Murderer within

August 19, 2016
By , Shah Alam, Malaysia

Murderer Within

“Catherine, how could you?” Lindsay managed to ask. Catherine stood with the blood dripping knife in hand. Catherine’s doe eyes, now bloodshot widened when she realized what she had done. “Snap out of it,” thought Catherine.?“Please put the knife down,” pleaded Lindsay. Catherine rubbed her eyes with the free hand she had.?“Ju- just go into that closet. Now!” exclaimed Catherine getting impatient as the grip on her knife tightened. Lindsay stumbled into the closet leaving her dying friend behind. As Lindsay sat down in the dimly lit closet she heard the door lock. She listened closely for her dying friend’s wheezing but after a small whimper the wheezing stopped, and everything was silent. The only sound in the empty darkness was the cackling of Catherine.?Just last night everything was fine. Today everything you could possibly imagine changed. Lindsay had finally fallen into a light sleep when the sound of the lock woke her.?“Get up fleabag!” Catherine screamed as her stiff, matted black hair shook. Lindsay’s thoughts had been interrupted by the course screech of Catherine’s voice. Catherine grabbed Lindsay’s hair and dragged her to the blood stained mat in the middle of the dark living room with white washed down walls. Lindsay’s eyes widened revealing more of the electric blue color that attracted everyone.?“Wha-what are you going to do to me?” cried Lindsay.?“Well, if you would shut that little mouth of yours, then I would tell you,” replied Catherine. After the sound of Lindsay’s crying had subsided Catherine started to speak, “I have a job for you.”?“What?” asked Lindsay as she struggled to hold back her tears.?“Well, you see, I’m wanted,” Catherine paused letting Lindsay predict what she was going to say.?“No” said Lindsay, sounding a bit stern.?“You might not even know what I’m about to say,” replied Catherine eerily with the same tone in her voice as Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies.?“I want you to capture my victims so I can kill them.” added Catherine. Lindsay gave out a sigh of relief after realizing that she wouldn’t have to kill anyone. Lindsay thought that she would be locked up forever in that dull white house with the windows always cover, but today was her first day to go out and capture. The once innocent girl with electric blue eyes, brown hair, and freckles was now forced to be guilty of many things that a 16 year shouldn’t ever be guilty of. Lindsay’s first day of so called catching was terrible. In fact, she almost got caught by the police.?“I had some trouble getting him, but he’s here,” panted Lindsay when she gave the report to the sixteen year old, black haired, green eyed, so called boss, Catherine. This went on for about fifteen people but the sixteenth was particularly special. The day of the sixteenth capture Lindsay ran trying to catch up with a boy that had brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, and was about fourteen. The closer she got the more she realized that the boy Catherine sent her to capture was indeed her brother, Donovan.?“Donovan?!” Lindsay screamed as she sprinted after him. Donovan stopped in his tracks recognizing the voice.?“Lindsay?” panted Donovan.?“Yes,” Lindsay gasped as her eyes filled with tears of happiness, confusion, but mostly sadness because she knew that if she didn’t bring him back Catherine would cold bloodedly murder everyone Lindsay ever cared for.?“Donovan,” Lindsay paused, “you have to come with me.”?   ?              The End

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