The apprentice

January 27, 2016
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Jimmy Larcans life was just like everyone's around him.  That was before his math teacher asked him to stay for a detention. Now he fights for his survival against the darkness.

Chapter 1: My Math Teacher Got The Chills

“Mr.Larcan, how many times do I have to tell you so focus!” Mr.Walker, my history teacher snapped at me. “You need to pay attention to the...” He was interrupted by the bell. As I start to get out of my seat he stopped me by slamming his hand on my desk. “Not you, you're staying with me.”
As soon as the door closed he pulled the blinds down and as I start to stand his hand slams into my shoulder forcing me to sit. Then he went to his desk and grabs a roll of tape and a length of rope, then he ties my hands behind my back. “This is not legal!” I try to protest but he puts the tape over my mouth, gagging me. Then he turns, facing me. His normal brown eyes and hair began to turn black, and his pupils turned red like fire.
My eyes grew wide and I try yo get away but black cables have wound around my legs.
He moves closer as if to *ensnare* me with shadows when suddenly the door bursts open and the gym teacher steps through. He shoots a tendril of darkness at her, but shockingly  just before the shadows hit a white shield made of frost. Then she shoots spears of ice at him. Now it was his eyes widened with fright. “Aneira what are you doing here? This is not your kingdom!” 
“No this place is not my kingdom but it is my job to bring the next generation to their lord, and mistress.

He will not be going to the land of darkness, Erebos! With that, she picked up a ruler and breathed on it. Shards of ice and frost stuck on to it so compact that you could not see the ruler. Then she hit the desk with the ruler and all of the ice and frost shards fell.  
She raised the ruler threateningly, only it was not a ruler anymore it was a sword. The sword had a small guard, and a two and a half hand grip. Entirely made of ice. In her other hand, she held a small blizzard. Mr.Walker roared in anger and shot a tornado of fire at her. The mini-blizzard in her hand changed to a shield and repelled the flames. Then she shot ice at Mr.Walker, he didn't move quick enough, the ice hit his chest. I had to close my eyes, the blue flash of light that followed was blinding.

The ice has frozen Mr.Walker! My gym teacher turned to me and cut through my bonds around my hands. the ones around my feet have disappears. I stand and rub my hands, “What just happened?” I look at my gym teacher, I can't remember her name. But I am shocked to see that her features had changed like Mr.Larcan’s. Her brown eyes turned electric blue and her skin turned to almost the same color of *Ivory*. Her hair was as white as snow with icy blue streaks in it.
“Its time to go, the Erebos will bring other darklings” Even as she spoke she was walking away.
“Look at me!, I don't know what's going on, I don't know who you are! And I don't know what you are! Do you really expect me to follow you after what I have just seen, because if you do then your an idiot!” I yell at her. Then she turned to me looking *skeptical*. Clearly she was not customed to being disobeyed, then she could

not stop from laughing. “After you have seen what I could do,” She asked questions. “You are brave enough to say that?” I only just realized the absurdity of my demands and questions. If she wanted to she could turn me into an ice pop before I could blink. “I will tell you on the way, but if you don't come now more darklings will come to kill you.”

Realizing I don't have a choice I follow the icy gym teacher.


My Neighbor is a big dog

As 16-year-old Savanna Shade stood outside with her best friend Aron Shaw-kee a native American 17-year-old. When she heard a noise. And her head snapped in the direction it came from. “Did you hear that?” Jimmy looked at her jokingly.
“You would hear sounds before they are made, speaking of sounds. Do you think the bus will be here soon?” He asked. I smirked, he was always trying to get me to answer wrong. “The bus will be here in less than two minutes.” 
“Ha!” he laughs that means the bus will be early, ya right he thinks. “Setting the timer for two minutes,” He tells her. In one minute and 45 seconds, exactly the bus arrived. “A lucky guess, Savanna.” He claims.
“Oh really? At what point does it stop being lucky, twenty-eight or twenty-nine times?” Savanna bites back. Then Aron laughs saying she has only been right twenty-six times now. As he got on the bus she turned and walked down the path to go and see what the noise was. Unlike most kids at her school, she is only there for the winter and she spends the weekends at a private school.
As she walked down the stone path past her hidden goat pen, where she kept the eating chickens, to the secret pond where she sits on a fallen log and looks into her hands.

If Aron knew my secret, if anyone knew my secret I would put everyone in danger. If anyone found out what I was, and what I could do I would be killed. I can't let him know, I can't let anyone know that I am a-

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud noise near the road. Her sharp ears could pick up the sound of running footsteps. Then she heard her real name being called by a familiar voice. It was Aneira! She raced up to the road and saw Aneira waiting with a boy, maybe fifteen or sixteen years old. 
“Whats the problem? I mean why are you here?” she questioned her, “And who is this boy?” She has never come here in person.

Aneira looked at Savanna It was then that she realized
something was wrong. “What happened? Aneira answer me!”
“Be quite so I can!” She shouts. “You have bigger problems anyway, I need you to go back to the school, to protect your friend. The Erebos have attacked I need you to go, now!”
Savanna needs no second bidding running to the school. When she reaches the parking lot she stops. After she enters the school without being seen she manages to find Aron’s classroom. Then she uses her powers to alter reality so they won't notice her entering the classroom. It would be like she was already there.  After finding Aron, she waits. Savanna could smell the demons. After using her hearing she could tell that there were three. All coming in her direction. 
“Savanna, sit down!” Aron whispers to her. “ you're going to get into trouble!” After she sat down he asked her if she heard anything. Even though he had bad hearing she said no. Not everyone in the room had bad hearing.  Then she saw them pass. Only Savanna and Aron could see what they really looked like. The rest saw Men with guns and ski masks. The Aza would hide it from mortals.
But Aron and Savanna would see something very different. The first and second demon are nothing but ghouls, expendable. One with the power of fire the other with the power of thunder. Those two will be easy but, the one that she was worried about was the third demon. This one was no ghoul or sorcerer. It was one of her kinds, that means that she needs to get Aron out now. She starts to think.
Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the classroom door. As the teacher gets up to answer it she heard voices, it’s the demons! No time to think she gets ready to grab Aron when the door burst into flames and the demons stepped screamed. The kids around me screamed.
What they saw was two tall people in trench coats waving grenades and Ak’s. Then in the middle of the attackers was what they saw as a psycho. A man half as tall again towered over all. Bear chested a hatchet in one hand and a bloody tomahawk in the other. The blood was fresh. She grabs Aron and try to make a run for it but one of the ghouls’s blocked her path. 
“Hey, boss!” The demon said in a gruff deep voice. “I think I found him!” Then the demon try's to grab Aron but Savanna pushes him away. “Hey, boss!” The demon says again. Your not the only wolf in the building!” Now that got the big guys attention. Then she and Aron saw what he really looks like.
He was not a bear chested psycho with a ski mask he was a werewolf covered in pitch black fur, and he carried no weapon instead he had razor sharp teeth and claws sharper and stronger than eagles. His eyes were glowing, red like fire. When he spoke it was like thunder accost an open plane, like lightning catching everything on fire. It was a hungry voice. one that was thirsty for blood.
“My wolf sister why is it that you protect this mortal.” He rasped. “What can he offer you? Friendship? An ally? You know where you belong. Join me and no harm shall befall on to you.” The Werewolf tried to reason with Savanna. But she has heard it all before from the first four to give her the same offer. Her fifth answer will be no deferment.
“No matter what you say or what you offer I will never side with you.” I have already declined four offers and the answer will still be the same. No!” The beast began to shift into a pounce. Barring its teeth and flexing his claws.
“Very well. You have just sealed your fate along with his.” Then he growls at his minions telling them to make sure no one interferes. The rules create a barrier surrounding them.  Aron starts to move in front of savanna but she pushes him back and stands in front. 
Then she looks back at him and tells him to stay behind her no matter what. Then she began to change. Her nails turned to claws, sharper than an owls gallons. then her mouth grew into a muzzle hiding her razor sharp teeth. She grew taller until she was as tall as the other werewolf. Then her whole body began to darken with fur. On the front of her chest the fur was white like snow but on her back the fur along her spine was the color of pitch. Her eyes were glowing like the other wolf but not in the sinister red fire but, pure molten gold. Her voice had changed also.
  Her voice deepened, like from soprano to alto, it was ruffed. And when she spoke you could hear the raw power in her voice, you could see the raw power when she moved. You could see the coils of muscle on the wolf that now stood before Aron.

“S- S- Savanna is that really you?” Aron struggled to find his voice. The great and powerful beast looked at him through kind, gold eyes and nodded. “No. No. No!” He yelled and tried to get away but Savanna did not attack him, instead she turned her back on Aron and stood facing the another beast. The other wolf began to circle, trying to make her move away from Aron but she always kept Aron at her back. On his second circle the other wolf pounced.
The other beast lunged for Savannas throat but, she dodged just in time. Landing a strike while doing so. Leaving five claw marks across the other beasts chest.
“My name will be the last you hear, Jagger Stonefist! I am the bringer of death and destroyer of mountain. Breaker of bones. I will make sure your bones litter the gates to The Void!” Then the beast pounced again, this time the beast managed to lock his jaws around her neck. Savanna yelled in pain and surprise. She began to grow frantic. ripping huge gorges in Jagger's chest, arms and face.  Jagger yowled in pain and slashed his claws accost her arm, then let go.
“I think you are wrong Jagger” Savanna spoke. “Your name will not be the last that I hear, nor will you hear mine. The last thing you hear will be the sound of your flesh leaving your bones.” Then Savanna pounced on Jagger’s back. Her claws raking his back and her teeth sinking into to his neck. The tearing of flesh was indeed the last thing that Jagger ever heard. Then as Jagger’s limp body fell to the floor the barriers surrounding Aron and Savanna dissipated and the ghouls began to attack. Aron could tell even though Savannas a wolf she was tiring. So she wasted no time in destroying the thunder demon, but when she approached the second fire demon he blasted her dead center of her chest with a raging inferno. The fire didn’t catch but, even Aron could see that she did not have the strength to get back up.
As the ghoul moved in for the kill, a gigantic fireball in each hand. Suddenly Savannas back legs lashed out, and the ghoul fell he did not get up again because when the ghoul had fallen he landed on his own fireballs. Then Savanna tried to get up but it was a struggle, it took a while before Savanna was on two feet.  Then she grabbed Aron’s arm and started to lead him out of the building. When they were about halfway there, Savannas legs gave out and she collapsed. Aron looked at him and he could see her bloody footprints. The wounds on her arm and face was still bleeding. Then Savanna transformed again but not into a human. She transformed into a dog. This dog had short black fur and soft brown eyes. Its teeth and size the exact same to any other Lab.
At first, Aron thought that it was to be more regular because it was not every day that you see a werewolf walking down the street. But he now realized that she could not support her own weight anymore, then she began to limp down and out the door.

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Hanban12 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Mar. 8, 2016 at 6:51 pm
Pay attention to grammatical errors. It's something that can make or break a piece. Also, you should know that, when a new character is speaking, a new paragraph is supposed to begin. Either way, keep it up. :)
MBC1215 said...
Mar. 2, 2016 at 9:49 am
Work more on the plot and making it make a bit more sense.For example,i wouldn't slam my face on a desk to make someone stay in my classroom.
wizad replied...
Mar. 2, 2016 at 11:17 am
the guy was a demon what we would not do he would
wizad replied...
Mar. 2, 2016 at 11:18 am
and it was a typo
Poetry101This teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. replied...
Mar. 11, 2016 at 6:21 pm
what was a typo
wizad replied...
Apr. 12, 2016 at 7:38 am
slamming his face of the desk
prettymystic said...
Feb. 25, 2016 at 12:05 pm
i like it you actually did a great job
wizad replied...
Feb. 26, 2016 at 7:41 am
THX a lot I like it when I get feed back
wizad said...
Feb. 25, 2016 at 11:14 am
a don't know if I want to make the next chapter, so if you want me to keep on making it plz tell
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