Wee Willie Winkie

March 2, 2016
By jeniferramires8 SILVER, Chowchilla, California
jeniferramires8 SILVER, Chowchilla, California
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“Alexander go to sleep it’s almost 8 clock.” Mama said. “But Mama why?!” I asked. “Do I have to repeat myself, Winkie will be here any minute, now go to sleep.”Mama said. I climbed into my small wooden bed. I stared into her golden green and brown eyes as she tucked me in.  I looked at her pale skin as she leans and kisses my cheeks. “Goodnight Alex.” She says. “Goodnight Mama.” I reply and watch her small, tall figure walk away into the light casted by the candles. Lucky for me father and mama were leaving tonight. As soon as I heard loud steps outside and the moving of the carriage I remove my blanket and walked to my desk, there I picked up my candle. I used my hands in search of it. Where is it!  I desperately moved my hands fast feeling every texture under the desk. I paused as I felt it's hard and cold small like structure. The golden key. I had one more glance at the printed words Wee. My mind turns back to where I had found it.  I looked for a spot to hide as Mal was nearing to one hundred. Trees were all around me and there it was, calling my name as it hanged from a branch. Everything around me stood still. My motion felt slow as I moved. My hands smashed into the tree my legs carved into its wooden life. Each step and movement was slow. I released my left hand reaching for it. My flashback was interrupted by a loud sound. I shook my head. The candle smashed into the wooden floor. There is good news and bad news  the good news is that the flame turned off before it hit the floor the bad news was that it wasn’t just that sound I heard. There was a soft constant knock on my window. I paused. The moonlight casted a shadow. It was small the weird part was its football like head shape. Then I heard it scramble around the next room. I was shocked and curious about it. I only had one clue. I went into my older sister’s room. I paused at the soft tapping. It chuckled coldly. I stare into my  sister’s room. It laid deserted. The shadow then moved. It was going for the front door. I watched my steps as I sprinted to the door quietly. The room was dark no candles were lit up. Then I heard it breathe as it approached the knob. The knob squeakily turned then it paused. It chuckled again. Then shooked the knob loudly. Pulled it and pushed it. Then I heard a soft whisper “Go to sleep”  My every sense shuts down suddenly . Coldness ran through my back. I felt that I wasn’t alone in the room. Like something was behind me. Then it cried madly as it stomped off into the forest. I return to my senses. The key still lied in my hand. It glowed in the dark. I leaned over to the window just in time to see its size disappear into the dark forest. I then turn back.
Right behind me I see Mama crying, sitting in the chair. It was early afternoon. I was in my tippy toes watching outside of the window looking at any signs of her. “Alexander come” Mama said. She grabbed me to sit me in her lap. As soon as she was about to hug me someone came rushing through the door.
I return to the present the moonlight was bright. I took one last glance at the window, then to the key. I quietly opened the door slowly. A strong breeze hit my face. It was chilly. I was in my night Pjs. Blue and white stripes. Light and long. My feet felt cold as I stepped on the grassy forest. The moon was my sun in the dark. Then my feet paused by the wet sticky substance. ugkk. I look down and notice a track leading to the right. It was very small and squared. huh.  I felt the urge to follow it. I begin to walk. And walk. Then finally I got tired. I saw a big rock so I sat on it. I looked at the darkness, and the stars. Wow.  I never had a chance to look at the stars. Huh what was that. I jumped at the noise behind me. Just a wolf. “A wolf!” I yelled and ran as fast as I could. I didn’t notice much but I ran through the trail.  I then felt wobbly and started to lose my balance. “Whooa!”I tripped on my own feet and rolled into a bush. I stayed in there as the wolf froze in front of me. It stared  to the left of me. It whimpered and ducked. Then there it was. Wee Willie Winkie. He looked like a child. A small ugly thing. His face was covered by a potato sack, small feet without toes, and short arms with long fingers. The wolf ran frighten, but Wee grabbed him in time and carried him with his small arms and started to walk away. I started following him. Kepted about ten feet distance away from him. I noticed we weren’t on the track. Then we approached a broken down house, down ahead of us. I hid as Willie went inside of his house. The wolf howled and cried until it was cut out. Then I got up and started hunting for the door of the golden key. “We’re hungry, let us out, help someone out there.” Right side of me I noticed a door on the floor stuck in the ground. The kids banged on the door desperately. I walk away from it and went to Willie’s house. I peer right inside, Willie sat eating his supper without his potato sack. Wrinkly white skin, one big eye and a small eye, and long skinny fingers. For the wolf,he was nowhere in sight. I grabbed a hammer that was right beside me and walked away. The door had a padlock on it. It was quite small. The kids stopped banging and were quiet. I lift up the hammer and swing it down. The lock didn’t budge. “Please don’t hurt us Willie!” They yelled out with fear. “ Hey shut it I’m here to get you out.”I said. “Go away you are going to get yourself locked in here.” One girl responded. I ignored them and looked around for other things that would open the door. I touched the lock and observed it. It can’t be. I take out the golden key. It just might just maybe. I heard a click and the lock opened.  Yes!  I quickly opened the door. “Hurry let's get out of here.” I whispered. They all got out slowly like they were entering a new world. One bend down and kissed the ground. I then closed the door and locked it. We all ran to the hill. “ Hey come back here!” Willie was out. “ Come on we will go to my house hurry.” I said. Willie was small but quick. As we almost arrived to my house he wrestled me down to the ground. “Hurry go in I’ll be there be ready to open the door.” I said. All did  but one. She was taller than the rest and looked older to. I feel that I had seen her before. “Alex?” She said and turned to glance at the house and back to me. It was her.  Emily. She went after me and kicked Willie on the back. Willie grunted and let go of me. Emily helped me out and we ran to the house. Finally safe. I made sure the house was locked. Emily looked at me  and hugged me tightly. “How have you been brother?” She said and smiled. “ What happen to you Emily?” I asked. “It's a long story.” She replied. We light up the chimney and sat down to here the story.

The author's comments:

Inspired by a Nursery Rhyme:

Wee Willie Winkie 

runs through the town

upstairs downstairs in his nightgown

Tapping at the windows

Crying through the locks

Are all the children in their bed,

Its past eight O'clock?

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