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Blood and Water

July 17, 2016
By WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
WarZone PLATINUM, Deltona, Florida
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The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink. - T.s Eliot

Sometime only paper will listen to you.-Unknown

"Blood is thicker than water but..............."


They call me the Joker. While many know my name not many know my story. All that do have died by my hands. I guess I'll tell my story today. It all started a couple of years ago.


I walk through the dark hallway in the shop approaching the laughter quietly trying not to disturb it.


'You must never be seen or heard.' I would always get scolded for my heavy feet when I was little. I walk out the front doors glancing at the clients. They have dark rings under their eyes and look disoriented.


I carry a box in my hands and place it on the door steps of apartment 194. I ring the doorbell and bolt running down the three flights of stairs I hit a button on my phone. When they pick it up it will explode. I put a joker card in 194s mailbox and leave the complex. When I'm halfway down the rode it explodes.


"Don't mess with the Suit family." I whisper. Yes we are the infamous Suit family. We sell and buy everything and anything. That poor soul didn't pay on time and he made a couple of people die with them.


When I get home the clients have disappeared. My Mom or better known as Heart sits in a chair smoking and reading a book.


"How was it?" She ask hitting the ash from her cigarette into an ashtray.


"Good. None of their people was there and the explosion happened. We'll be hearing about the death toll later." I take the seat across from her and light my own cigarette.


"Okay. Joker can you help you sister and brother with their work. Those two." She gives a long sigh. "Even though they're older they can't do anything right. They're arguing solve it."


I hate helping them. I get up and go into the back of the house where Club my sister and Diamond my Brother bicker over types of guns.


"It's a pick up and drop off deal you two. You shouldn't need any weapons but in case it is a trap one of you can be a sniper covering the other while the other gets a handgun." I say loudly stopping their fight.


"That can work." Diamond says and then they talk like best of friends.


Club turns to me and smile. Creepy. "Joker can you help us with the deal? We promised two people but with someone on the sidelines we'll look suspicious."


"Whatever." I go to see my Dad or Spade.


We sit across from each other in silence, tipping back my fifth drink I don't feel it at all. I look down at the alcohol disappointed. This was Dad's best.


"Not to your liking?" My Dad says probably noticing my face of disgust.


"It's weak."


"I bought it from the same guy as always."


"He tricked you this time." I grab the glass and raise it. The coloring is also off.


"Well what are you going to do about it Joker?" Dad raises his eyebrow.


"What I always do when someone pisses me off. I give them flowers for their funeral." I earn a heartful laugh from him.


"How's your friend doing Joker?"


"Still in the hospital." I sigh. Tracy was always innocent but she messed with some wrong people and is now in the hospital, unconscious. "But the guys who beat her up are in the morgue." I get up.


"Where are you going?" My Dad ask.


"Going to kill the scum who made this." I point to my drink on the table.

Deal Day.
I sit on a crate, smoking my eyes closed. Club sits below me. Diamond is positioned somewhere above us.


A door to the warehouse opens and closes quickly. I open my eyes and drop my cigarette on the ground shaking my head.


"Sorry not sorry." Club walks to the other gang and smiles.


'There's two Jokers in a pack of cards so I'll be your partner in crime.' I smile birtley. Should've seen it.


A Joker was the one card that really was useless. They could only be used for certain games but not all the time but in the games they were in they are always too dangerous.


I start to laugh hysterically. "The Joker never did fit in the pack of cards."


"You should've seen this coming sis you were always too dangerous. A real threat. What really makes me mad is that no one hears about us. Club, Diamond,Heart nor Spade are in the news no it's always Joker. So before you send us flowers I'll send you a bullet." Club explodes. Her gun goes off. It's good that Club is a bad shot but Diamond he's the one I need to worry about. There's also twenty other people here. Can't forget about them. 


I take out a knife and put it in front of my nose, the bullet lands in the middle. I flick it and it lands in Club's throat. I on the other hand never miss my target. She falls back lifeless. I have better things to do than fight. While everyone's distracted I take a grenade from my pocket and hold it tightly in my left hand.


Jumping off the crate I run into the crowd head on. Picking up Clubs gun I twist my body around and spot Diamond. Before he can aim I shot. I can’t miss today I smirk as the bullet finds his head.


People try to catch and hit me in the crowd but fail due to my small size. I drop the grenade and before they know it I’m by the door. The pin twirling from my finger as I step out locking the door on my way out.


I arrive at my enemies location. I open the door and step inside closing it behind me. They sit on the windowsill. “Your so cute Tracy but good girls shouldn’t be doing bad things like that if they can’t deal with the punishments to follow.”


“Shut up! I was using you, you were never my friend.”


“Same here. Here’s a tip Tracy if you're going to play a game find out who’s better at it first.” I smile sweetly and I hear her click her tongue.


“I probably know who you survived your brother and sister are really useless. How did you know I was using you and how did you know to come here?”


I step closer as I talk. “I was ‘beating’ up the guys who beat you up and one of them had the same last name as you. I let him suffer the most. In between begging he told me everything. All I was waiting for is to be attacked. The bigger question should be how was I using you.” I say in her ear. “Your drugs and weapons are interesting. Cleared out your whole warehouse not that it matters anymore.”


I push the gun I was holding to her back deeper. “Did you get the flowers.” I whisper.


“Yep.” She points to her nightstand and black roses wilt slightly. A joker card covered in blood and burned at the sides sticking out.


Tracy sighs. “There’s only two Jokers in a deck but one of the Joker's always looks better than the other. Like how the Ace of Spades always outshine the rest of the Ace’s.”


“Now you’re getting the game.” I take my hand and grab her hair pushing her out the ten story window.


Not wanting to be crossed again I crossed everyone else I knew. Which besides from Tracy, Club and Diamond I knew two other people. Mom and Dad. Spade and Heart. I didn’t have any bad blood with them so I made sure they died quickly. They were not trying to attack me it was just my petty sister and brother and navie friend.


With them dead I had to take over the business but I did what my parents never did, I took over the streets too. Who ever tries to disobey me gets flowers. And that’s the story of Joker. Though I do regret what I said to Tracy I’m not playing the game no I never played the game, I ran the game.


“Blood is thicker than water but they both spill.” I lean on the side of a building looking up at the blood splatter like sky. Flicking my cigarette to the ground I swing the flowers over my shoulder and walk down the lonely night streets.

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Spirits BRONZE said...
on Oct. 13 2016 at 3:38 pm
Spirits BRONZE, Kremmling, Colorado
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Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid

I love this so freaking much

Fangirl said...
on Sep. 4 2016 at 5:53 pm
Fangirl, Edmond, Oklahoma
0 articles 0 photos 2 comments
Wow, this was really good! A few mis spells, but the story overall was great!

Daksteel said...
on Aug. 9 2016 at 5:43 pm
Daksteel, Tucson, Arizona
0 articles 0 photos 328 comments

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"Call upon the Goddess and God to protect you and teach you the secrets of Magic. Ask stones and plants reveal their powers - and listen."
- Unknown

ok not being a critic but........ you spelled hospital wrong. Just saying.

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