Stars or Spirits

June 28, 2016
By Silver_Valota SILVER, Redwood City, California
Silver_Valota SILVER, Redwood City, California
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She ran through the forest, almost flying at the speed she was going. She had to get away, or otherwise hide from the ones chasing her. Not an  easy feat, considering they were some of the world's best hunters, hired by the queen to destroy her. In the dark of the night she ran through the brush, bracken, and trees in her path.

I have to get out of here, were the only words she was capable of thinking. Her only thoughts were those of freedom. Any others were fleeting, and vanished quickly. She reached the only bridge across the river, but there were already people there, waiting for her on the other side.

She made it halfway across, but the wooden planks were almost completely rotted away, and she fell through.

She did not scream, did not cry out in any way as she fell. Just a silent farewell to the world she knew, and her home, and then she was sucked down into the torrent below.

Those watching said that after she fell, the water seemed to sparkle, to glow, before all the light gathered itself together and flew away, up into the sky like a shooting star.

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