September 25, 2016
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In the deep mid-night, Kevin, a detective who seeks money, was finding a target with three guys who hired Kevin. They were passing through tunnel. Suddenly, Kevin opened a door on the side of tunnel, and entered to the mysterious space. The three men were surprised and they also went in to the room. It was dark, they could not see anything in the room. They barely could see each other. Suddenly, a bright light turned on, Kevin was sitting on a couch, and he showed a picture of an old men. Kevin said “where is this guy, I know this guy retired and you guys worked for him.” Kevin took out his gun and said “you’d better answering my question before I shot you.” Three men said “we’re not going to say anything.” Kevin shot their legs. One of them was scared, told Kevin “the man you’re finding is in a small village that no one lives.” Kevin left the room and tunnel, got in to his car, and started to drive to the house. Kevin called to his boss and the boss responds “Did you find him?” Kevin said “no, but I found the place he is living and of course, you have to give the money after I find him.” The man said “no problem.”
Still, it was a dark night, he was driving along the road, and he reach to a small town with a silence. He passed a house, and suddenly he stopped his car. The light in the house was turned on. Kevin slowly walked to the house and stand in front of the door. He knocked the door. No one answered. He knocked the door again and there was no respond. Kevin just opened the door. The house was empty; it has two rooms with old doors, curtain was ripped, whole house was covered by dust, and most of furniture was broke. Kevin entered the first room. The room was also empty, there was an old Television that not even work. Kevin entered second room, and there were two kids, and they were scared. Kevin asked them where the man is. Kids said “he is our grandfather, can you help us to find him?” Kevin thinks it would be easier to find the old man with the children, so he decided to bring them wherever he want.
One day, Kevin found a car center that the old man might use before. He entered the car center. The car center was pretty clean. Most of machines were clean and newest style. The owner was working on a car. Kevin showed a asked the owner “have you ever seen him?” the owner of the car center think that Kevin was a suspicious man and asked him who is him. When Kevin heard the question, Kevin was in panic, he did not know what to answer. Suddenly, the kid came inside, and said “he is a cop from the government. He is trying to find a criminal who kidnapped our grandfather.” Kevin was surprised, but soon, he added the additional explanation that he is the chief of the police. The owner of car center believed him and said the old man came about two days ago. The owner said “in a rumor, he was a boss of the big organization. The organization usually works in a war as a mercenary. They usually meet in a secret place where no one lives.” When the kid listens, she was scared about it. However, Kevin was bold, he never felt scary since his mother died. He even felt exciting about he is against with such a big group. Several days later, the kid came to Kevin and said about the place where the old man usually goes. Kevin went there, and it was empty. The place look like a small village in a rural area, but all of the houses were crashed, and no one lived there. In the center of the town, there was a huge building. Kevin thought ‘this might be the place where the owner of car center said.’ Kevin stayed there about several hours to find the entrance. However, he could not find any entrance. Finally, he just returned to his home with kids.
Another day, Kevin went to a motel that the old man uses before. The owner of the motel looked like an aggressive person, but Kevin did not get scared. Kevin asked him about the old man and the owner was angry about it. Kevin asked why did he get angry and the owner said “you’re not a guest, and why should I answer to your question.” Kevin still wanted to hear his answer and asked about hundred times. The owner was so angry, and punched him on the face. At the moment, Kevin bumped with book shelf and fainted about 3 second. During the 3 second, he remembered whole things what he experienced. His mother was killed by the old man and himself was a member of the organization of the old man, and he remembered that his boss erased his memory.
Kevin remembered whole things, and he went to the small time again. He went to the big building and found a button for the door. When he opened, no one was there. Kevin got in to the building and got in to a first room. The room was dark, nothing was visible. However Kevin could feel that it is empty and wide. Suddenly, the light was turned on and a man was standing on the center of the room, and said “I was waiting for you”. It was the old man that he was finding. Kevin was furious and pulled out his gun and aimed him. Kevin said “if you beg, I will save you.” The old man said “no, I will not. I’m not sorry for the thing that I had done.” Kevin shot him at the man’s head, and ran away from the building. Kevin called to his boss “why were you finding this man? I remember he killed my parents, and why did you erase my memory?” the boss said “come to me tomorrow. I’ll tell you everything, if you are alive.” Kevin returned to his home, he was thinking about whether he has to kill the children or not. However, he thinks it is too cruel to kill them. He decided to send them to the orphanage.
After he sent the kids to orphanage, he was heading to his home. A mysterious man was following him, and when Kevin reaches to his home, the mysterious man, wearing a black T shirt, black pants, and black mask, shot Kevin and Kevin fall. The man came to Kevin and said “unfortunately, you remembered everything. From now, you’re useless, bye.” The mysterious man left, and Kevin died.

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