September 21, 2016
By DaBomb BRONZE, Needham, Massachusetts
DaBomb BRONZE, Needham, Massachusetts
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A bright light shone down upon me, a spotlight. I was on a stage, muffled, tied down to a rusty, metal chair. I didn’t have the energy to struggle, so I sat there. Blinded by the light. I had so many questions, where was I, how did I get here? Even with all the thoughts and fears that were jumbled in my head, on phrase was crystal clear. A light at the end of the tunnel. Find the one, the one that carries the stone.
          That was the last thing I remembered, along with a sharp prick at the back of my neck. It was lights out.
I had no idea how I had arrived. It had been a bright flash, then I was here. I look around. The paint was peeling off the walls. It was pitch black except for a low flickering red light above my head. A window was open. The night sky was covered in clouds, no stars in sight. The sharp breeze of the frosty air alerts my senses. I head forward, the boards creaking under my feet.
It seemed like I was in some sort of home, long abandoned. Pieces of dusty furniture remained, a blood red tint due to the occasional flickering red light spread throughout. I was clear to me that the previous owner had left in a hurry.
Suddenly, I was overtaken by a white burning pain in my forehead. I fell to the ground. An image appeared in my head, a girl, please help me, find me she said, I her hand she clutched a tiny gray rhino. Then, it was gone, the image disappeared out of existence. Slowly, I stood, leaning against the wall for support. Once I was up I kept moving. At a steady pace I made good progress weaving through furniture, but the house seemed to never end. Such a shame to leave such a large, comfy house such as this one to rot.
"Crash" A sound from behind me. Slicing through my thoughts. I whirled around. By instinct I straightened up, the boards groaning from the sudden change.
"Crash!" Again, this time closer. I started to panick. Adrenaline rushing into my body. I backed away slowly, away from the sound. My elbow bumped into something sharp. I held in a yelp.  A bent piece of metal sticking out of the wall. I wrench the rusty sheet out, my only weapon to defend myself.
"Crash!" This was even closer. The sweat dripping down my forehead stung in my eyes. Then endless crashes one after the other. Like a monster was walking through the room obliterating everything in its path. The sound is upon me, surrounding me. A dark shadow comes around the corner. I make a run for it. I threw the rusty sheet down like a baseball player dropping the bat and making a run for the base. My heart thumping. I leap over obstacles no longer worried about being quiet. The pace of the pounding increases behind me. To scared to look back I keep willing my legs to run. On the ground, a snow shovel, light but durable enough to fight off anyone or anything. It emitted a soft white glow? Scooping it up I kept running. Soon, after it seemed like I had been running for ages I sneak a peek behind me. Strangely, the corner I had backed into was only a few feet behind me. The outline of the snow shovel in the dust right by my feet. The pounding had stopped. My heart begins to slow down. Suddenly after the rush of adrenaline it has become cold. My sweat soaked shirt clinging onto my skin offers no warmth at all. I walk back down the hall I had come through before. I look out the window. Blasted in the face by a hurricane of cold air and snow. I see white mounds and mounds of snow.
I walked out of the house, coldness engulfed me. The sun was rising. I slipped on the snowshoes I had found in a chest by the door and started towards the rising sun.
After trekking for what seemed like miles I spotted a building in the distance. Excited I picked up the pace, I was hungry and tired so I hoped to be able to get to the town before nightfall. I had traveled for a couple minutes when suddenly it began to snow. It started as a light snow, but a sudden wind started blowing from behind me. Turning around I gasped. Dark clouds covered the sky, in the center of the clouds a white tornado of snow.
The house I had exited from was torn up from the ground. A whirlwind of snow buffeted me from behind. Slowly it dragged me backwards, the town was close so I had to make a break for it. Weary and tired, I struggled on. Soon the sky grew dark as the clouds consumed everything. The last thing I remember was something hard hitting the back of my head, then I was out cold.

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