Uzumaki High

August 19, 2016

Lessa Starla Hearts just moved to Kyoto,Japan. She loved the place she was in, Germany was her home. Her brown and purple hair always on the side of her head flew gently in the wind as she walked up to the home she will live in.  She moved to Japan after her mother Hermine and father Akio and herself came back from Germany. Germany is where she was born but now there is a new town a new school and new friends. 

  She and her mother are now working on a small shop called Sugar Hearts Cafe`.  Her mother Hermine who is a German descent works in the small Cafe coffee corner. her father Akio who is a Japanese descent works on the cooking area in the back. Lessa either works on waiting the tables or helping her mom.

  The next day, after a few days of the Cafe` being open Lessa was getting ready for a new day of school.  “Man this school uniform has a very short skirt. Do i have to wear it mom?” Lessa yelled so her mom could hear her.
“Yes you have to wear it`s school rules” Lessa huffed in anger but put in the outfit anyway. As she was closing shop she heard a faint but noticeable scream from the back of the Cafe`. “Mom i will be right back” she said as she dashed to see a young girl yelling at a large figure in the alley right behind the Cafe`. “HeLp!” the young girl screamed, but the figure just laughed.

  Out of fear she jumped and out of one swift move the figure was knocked over to the ground and as Lessa grabbed the young girl.  Another figure came out to examine the figure the figure who was a man was not only hit very hard but hit unconscious.

  “Hey are you ok?” Lessa said with worry. “Yah thanks” the girl laughed. She had black hair, it was in two buns on her head with the rest of her hair was all down. One of her eyes were a bright red/yellow and the other a bright blue.

“The names Lessa Hearts but just call me Lessa” 

“My name is Asuka Sakamoto i am new to Kyoto” Asuka introduced herself

“Cool so am i well i have been her for a couple of weeks but it's my first day of school today are you going to Uzumaki HIgh to?” Lessa said with curiosity in mind

“Yep that's where i was heading when that man got me in the alley” Akusa said with a gallant smile.

“Hey if we don't hurry we'll be late for school!” yelled Lessa “We better go then”

  On there way to class that figure who watched the fight in the alley and that checked on the man was watching them walk to school. Lessa felt as if they were being watched and had a strange but weird feeling about today but she just let it slide knowing she has a friend now. They finally made it to Uzumaki High. “ Hey Lessa what are they going to think of us?” Asuka said with worry Lessa looked at her and shook her head in confusion and they walked in.

  “Hello class welcome to homeroom i am introducing our new students we have 3 today Lessa, Asuka, and this young boy, umm Kojo Hinamori was it”.

“Yes” Kojo said.

“I didn't see him in the hallway?” Asuka whispered.

  “I don't see him either” Lessa replied.

“Oh, here I am, it’s nice to meet you all as you already know I am Kojo Hinamori and I am from Tokyo I’m 15 and i hope to have many friends” Kojo said with excitement.

“Me the same, I am Lessa Starla Hearts and i am from Germany and I just moved to Kyoto 2 weeks ago.  My mom is German and my dad is Japanese my grandparents moved to japan after the war on my dad's side and soon my dad took a trip to Germany and met my mom. Then we opened a store called Sugar Hearts Cafe` I am the waiter and I help my mom with the my mom with the coffee corner.” Lessa replied.

“Ok i hope your Cafe` is a success. So class today we are going over the school clubs today we have: Art, Soccer, Choir, Band,...” before she could finish a man came through the door.
He was dressed in a kimono and was carrying a katana. “And who might you be sir?” the teacher asked “ I am the Judo club sensei and i am here to see Lessa Hearts and Asuka Sakamoto please” the large man said “Ok if i must Lessa, Asuka you are excused for today, good luck”
  “Hello ladies I am Sensei Shikamaru but call me Sensei” Sensei said with a large smile.
“Why do you need us?” Lessa asked

“I saw that little fight of yours out in the alley and checked on the man you not only did you knock him unconscious but he was bleeding out of his mouth and nose I never in my life saw a girl your age take out a man that large in one blow!”

“Wow I did know I was that strong but i though i just hit him and he got knocked out!” Lessa said with surprise.

“Yep that's why i want you and your friend in the judo club to practice on your judo you're really good but not as good as good you can be, and as for you Asuka I want you to start learning how to defend yourself you need an extra push to help you and that's where I come in to help you”

  That whole day they sat in the hallway talking about how they are going to join.

“So after school do you want me to walk ya home Asuka?’’ Lessa asked

“Sure Lessa umm do you even know where I live?” She replied

“No but can you show me?” Lessa said


  They walked all over town in Kyoto to see the different shops and stores around they found a few shrines but one caught there eye. They found the Kanichi shrine it was dirty so they cleaned it up a little ,until they were found by the same man that attacked them in the alley.

“ Hey girls remember me huh yah little brats!” the man started running at them, but so did the girls. “Hey get back here” he yelled as the girls ran.

  Then he remembered the girl with the brown hair Lessa was the one who attacked him with one blow. He stopped in fear. Lessa ran to him leaving Akusa running. Yet again she took him out with one blow “Sir this is not your day is it” she said very sassy like.

  The sensei was on his way to the dojo when he saw Lessa and Akusa make their way here too. “Hey girls” he said “Hi” they both said at the same time.
They walked in the dojo so they could see it before they even came in for lessons.  “Wow” Lessa said with amazement.  “Yah it needs more work but it is coming together.” Sensei said

  They were amazed by the dojo.  Lessa worked in the punching bag area as  Akusa worked on pushups.  They were well worked out but had to go home after a while.  They were stopped yet again but this time by Kojo. “Hey Asuka, Lessa how are you doing today?”

  “We are fine thanks, but we are just heading home”. Lessa said with a huge blush on her face.

“Oh my gods! You have a crush on the new kid Kojo don't you?” Akusa said with a large smile and a big laugh about to burst out like a deflating balloon. Lessa looked like she was about to have a heart attack of embarrassment, but then she spoke. “Yes i do but it's weird”. She said

Asuka had a question but kept to herself it was about why does Lessa always wear that stupid suit all the time she even wears it under her uniform at school.

  They talked all day about it and how cute Kojo is, but they never really knew him.  By the time they were finished talking they made it to Lessa’s house.
They walked in and Akusa called her mom to let her know she is ok and if she could stay the night at Lisa's house.Her mom said yes out of exhaustment so Akusa won't be mad on how this is her first friend in Kyoto after all so she just went with it.


   The next day, Lessa and Akusa got up to the smell of pancakes.  ‘Who in the world wouldn't want pancakes in the morning’ Lessa thought to herself. They both enjoyed their breakfast got their uniforms on and got ready for school. They made it to school right in time before the bell.

  “Good morning class welcome back to homeroom I hope yesterday was fun for you all that means one thing a….. Pop Quiz we will see how good you are to see what classes you will be taking in this semester” The teacher said with a happy smile.

  “Aw man, I don't wanna work it's the beginning of school!” Lessa just did not want to go and take a pop quiz at the beginning of school this was unjust to her.
“I know exactly how you feel this is not right you teachers should wait until we are used to the school first then quiz I never even got your name”. Kojo said defending Lessa and saying her statement yet a little more shout in it. Lessa blushed in surprise on how he defended her. She first was blushing, but then with courage and determination got up and held his hand. First he was surprised as well but then the whole class got up to defend all of the students.
“Fine fine i give up i give up you all just got an A+ in this class for sure for standing up for Lessa and Kojo here thanks to you all!” The teacher said with another happy smile. But for the class they knew it was a fake smile.

  They got to talk and play in the classroom while the teacher was in her seat drawing on the chalkboard.  “Ok now that we know each other we can take the quiz and also i am the teacher so, Mr.Hinamori and Ms.Hearts stay in your seat this time and stay quiet.”

  “Yes mam.” Lessa and Kojo said. Asuka was very happy that Lessa got a new friend and that she is going to pick on Lessa all school year.

    “Man the school year just started and you're just crushing on a girl what is with you man?” one of Kojo`s friends said
“What do you mean? She is a woman and i was defending her, not crushing.” Kojo said with a face as red a tomato.

“Yeah ok I am but don't tell her she is new maybe she is not what she seems…..” Kojo really wants to know more about lessa but that is going to be a hard road to follow.

   As Lessa is dozing off to bed she starts wondering if Kojo feels anything for her at all.
‘I wonder if Kojo likes me he is so cute but so different i want to know more just a little more…………… ‘ she thought as she started to sleep into dream of heavens she thought she would never wake up, Until her alarm rang she awoke with a tear of sadness but with joy and hope to have the dream continued when she returns.


    The next day Lessa kept daydreaming and drawing and singing to herself about her dream and how Kojo was holding her when she got to class she saw that Kojo was waiting for her and went from jolly to worried. Then she felt nervous what if he says he doesn't like her at all what if he hurts her heart so much she loses her dream she walks over with as much caution as possible.

  “Hey Lessa! Do you want to hang with us? You can bring Asuka with you to but only if you want to though.” Kojo said with a big smile and his face still red as can be. She starts feeling better that he just want to hang but still stays cautious.

   They start hanging around the park but then head towards the forest where the lake is hidden and only few know. Soon it fell to night lessa and asuka felt it came fast but the two boys felt like they had the time of their life.

   Lessa laid on the dock next to the lake to watch the moon reflect on the water as she sang a song to herself but didn't realize that Kojo sat next to her. She sang… Lavender blue,dilly dilly Lavender green, If you are king, dilly dilly I shall be queen…. as she dozed off to sleep Kojo also did and they  slept for  hours……


    The next morning they both awoke to a bad start with a beast of a bear right in Kojo`s face. Lessa out of instinct hit and ran with Kojo with her.

“Was that a bear? How could you hit a bear and knock it out that is impossible!”  Kojo said with a confused look “I have been practicing Judo ever since i was 3 years old do think I`m not gonna know how to knock something out?”
      After running a bear away they both calmed down to realize that they were alone asuka and kojo`s friend were gone. They took it as a sign that they got tired and went home.
“I heard the song you sang before you fell asleep may i sing it to you Lessa?” Kojo asked. “Yes you may, Kojo” she said with a queen`s attitude and then he sang “ Lavender blue, dilly dilly, Lavender green if I am king dilly dilly you'll be my queen”

“Who told you so dilly dilly who told you so?” Lessa sang

“ I told myself dilly dilly, I told me so” Kojo replies

Then they sang together

“ Lavender blue, dilly dilly, Lavender green if you(I) are (am) king, dilly
dilly i shall(you will) be queen”

  “ we make a nice duet” kojo said with a smirk that made her laugh of nervousness. “You really think so I mean i only sing when i am at home or alone somewhere I never really thought i was good, yet your voice is really cool maybe we can make a band together!”
  “That would be cool but the truth is i have stage fright but i like it when i am around people i actually know.”

      They laughed, talked, and joked the day away till they came to a stop at the edge of the forest to find the road to Lessa`a house. Kojo walked with lessa to her house still talking and laughing. Then they made it to Lessa`s house. They stopped.
“Lessa may i try something just one thing i have a present but you have to close your eyes, ok” Kojo said with a stuttering voice.
  “Sure thing” Lessa said while closing her eyes.
Then it happened, Kojo kissed her.
Scared she didn't know what to do but happy she just went with it as if she had done it before. But it was her first kiss,it was his too.

“So um, see you at school then?” Kojo said out of breath (~???)~
“Yeah” Lessa said also out of breath.
    And just like what she wanted, she had the dream and it continued on in her head and she swore she had the best night of her life.

   The next day, Kojo got out of bed realizing what he did last night
“Oh no i kissed her and I barely know her, That’s not cool not cool” he said rushing to school with blush all over his face.


“Hi kojo, and how was your day?” Asuka said without knowing what happened last night “Oh hi Kojo” Lessa said. Kojo could tell she was embarrassed about it so he asked if she could come with him… alone (#^.^#)

“Hey, umm about last night yeah i need to..” Kojo was interrupted

“No need i need to do something too now close your eyes I have something for you ok?” Lessa said


She kissed him on the cheek.

“I just wanted it to be even” she said with a smile then walked away so that he wouldn`t notice that she was as red as can be, she couldn't even hold her breath without thinking about it she was so freaked out, but yet so happy

Lessa walked of so happy but embarrassed what is she going to do now?

     Lessa was in class now watching the teacher write stuff on the board then she thought to herself ‘what is going on  i need time alone oh no Kojo is looking look away now! Ok dodged that now i need to go to the         restroom and act like I am sick and I can go home’

   “Mr.Esama, may i go to the restroom”  

     “Yes you may Ms. Hearts” he said with a funny voice Lessa loved his class he acts out all the stories he reads like her dad which is cool to her, it’s almost like a second dad, but at school.

“What am i going to do i mean what is going on with me what is it what!” then she paused she felt something around her an aura of somewhat then she looked in the mirror was she hallucinating or was it real what was it “Wings?” she looked and looked to see if they were fake so she pulled on one of them. “Ow! so they are real they, and my dad said that the books I was reading are fake, but what is going on I can’t deal with this now!” so she had it go through her head now she freaking out. she had wings because she is in love and she was sad or maybe it’s a dream and she is just asleep oh wait she kissed Kojo it isn’t a dream oh no oh no! she was so confused. now that she realized it her hair was red and short too! so she laughed thinking they might go away and they did.

her wings went away but her hair just stayed the same but then she cried and cried and cried out of confusion then it got longer and blue. so she was happy but angry so it was brown again she was so nauseous from her transformation she got sick which was the plan anyway. so she put on her black jacket and ran out the doors of the school carrying Asuka with her
she looked at Asuka and said “I am going to show you something incredible but don't tell ok” Asuka nodded in agreement
”Now watch”

    She turns into her fairy like creature.

        “Now make me angry” Lessa asked

    “Ok,um...I kissed Kojo” Asuka replied

  Next thing she knew Lessa’s hair turned red.
She showed Asuka how she was able to change her hair according to her emotion but  she can’t do it when she is nervous. Which means she can’t show Kojo. Then she thought to herself ‘I am not really that nervous around him I mean we are friends..really really close friends….are we friends?’

  “Lessa you ok you’ve been spaced out for a minute?” Asuka looked worried so Lessa’s hair went green because she was about to lie but some of it was brown so she couldn’t really tell.

  “Yes, I am fine but,I’m not so sure right now i mean i can turn into a freaking fairy this is not really normal you know so I am kind of scared, but you can’t tell anyone,ok”

  “Ok, not even Kojo?”

“No especially not him I will tell him” Lessa was worried very worried but now that i know how to control it I can show him. Lessa said in a voice that worried Asuka but Asuka wanted to tell her something too that was now an emergency.


  The next day Asuka was in her room worried for Lessa and what she was going through she needed to tell her that she is going through the same thing as her and that she started this ever sense she touched the water in the lake. Nothing was clear but she needed to tell her quickly. The only solution was in her head as she went into the bus to go to school.

               ‘We need to get to that pool and see what happened’

As soon as Asuka made it to the school grounds she jumped of the bus and ran to Lessa so she could tell her what is going on. Also, tell her how it happened.

  “Lessa I really need to tell you…” then she was interrupted
“No you have to listen this is going to be rad I found this out after you left today the only time i can’t use it is when I am wet, is this cool or what?!” Lessa felt as if she just won some prize or something because her face was lit up with joy.
“No Lessa this is important this really important,you need to get Kojo and that boy what was his name oh yeah Ichiro he is needing to come too,ok?”


After a while they already found Ichiro all they needed was Kojo.

  “Kojo! Kojo! Where are you!?” they searched and searched but he just up and vanished somehow. But, there was one spot they didn’t check, the library and they almost forgot Kojo liked to read.

“Kojo!” Lessa screamed on the top of there lungs and got yelled at but the good thing was that Kojo heard Lessa yell and came as soon as the teacher got her. But he still came.

  “You seem in a rush, what’s going on, Lessa?” Kojo was worried again and he didn’t like it.
“Just come with me I really need to show you something, no we need to show you something.”

“What do you mean?”

“I will show you once you get into the car and have Ichiro drive us to that lake we saw the other night,Ok”


    They rushed down the hallway then,ran outside but the good thing is that Asuka called her mom before going so they have someone that knows what is going on.

“What is going on?” Kojo finally asked the question.
“We are heading to the lake again”.
“Why?” Lessa just kept quiet for the rest of the trip.

  They finally made it to the lake so they ran to it and started searching in the lake for something that must of did this to them. That made them start changing like this.

  “What are we doing?!” Kojo was now frustrated Lessa just couldn’t take it, she could not take anymore lies, so they showed him.

  “This is why we are here but do you have this problem Me,Asuka,and Ichiro have this do you if not we need your help if so we can help each other,are you in Kojo?” Lessa was now worried for the answer he might run off and tell everyone about it and they would be the laughing stock of the school and be called a monster and.. and….!

  “Yes I will help no one can see you like this even though you all look beautiful, but Ichiro you look a little weird over there in blue. We all need to stick together ok no one left behind!” Kojo looked serious very very serious he had a red face Lessa didn’t know if he was either blushing or out of breath from yelling.

   “Now what is going on and how are we going to fix it? We need to retrace our steps. What was the first thing we did before this happened?” Kojo really needed the information badly he didn’t even know if he could do it 

   “I sang to the river with my hand in it while, Asuka and Ichiro played in the lake, and that’s it.” Lessa explained
  “Well, maybe your voice triggered something in the lake that made it act up. What if you stood in the lake and sang it again it might go away, so all of us need to get in and Lessa will sing the song she sang,ok let’s start.”

   Lessa sang her song and nothing happened but Kojo changed and what was cool is that he was a black with white and was in a cape with big white wings. But they didn’t change back to normal they were transported into another world!

“Where are we?” Lessa was scared very scared 

“I don't know it’s dark and there are trees so maybe a forest?” Asuka said.

  They wondered for a good 20-40 minutes until they came upon a little village. Nothing was familiar they were all normal people though until they left their houses and and then they turned into a fairy like them. they came upon a sign that read “Y?sei no mura”

“They write a lot different than us don't they?” Ichiro commented.

“Very different” Asuka added.

“Hey,don’t judge, they just have a different way of spelling or it’s someone's last name of a king or something.” Lessa exclaimed

  They wandered around finding stores,restaurants,and houses. There were many people there some women some men even children as young as 3. No one ever imagined a place like this would exist. Then as they were debating on what they were going to have for lunch, a couple of warriors with great silver armor with swords and axes some with daggers. But only 3 were women. One of the women had pale skin and short green hair,everyone gave her the name “Warrior Goddess” ,The other 2 women were twins they also had a name “The Dynamite Duo” they both had really light blue hair, but one of them had short hair and the other had long hair but in a big ponytail.

“Where are my armor orders? I need new armor for tomorrow's battle.”The Warrior Goddess started to get angry until a small man came out with a big waggon which had a huge box.
“Here are your orders Goddess fresh from the blacksmith.” The small man said

  “Thanks Vendel” She said

“Man, where are we this is getting strange?” Kojo said with a little bit of worriness.

“Hello, you guys look new you guys ok, oh hello ladies~.” A tall man in velvet with dark skin and purple hair very long so it’s in a ponytail. 

“Hi, I’m Lessa and this is the crew we are from Kyoto and from Uzumaki High and we just fell into a pond and we got taken here, btw where is here anyway?” 
“Welcome to Y?sei no sekai, and this little town is Y?sei no mura we live here and so do I, oh and my name is Vu~insento,but you can just call me Vince~ little finches.”

‘Well he’s a pervert’  Lessa thought to herself.

   Then he lead to his home and told us to come and of course Asuka had to go to the restroom right as we entered the door. There was a kitchen full of food and drinks he also had a weapon stack full of daggers, swords, and maces, and a gun shelf hidden in the corner. The weapons looked limitless until Lessa realized he had no bows or hooked swords, not even knuckle braces for fist fighting.

“So this is your house huh, I thought it would be more flashy because of your personality, but it will do.” Lessa said laughing

“Oh yeah, well you're not what I thought with that outfit of yours, it’s a one piece suit for judo fighters right so you do judo, right” Vince asked

“Yep, I’m the best in my class actually and I only started yesterday!” she said with a confident smile.

  “You are something you little finch~” Vence said kinda pervertedly.

“Where are you guys headed anyway?” Vence was getting curious.

“Anywhere we can find a way to get back to our home.” Ichiro said as he sighed in the background. They were all scared and wanted to go home very badly, but the problem was how and when are they going to go home.

“The only way you guys can go home is if you get to level 35 it’s really hard and you would have to train and see what type you are, but y'all could do. At the end the winners get to have one wish each and then all the people who wished for something wake up in their homes with their wish.” Vence was explaining how they would be able to go home. As they listened they got even more and more excited and happy.

Soon after that day the gang including Vence were trying out weapons everyone had to have one. Asuka picked the staff, Ichiro had the katana, Kojo picked the Hammer, and Lessa picked the knuckles. Vence had to be different and picked the knife. They all started practice that day and never stopped unless they needed a drink or needed food, and they really had to go to the restroom. They were all tired after the first day and everyone needed sleep. Lessa was not tired, so after everyone was asleep she snuck out and started to practice more and more and wouldn’t stop she worked herself hard enough she collapsed and fell asleep on the ground. Vence and Kojo found her there that night and helped her to bed.

“She yours?” Vence asked as they lay her down.

“No, well not yet anyway” Kojo replied with a big blush.

They sat there and just look at her until Vence had to go to bed, but Kojo stayed just a little longer. He was worried for Lessa and wanted her to be safe and that night he swore a vow that he would protect her and her friends for as long as he lived. As he whispered his vow Lessa was quietly listening and blushing when he left she opened her eyes and vow the same one but she will protect him and her friends.

  “Morning, guys so what do ya think?” Vence said as he put down the tray of food in front of them.

“I didn’t know you could cook, it’s so good.” Lessa said as she stuffed all the food into her face. The food was amazing, it’s ramen noodles and veggies with small pork bites. They all started to stuff their faces, but Ichiro stayed nice and clean. After breakfast Vence had them come outside.

“Now, today we are going to find out your magic type and that way we know what powers you guys have it’s really easy.” Vence said with a smile. They all looked at each other in disbelief, they didn’t know they had powers.

  “What do you mean we are going to “Find out our magic type” that's not true we are just normal kids!” Asuka yelled with confusion.

“That’s right but your in our world and we have powers and so do I I’m a Shadow type I can use the shadows as my weapons like my knife watch” He grabbed his knife and his aura turned dark and black and he grew black wings and his knife turned into a large katana.
“My knife turned into a larger version of itself or what it depends on how strong my aura is, right now I’m not that strong.” he said as his aura and knife went back to normal.     

“Now it’s your turn guys, so who’s first?”  

Everyone looked around then, Ichiro asked “May I go first, I was astonished by your performance i want to see my true power” with his clever words he went first and Vence helped him channel his energy and within a about 45 minutes he was able to channel his aura and turn his katana into an even bigger two-handed sword. His aura was a bright blue and his hair turned a tone of blue and he grew soft almost delicate wings, he looked royal.

“Wow, your a water type don’t see many of those around here they are normally in the castle, Ok who’s next?” Vence asked Kojo walked up. He was nervous, but was ready he slowly started to channel his energy it took less time and it was only 30 minutes this time. As he stood up his aura turned a dark white almost grey. His wings turned a black-ish color with a unusual design on it. Kojo’s hammer had spikes all over the ends. “You are a wind type that’s the ones who work in the army, ok Asuka I guess it’s your turn.” Vence said.

  She was hesitating, her eyes were dark and she was worried, then Lessa whispered in her ear “You’ll be ok just breath and it will be over soon.” her doubts just disappeared and her heart slowed her eyes started to shine with confidence.   ‘I can do this’ Asuka thought to herself. She walked forward to Vence and prepared herself.

“Ok, I’m ready Mr.Vence” she said as sweat went down her forehead. She was there for about a hour and finally got it.  Her hair turned into a braid and her staff got a spade on the top. her aura was a dark pink almost red magenta. She was a fire type. Then it was Lessa’s turn for her transformation. She walked up and started her transformation it was a fast one a couple minutes later she was already transforming into her type. Her hair turned into a dark brown with blonde highlights and her wings were a soft yellow. She grew large cat ears where her normal ears used to be. Her aura was also a light soft yellow,Her knuckle braces grew larger and turned into a dark type of iron with yellow crystals in the ends that were very strong and sharp. “You, Lessa would be an earth type your knuckles are part of it to I knew what you were going to be when you picked your weapon.” She was amazed with how she now looks and how she had cat ears. They started to try out their new powers. Ichiro was able to take his sword and slice it though a tree. Kojo was able to make his hammer throw the spikes and control them. Asuka took her staff and through it through a tree and made it to the other side and it got stuck in the ground. Lessa was practicing with Vence, they were fist fighting without weapons first but since Vence can use all weapons they both got out their knuckles and started to fight again Vence was overpowered by her strength and was very surprised. ‘Why did this happen to us why us why me why my voice’ So many questions were in Lessa’s head as she was fighting so many that she couldn’t control her strength she unleashed all her power unknowingly and hit Vence so hard that he passed out.

“Oh my god, Vence are you ok?!, Why did you do that Lessa? That was just practice!” Everyone started to yell at her, Lessa was scared and about to cry so she backed away as she saw everyone around him. She ran away and hid in the bathroom. Crying she started to yell at herself, scared of not knowing what was going on anymore, she wanted to go home and go home now.

  “Lessa?, Lessa where are you?” Now everyone was worried and was looking for her. Vence was sorry that he was too weak to fight her, everyone else was sorry that they yelled at her.

“Lessa, we’re sorry we made you cry we really are, you can come out now!” Kojo started to get her out but they still didn't know where she was. She was crying and scared and felt as if she would never go back she was putting all the pain to her friends, and not talking to anyone about how she felt. She felt weak and unable to help. Kojo found where she was when she was yelling at herself and the others didn’t know though. He fell asleep at the door while waiting for her to get out and when she did she wanted to be alone so she went for a walk.

‘Why, why me and my friends why not any other people that could be anyone, Why?’ she thought to herself. She brought some food and fell asleep in a tree in the backyard, looking at the stars and the moon, nighttime was her favorite part of the day so she would go outside before she would go to bed. Which made her cry in her sleep because of how much she missed home.

When she woke up she found herself in her bed with a bowl of soup next to her on a small table, confused of what was going on she got up and walked slowly to the living room. There she found her friends watching vence show of as they were eating their soup.

“How did I get in the room?” Lessa asked

“We got you out of the tree this morning and got you in a warm room so you wouldn’t catch a cold or pneumonia.” Asuka said with a mother like voice. Then they all laughed and continued to watch Vence do his cool tricks with his knife. Later on, they started to talk about going to the dungeons to try to get a start on leveling up. So they started to walk and train on the way, to the dungeons.

   They started to find the entrance of the dungeons and finally found it.

“I’m kinda scared” Asuka said with a worried voice
“You’ll be fine, just stay behind me” Ichiro said with a courageous voice he wanted to protect her or just trying to show off, either way he was nice to Asuka. As they walked in the first thing they saw was the warriors group fighting so they had to take a different path, but Lessa got distracted watching the warriors fight they were amazing one of them summoned their powers and also used knuckles but they looked different. She was so amazed at what she was seeing until they realized they were being watched.

“Who’s there?” One of the twins said.

“My name is Lessa, Lessa Hearts, I saw you fighting and was memorized with your powers.” She said with amazement.

“You are new I can tell, why are you here, if alone you could die ya know.” Goddess said with a smirk

“Yeah I was following my group but got lost then saw you guys so I stopped to watch for a little bit before I made my through to find them.” Lessa said with a sweat drop.
The Warriors just looked at Goddess not knowing what to do then Goddess spoke,”You can stay with us until  we find your group, so don’t die ok?”

“OK!” Then they were off fighting and killing left and right with no errors at all, Lessa drooled over the amazement she was seeing. Then suddenly Lessa was almost attacked by a giant ant before she knew it she killed it with her powers unconscious of what she did she looked around and everyone looked surprised for some reason.

“What? Is there something on my face like ant goop or something?” Lessa was confused on what they were amazed of.

“No one at your level should be able to summon your powers like that that’s what we’re looking at.” Goddess said with a smile but was shocked herself.

“Lessa? Lessa? Where are you we are getting tired running!!” The gang was coming back they found her.

“I’m over her guys!” Lessa yelled to them. They came running to her with red faces because of how fast they were running and because they used their powers to fly some of the way there.

“So this is your group, looks like more new people, and Vence?” Goddess said with a tilt of her head.

“Oh, hi Goddess, um nice sword ya got there….” he said with a blush.

‘OMG Vence likes Goddess well I would to, but OMG!!’ Lessa silently said in her head so no one would notice, but he was blushing.

“So, where are you guys heading to?” Lila said (That’s one of the twins)

“Me and the gang are trying to level up as fast as possible so they can go home” Vence announced.

“Oh… ok that, kinda makes since” Tila said (Who is the other twin)
“Call me Elimaru” Goddess whispered in Lessa’s ear. Looking over she looked shocked she knew this person,somehow she did.

After their little talk the gang walked to the entrance of the next dungeon. Lessa’s face was blank, she had no emotion she was going through her memory and she knows that she remembers that name.


“Lessa you ok?” Kojo asked

“Yeah just thinking”

Elimaru was her old friend, who disappeared in 2022 when she was in 6th grade. She hasn’t seen her in years. About to cry she got into a battle with one of the giant ants. Gladly this got her mind off of things. Lessa and the gang, started to head to the boss room until they got tangled up in one of the ant’s nests and was trapped in a hole. Ichiro, being the smart guy that he is, found a cave in that he can dig out that connects to a tunnel.

“Come on, let's go!” Ichiro said as they started down the tunnel. It was very dark and small, everyone was on there knees. 

“I can't take this any more! My hair is getting in my way!” Lessa Yells than she grabs Ichiro’s sword, and cuts her hair all the way to her shoulders and puts it in a ponytail. Kojo, Asuka, Ichiro, and Vince looked at her surprised, she just cut her hair, the only reason Ichiro was looking at her is because she used his sword. The angry look on her face made everyone look away and kept moving forward. Once they made it to the end of the tunnel, Vince told them to head to the other side of the cave that they found and he said there should be a door in the one of the corners of the cave. The place was very old and looked as if it were a home.
Lessa and Asuka started to get curious, they started to clean off a part of the wall and found a crest. They yelled for Vince to come tell them what it is since he has been in this world longer. He took a look at it and said he knows he has seen it, but hasn’t known what it is. It’s a family crest and that's all he knows. Lessa looked at it closely and her head started to hurt she was regaining memories from her past and from this she was seeing images and faces that seemed familiar, she has seen this crest before, but she doesn’t remember where. Then she passed out, and still remembering her past she dreamt of it. She was out in the yard and looked around which brought her to a mirror she looked closely and she was 5 years old, she had no memory of her past 6 years and down, all she had was faded images. She heard a faint voice behind her to find a little girl with really short green hair and a red headband, she remembers that headband she still has it in her backpack which is with her now. She pulls it out and wakes up. Once she woke up she grabs the headband and runs to the girl she calls “Elimaru”


“Elimaru!, Elimaru!.... So if that's not working what if I...Goddess!, Goddess! As she started running she got lost again and passed out of exhaustion. As she awoke she found Elimaru looking at her with a face Lessa couldn’t subscribe.

“Elimaru! Oh how i missed you!” Lessa said as she slowly cried. The twins just looked at each other with a confused face. Elimaru just looked at her and said with a voice of happiness,

”You actually found me after all theses years here you are, and what's this my headband from the day I fell in the lake.” Lessa looked at her with eyes of sadness, but some joy of finding her long lost friend. Elimaru put her headband on and took of her big silver armor and she has on the dress she had on when she vanished she looked just the same, but she was older. Lessa was about to cry, her childhood friend hasn’t been missing in her world but in a whole different world.

“I miss u” Lessa said “Hey do you want to come with me my Goddess~” Lessa said with a giggle “Haha you are still as funny as I remember.” She also giggles. They started walking around to find Lessa group. “Vence, Kojo, Asuka, Ichiro!” Lessa yells. They wander around for hours until they both get lost. Then they find themselves in a dark cave with only a torch guiding them. “Elimaru this is getting scary, I heard a voice coming from in front of us.” Lessa says as she hides under her hair and cling on to Elimaru’s clothes. She was also scared too but being a friends makes you a role model sometimes. As they wander even farther into the darkness they kept bumping into rocks and walls. Then they tripped over some sort of small cliff and Lessa was the first to fall and she broke her ankle but Elimaru was just fine “Lessa are you ok, i heard you scream?” Lessa not wanting to tell her she just grabbed her so they could find her friends. “Hello, kids do I hear pain?Oh I love me some pain.” A shadow of a man is on top of a large rock. “Who are you?” Elimaru demands with a really harsh voice. “Im here to just say hi to my dearest niece” ‘Niece? Who is he talking about?’ Lessa thought as she tried to make out a picture of him. The only uncle she ever met is her uncle, but he went missing 5 years ago. And he is only 2 years older than Lessa. Then interrupting Lessa’s thinking they both flinched to the sound of a big loud band followed by a thud. It was almost like a gunshot but it didn’t hit anyone.

“Now do I have your attention now, let’s get a little light in here.”

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