planning to leave. Days went by and the master's were ready to leave. When they left Mitzi had no one to play with. Surely this was going to be the worst day ever. 
         Mitzi felt bored by the silence in the air. There was no people running around in the house, nobody there to pet her, and nobody to chase her. She felt like she was going to die of boredom. As she was lying on the couch, she heard a noise, a scratching noise. As she lifted her head up to scan the area, the noise stopped. Mitzi laid her head down only to once more hear the scratching noise again. Mitzi lifted her head up and decided to investigate. She tracked the noise to the food pantry. As she opened the food pantry she saw a rat! Mitzi hissed at the rat to try and frighten it, and it worked. The rat was so scared that he ran out of the food pantry trying to find a place to hide. Mitzi immediately started chasing the rat. The rat was running through the living room, into the den, and into the master's room. The rat  jumped on the bed and was going to dig a hole in the bed. Mitzi couldn’t let this happen. If the rat would dig a hole in the bed her master's will put her outside. Mitzi had to act fast. She jumped in the air landing on the bed causing the bed to launch the rat straight toward the bedroom door. The rat landed on the floor with a loud THUMP! The bruised rat got up ran out of the room shutting the door behind him trapping Mitzi in the room! Mitzi was scared. She had no food, no water, and no litterbox!

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