The River Ends Here

July 29, 2016
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"To whoever finds this message, they completely erased us, but we well return. This is all that remains so far, remember us while you can." Penny looked at the note, carried it to her pocket only to be read again. She had found the paper in an old bottle near the river while she was on her way home from school. The note was extremely angelic with designs running from the top to the bottom. As Penny looked closer, she noticed that the note was infact written in pen, which just so happened to be the pen her grandmother gave her before she passed away. Penny thought back to that day frequently because there was something sinister about the pen. It wasn't an ordinary pen and Penny knew that. What was really sinister is that the next day, she brought the pen to school to show her new friends and it didn't work until she got home and explained to her family that the pen didnt work anymore. Her grandmother, Elizabeth, found that to be peculiar, so she walked up, got out a piece of paper, and started to write on it as an experiment, but to Penny's astonishment, it worked. Looking back to that day Penny started to wonder if maybe that pen wasnt just a pen, but if it might be something more than that. Penny took out the pen from her jean pocket, and inserted it in the water to which it started to shine brighter and brighter as time went on, until it suddenly stopped. 

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