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A Medieval Tale This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

Legends far and wide
none tell the whole truth like mine
Hearken! My good friends.

A long time ago
in a tall tower of night
an evil wizard

trapped a princess
with no help, no mighty knight
no hope seemed left

--until one man came
decided to do what was right
with only a sword

along with courage,
and little contact in fight
he ventured forward.

Clashed with monsters!
Crossed those rivers and mountains!
Clobbered those bandits!

Many days later
he finally reached there,
standing in front of--

The Tower of Doom.
"You will never defeat me!"
The wizard exclaims.

He waved his hands--
and with a "poof!" the room was
filled with massive flames.

He cackles and laughs
but our hero ventures forth
swinging his sharp sword--

the wizard summons
forth spiders, goblins, and trolls
--none even touched

against brave attacks.
STAB! The wizard's death came quick
and the princess, well,

she was quite thankful <3
The king gave loads of riches
to our hero as thanks,

The princess gave him
her hand in marriage and they
lived happily.

--But, not "forever"
for there remains a strange man
lurking in the dark,

waiting for revenge--
wearing a dark robe he was...
The Wizard's Brother.

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