Stephanie's Recovery

December 17, 2015
By Clarity62491 SILVER, Towson, Maryland
Clarity62491 SILVER, Towson, Maryland
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“In a few days, your arm will be good as new!” my master, Stephanie said as Kira hopped off the bed and walked away with her new arm cast.
“How’s the leg?” I turn around to see Elijah, his brown hair ruffled from the Daily Challenge.
“Fine, its coming along nicely. All I need know is-“she was interrupted when Adam stepped into the room like a drunk person, his eyes blood-red. “Whoa there, Adam. I need to check you out. Rowling, can I have my-“I quickly run over to the counter and retrieve what she needed, a flashlight. “Thanks!” she said, starting to check on Adam.
“Wh-what happened?” Adam said, returning to normal. “I-I don’t know. Maybe a virus, or maybe a-“she was interrupted by Elijah.
“Maybe it’s nothing.” He sounded aggravated and disappointed. Adam hopped down from the bed and walked out, talking with Elijah. The next few days was ‘the snowball effect’ days. Stephanie became sick and Elijah declared her to be put on special measures to stop the spread. She was latched into her bed and had a walkie-talkie strapped to the side of the bed so if she needed me, she could radio in on my walkie-talkie.
“Rowling! I need you!” I hear one afternoon. I was trying to do a medical scan of Briggannon, one of Elijah’s spirit animals, when I heard someone scream into my walkie. I told Elijah where I was going and what he needed to do with Briggannon. I raced out of there like a jet, knowing that her life depended on me.
“Check my temp, will you” She said right when I ran in. she was in agony, sweating buckets out like nothing. I got a body and a tongue thermometer just in case. The body thermometer would not stay on her wet body.
He outside temp was normal, but the inside temp was off the charts.
“Dear god! How are you…?” I stammered, she looked at me weirdly. I ran out of there to get Elijah.
“Elijah…Elijah!” I shouted as I found him. “What is it?!” he says. “It’s Stephanie.” I say as we ran back to the medical hut.

He responded once we got inside.
“Okay, let’s cool her down.” He raced to the counter and whipped out a syringe filled with a blue liquid. “Inject it like a normal syringe and monitor her heart rate and temperature.” He said softly, as if he made it himself. I injected the liquid into her neck and she had a seizure-like reaction. Elijah pinned her down until her body slowed itself down.
“What was that?” I ask, rolling out a stretcher from the back closet.
“It’s an ‘anti-death’ serum mixed with a non-toxic coolant.” He said, proudly praising it as if he made it. “Get her on a stretcher and I’ll attach her to Violet, we are going on a ride.” He said as I started strolled out a foldable stretcher from a closet, unfolded it, and placed her ‘lifeless’ body on.
Almost immediately, Elijah and I rushed her to a place known as the ‘Iridescent Ring’, a large classified building. When we entered, Elijah went to the elevator and motioned us in. he closed the doors and he didn’t press any buttons, but it rapidly descended. After a few minutes, the doors opened. He went directly to the wall and pulled out a long, circular tube and lite it up. “Sl-slide her in slowly.” He said, hooking up the breathing and feeding tubes.
After that, we went upstairs. When we got out of the elevator, Elijah went straight to an altar and cried.
“What’s wrong?” I came and rubbed his shoulder.
“Well, I had a friend and he died before his time. I-I… buried him beneath the floor in that room.” He stammered more after each sentence, which means he’s having a bad time. “He-he was my best friend, a-and he…” Elijah started crying about his friend.
“Elijah, I know you fear for her safety, but she is ‘semi-immune’ to the virus that she has.” He looked at me in pure confusion and part-joy.
“How did you know?”
“I know because of Theroa. She said this: ‘Rowling, your master has a disease called ‘Red death’, and she could die from it, but she can’t. Sometimes a kid could be immune to the fever part, or the death part of the disease. I know it sounds weird, but she is immune to the death-part.’ “That’s why she didn’t die when she had that fever.”
Elijah looked astounded, and he motioned us out of the ‘Iridescent Ring’ and back to the camp on his new spirit animal, Violet. “How did you catch Violet again?” I asked, gripping the bridle of the pale-white and purple dragon.
“Well, I got her from the realm of spirit animals and found her. You may find a spirit animal someday soon because you don’t have one. If you go there, it will take you there on a random day at a random time.” He finished the explanation when we landed near the Fallen Log. Once I got off Violet, he said loudly ‘Violet, return’ and in a flash of light, she was a tattoo on his arm.
“Now that we are back, tomorrow is going to be a busy day for you as a temporary medic, right?” he asked as we ran back to the medical hut.

A Miniature ‘Rush Hour’
“Here you go, your arm looks good enough to come out from the cast.” I say, getting the boxcutter-like object from the cupboard. With two careful; very calculated slices, the cast crumbled off, leaving a fine dust that is soft and powder-like. “Come back soon for another analysis!” I shout as she and Rivara, her otter spirit animal ran off, huddling her fall jacket. “It sure is nice to have a companion like her spirit animal, Rivara.” I thought, going inside to get ready for someone new.
“Are you goin’ to turn in tonight early, Rowling? You seem stressed.” A voice echoed from the door, and I heard a high-pitched squeal from the door, the thing rushing past me and towards the medicine cabinet. I pivot, whisking myself toward the object. As I landed on the intruder, he realized that it was Skye, except her hair was jet black, not pale blue.
“You back for more, eh Skye?” I draw my dagger from my pocket as she strained.
“I am not my clone-sister, I am the original child, Amirea.” I was stunned to hear that, so I got off here and she also said that she got here about five minutes ago and that she needed to see Elijah.
“Well, you found me, and now that we are calm, how did you know my name?” After a while of talking to Amirea I realized what she meant. “I better get Elijah, just in case.” I said, telling her to stay there and don’t move. I ran out of the hut and went for Elijah’s.
“Elijah, we have a new member that might be the link.’ I stammer, out of breath.
“Show me.” He stated, clearly on to this. We walk back to the medical hut to find her standing in the back corner, spooked.
“What’s wrong Amirea?” I say, shocked to see her in such a state.
“You must be him!” she screams, pointing a finger at Elijah.
“Calm down. I know what you’re thinking, that I am what I am, but I’m not!” he says, quietly approaching her with his hands locking in place with his sword hilt. “Do you know where or who this sword belonged to?” he asked her, and she nods.
“O’Brian’s legendary sword from Thal-“she was cut off by Elijah. “How do you know him?” he glares at her, sharply increasing volume, integrity, and sheer power. She hesitated, shaking her head.
“I can’t tell you, it’s too much to handle” she whispered into his ear.
“Look, if I wasn’t kind, I would have killed you right now, but I won’t, so just tell me, I want to know-“he was interrupted by Amira.
“All right! I am the true daughter of Julian Troutfin.” 

“Truth or Dare” Extreme Version
Elijah was stunned when he heard about Skye’s artificial creation. “So she can be cloned again and again?” he asked.
“Yes, and the worst thing is that she-“she was interuppeded when something beeped at Elijah.
“Rowling, get another stretcher ready, cause we are going back.” He got up and winked at me. It was about Stephanie’s condition.
As we flew to the ‘Iridescent Ring’, I felt the wind ruffle my hair. “No wonder why his hair is always ruffled, he comes here every day” We came to the landing pad, Violet’s fragile wings overshot the stone cover and her wing got a big tear on her left wing. She stumbled on the pad like an agile dancer tripping over a rock, a big rock.
“Violet looks like she is in pain.” Elijah unfastened the leather straps that bound the saddle on Violet to assess the damage. “You get Stephanie out and check on her. If she is ready to be transferred, get her ready. If not, another week should do it.” He pointed me to the door, so I ran in and down a flight of stairs. The elevator doors opened into the containment where Stephanie was. I checked her log record, and she was ready to be released.
The last thing I could remember was that Elijah was pinning me down to my bed, and now I am in a pale white room with bright lights. I feel a rush of air that I needed for an eternity, or at least it seemed that way. Someone was cradling me, and then I was on a gurney, and then it became pitch black.
Mist and smoke swirled around my eyes, blocking my vision from something more powerful than Theroa’s magic. A young boy, I guess about thirteen, grabbed my arm, whisking me into a bomb-shaken building, the sides ripped up from some sort of explosion. He opened the door and took me in. this site was not pretty, for glass and rubble, and dust, and Sulphur licked the surface of the floor. I stared down at my feet and noticed something imprinted on the floor, the government symbol, except for two minor changes. The animals were replaced by the Libra scales. I felt movement tugging on my wrist, and my mind came back to reality, and the boy. Sitting me down on a battered-up table, the boy turned to receive something from a cabinet. When he came back, pain shot up my arm. “An injection” I whisper to myself. Then I felt power surging through my bones, shuddering my heart like cold chills. I hear him whisper:
“Serve us!” and I blacked out. A moment later I felt alive, and my body came in to override my whole mind, and without any consensus, I screamed
“I HAVE AWOKEN!!” I hear a voice, booming from my mouth.


Trouble comes to those that are, surprisingly, demonized
I waited outside the medical hut for an hour, waiting for Elijah to give Stephanie the all clear. Unfortunately, I hear the opposite. People screaming, saying ‘Run for cover’, but I ignored them. But I was wrong. The next thing I know, I am pummeled over by Elijah, who is covered in ash, soot, and cuts from the medical hut exploding.
“ELIJAH!!!!” I yelled as I was bracing for another impact. But none came, and I realized that two girls were fighting. “Elijah, look. Its Amirea fighting-“I looked hard at the other figure, and I recognized the dark amber-brown of Stephanie’s hair. “Stephanie!” I shout as I try to make a run for it, but Elijah caught a hold of my shirt and pulled me back.
“WHO DARES CALL MY OLD NAME?!” I heard a roar as Stephanie turned around to see me, and her eyes were shining blood red and her staff was the same, except that the swirls were red instead of green. She charged forward, advancing faster than anything I had seen before.
“Look out!” I shouted, pushing Elijah out of the way. After the charge, she whipped around and took the advantage of the poor, defenseless, me. I flinched, and just as her staff was about to protruded me, I heard a thunk, like wood hitting metal. I looked up to see Elijah’s guardian, dressed in battle amour, hovered over me, sword in hand. Next thing I know I am being dragged away by the enemy.
Thallic knew what I wanted him to do. I snuck around the demon Stephanie, sword in hand, when I heard a whinny from a horse.
“Red, Advance!” I hear a familiar voice from before all of this camp even existed, and the voice belonged to a young boy by the name of Silias. He had his own spirit animal, and his own cavalry of government soldiers.
“Silias, be careful. Don’t kill her, she is your sister!” I shout to him, and he nodded to me and picked me up. 
“Left flank, advance and turn the guns on to stun mode!” he shouted as his horses’ mane turned into flames. The horses reared and penetrated the silence with shrieks as the roars of my memory turn to a flashback.
The gates bust open as my brigade of rebels start rushing up the stairs, shrieking war cries. I stood back, supervising the fighters as wolves howl cries of certain death and the dragons roar for war with the enemies, the whinnies of the horses grew powerful as their hooves pound on the marble approach, and I stood back, watching and waiting for my signal
But that was two years ago, at the courthouse. That was the “War of Broken Glass and Shattered Lies”. But this was different, and I could sense the blood and vinegar of Redmagica.   

My Master’s Old Home and a Story
I found myself in a girl’s room, on the bed. “What happened” I come to the senses that I was knocked out when Thallic protected me. I sit up, anxiously waiting for someone to come and bring me food.
“Well, at least you’re awake. How in the world are you still alive after that wound?” I hear a soothing voice of a mom. “I’m Jenna, but you can call me Mother.” she sounded happier than the last voice.
“I’m Rowling, but you can call me Rowl.” I peer over the side-table and licked my lips. “Mm-mm, freshly brewed candied-chestnut and raspberry stew with a side of cordial.”
After the last bite of bread and the last sip of cordial, Jenna sat down on the bed and asked me a few questions. “Do you know a young girl named Stephanie?” she seemed depressed from her leave.
“Actually, I do. She was with Eli-“I was cut short when she instantly got up. “Elijah is still there with my other baby!” she screamed, telling me to run back there and help bring Stephanie back.
I ran for an hour, and I began to feel light-headed for no reason. I sat down in a log, and I realized I was in another dimension, or, in a flashback that’s not mine. I was in the past, at the old courthouse during the –and yes, I took the history class- of Coliasia, the old name for the Government- where I saw two silhouettes that where distinct. “Is that who I think it is” I thought as I heard a name. “O’Brian.”  And then I saw a bunch of dragons and griffons flying as war cries howled out of wolves and piercing whinnies that match the fierceness of the war cries. Blood was spilled from one thing, and that was O’Brian. I felt the agony of his death, and the grief of Elijah, and the mercilessness of the deaths of the others.
This, I realized, was why Elijah was so secretive about his past, because his tragedy was his friend’s tragedy, and he was the only one of the survivors because Julian Troutfin was just a servant of the enemy.
I felt a sting on my arm, and when I take a look, a tattoo of an ivy-wrapped horseshoe appears.

My War
I blacked out, but I can remember going rouge and someone stun-gunned me. I heard the creaking and squeaking of old wheels. I was in a wheelbarrow, and guess who driving it. A drunken Elijah. His eyes bore the curse and my lightweight brace is not on my leg and it hurts because my leg is awkwardly bent back.
After at least an hour of being in a cave, we arrived at a cavern, and it was a home for someone, and I started to shudder, just like how a Jedi meets a Sith lord, it’s the same with an apocalyptic child meeting an evil guardian. My leg shook so hard that I felt little drops of blood trickle down my leg, not a whole lot, but just three drops. I curled up into a ball just when Elijah dumped my out, my leg took most of the impact, and I felt my leg almost disconnect from me.
“Nice work, youngling. Now go to your chamber, you did enough for once.” I heard a voice, and that voice was chilled. I felt Theroa course through me and then she appeared by my side, reworking on a wooden brace and bandaging my leg. She finished and took off her headdress, and she turned to face the enemy, her golden blonde hair flew against her shoulders.
“This isn’t your fight. Leave the girl alone.” She drew the staff the Elijah gave me.
“You don’t understand. She is a very special child-“she was interrupted by the sound of a whinny.  In came my younger brother, Silias, riding on Red. His amber hair was now a buzz-cut, and he had his Questcom out, and he carried in an ak-47 gun, modified to shoot out plasma and small bolts of radiation.
“Halt, for you are on the property of the Chasm. “  He aimed at Redmagica’s heart, and he fired. She rolled onto the floor barellroll, and the plasma bolt missed her.
“Trikala, Servant, Advance!!!!” Redmagica roared as a big hellhound charged at Silias. Elijah, looking out of one of the big windows, charged and surged and ‘flew’ to Silias, sword in hand.  He chopped at Silias, narrowly missed the artery in his arm, but slicing him. He winced in pain as blood charged down his arm.
“NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  I stood up, ignoring the pain from my leg, and put my hands into health beam mode. The green beam did its job, closing the wound.  But my work was too late, Silias was toppled over from Redmagica and her spirit animal, a demon-dog. Its muscled body slammed into Silias, knocking him over on the stone floor, so Redmagica took her chance. She drew her sword and charged.
“CLINK” her sword dropped as Thallic’s sword pierced through her, body armor and all.
“Elijah, how did you-“I gasped to see Silias, bleeding from his side. “The impact of Redmagica’s sword hitting the cave ground must have hurt him” I knelt down at his side, but Theroa approached me and said
“I am sorry, but his time is up. I can’t save him. Either way, his destiny was shattered when he approached her. I am sorry, my child.” I shook the grief, but it washed over me like a shower. I turn around in tears to see Elijah, unharmed and fine. “Oh no. what have I done.” He knelt down to Silias. “From the broken words from the gate, transverse his life from etched pain.” He whispered in Silias’s ear. “For this was the war of broken glass and Shattered lies”

The Bigger the House, the Harder it Falls
From Silias death to the next thing was hard, since his spirit animal was there as a witness of the fight, someone else of the same bloodline that has one or two spirit animals has to keep him/her. I unclipped the horseshoe amulet from his neck and took his Questcom out of his left eye hold and slipped it into my right eye hold. Elijah shook his head in mourning. I picked up his body, and we headed out to tell Mother what had happened and give her Red. Elijah rode on Violet and I on Fyre. About half-way there, we heard another horse whiney.
“Rowling, your back! And who is that?” I point to the Shire he was on, and he explained that he got it from Theroa, and the horses name was Ivy. “Well, we have a tragedy to- to deal with. “ I put my head in my hands and wept. “His life was wasted, and it’s all Redmagica’s’ fault.” I shake back the image of Silias’s gory, bloody, and reaped body.
After thirty minutes of flying and riding (for Rowling and Elijah), we came to Mother’s house. She was outside in her rocking chair, and she stood up to see what this all about. We unveiled Silias’s cold, dead body, and she screamed and cried. I released Red from the amulet and put it in Mother’s hands. She pocketed the amulet and Elijah started painting the tattoo for Red on Moms arm. “Stephanie, Elijah, Rowling, come in.” she hugged us all.
I was tossed in the air, and that’s all I can remember.
As soon as I heard the explosion, Thallic and I went to see if any damage was done. Once I saw Stephanie, Rowling, and Elijah all lying on the ground, I had to take them somewhere like a hospital. Thallic took Elijah and Rowling while I took Stephanie, her mom, and Silias’s dead body to the same hospital.
We dropped them off by the helicopter pad and knocked on the door. We flew away, for the fate of their lives rest in another’s hands.
My head feels like spinning once the bright lights appeared in my sights. I am in a hospital bed, and a nurse brings me a bowl of nice Nadari berry soup (Nadari is a healing herb with berries, and the berries are red with a tint of mahogany), and I took small sips.
“Now you drink up and someone is here to see you.” the nurse was burly and smaller then me and smelled like a person who wasn’t a nurse. Her voice lurched and cracked as a man entered the room. He was a doctor, and he came to check up on me. He left five minutes later.
  It felt like two days have passed since I wound up here. “If so, where are Elijah and Rowling” I thought franticly about the morbid thoughts.
“Now don’t you worry dear, help is here.” The nurse huffed and puffed, almost blowing down my own ‘lunch made of bricks’ or a ‘brick-lunch’. After I ate, she disappeared, and the door rushed open by a girl, a girl I thought was dead. Skye.
“Welcome to Abarnila state hospital, where your worries float away!” she twirled, a shrill in her voice tenderly putting me to sleep. I couldn’t fight the urge to sleep, because it loved me like a lullaby and lured me in.
“Hurry it up!” I shouted at the guardsmen, who were dragging in the chains to bind around my former killers’ hands.
“But lady Skyeforth, we-“the guards whined, whimpering for my mercy and for their forgiveness.
“Don’t call me that. Call me Skye, and if you keep that tone up, you will feel my wrath shedding across your soul.” The puny guards followed my orders, chaining our prisoners and reporting back to father.
“Oh, and make sure what’s-his-name doesn’t escape.” I shouted at them, and they saluted back
Time Flies When Trapped In a Deep, Dark Cell!
When I woke up, I was not in my room, but what looked like a cell of massive proportions. The walls looked like they were fashioned of darkness and steel, and the floor looked to be fashioned of clear pexi-glass, separating us from a dark void with swirling purple mass that looked like a black hole. I was chained to the wall by an ankle chain, and I wasn’t alone.
“Steph, is that you? I have been trying to look for you but Rowling accidentally summoned Ivy in the hallway and-“he was cut short when somebody opened the door, a guard, and threw in three crusts of bread.
“Eat up you slimy critters, fer its all yer goanna get.” He stated, locking-and slamming- the heavy iron-cast door, making a booming noise projected from the shallow depths of our cell.
We eat up, hungrily advancing on the crusts and wolfing them down like nothing. It feels like hours ago when I landed in here, and I thought about what happened at Mother’s house, the tenseness of my Mother, the sympathy for her, but most of all, her courage. I suddenly realized that it was just me and him and Rowling was nowhere to be seen. “Oh well, I shouldn’t care ‘bout him.” A few hours went by again, and then the guards came in and grabbed us. One of the guards, who looked old for his age, helped me up. Then he forcefully tugged on my arms, leading Elijah and I down some long hallways. At the end, we came to a split end followed by a door or two. We walked into a room with the number ‘E-33’, and it made no sense with the stuff inside the room. Inside were the same flooring and ceiling, but something made me shudder about this room. There were two similar glass tubes on the opposite ends.
“Ahhhh, it seems we finally caught our catch.” I hear the voice of a long-dead rival, shrilling and deepening its darkened tones to the breaking point, and that rival was Julian Troutfin.
“Our lives aren’t over, you know!” I shout, expecting a different reaction. He stares at me coldly, quickly shuffling his feet to grab hold of my chains. He jerks the chains up and it surprisingly brought me on my knees. He then grabbed the collar of my shirt and I hear the chains break, but he threw me across and I heard my back slam against the iron wall, feeling the lower part of my spine crack, and I couldn’t feel my legs. A guard helps me up when Julian threw Elijah into a tube big enough for only one person, and I was stuffed into one across the way from him.
I heard a flick of a switch turning on a machine. “Until we meet again, charred ones.” I heard Julian chuckle and the door slamming. “This is the true death,” I felt the floor in the tube getting hot. But, I saw a boy quickly come in wearing a tight leather jacket with thumbholes with a t-shirt and blue jeans. He paused, closing the door quietly behind him. He then pulled out what looked like to be a boomerang, and he threw it at the alarms. They shattered as he then ran over to the control pad and pushed the orange button. He then disappeared and appeared again in my tube. I felt his lips kiss my cheek, and he disappeared again. I saw the floor turning red. Then, in an instant, flames shot up around me.    ?
The how and when time
I closed my eyes, feeling the flickering flames heating me up. “Theroa, come to my aid!!!!” I felt my lungs becoming scathed by my yell, burning my sides.
Yet, I felt cold again, and I realized that Elijah and I were unscathed and alive. The young boy comes and opens my tube door, and I realized that he was in the hospital room with me and he is the same boy who kissed me on the cheek.
“Can you walk? I saw what my father did to you.” He sounded sweet as honey, even though his father might have paralyzed me. I couldn’t raise or even feel my legs, so I shook my head. As quick as a rabbit, he made a temporary wheelchair and helped me up and sat me in. he quickly ran to Elijah and opened up his death trap and motioned us to the hallway.
   We raced down the halls, Elijah at the rear and I keeping up with the boy. “What is your name and why did you, of all people, help me and my brother?” I yelled as we ‘ran’ down a flight of stairs.
“I am Fox, and I helped you two because my father has done terrible things, like killing Ashton, the boy downstairs, and then brought him back to life, and such things and I am an Apocalyptic child like you.” He explained to us who Ashton is and then switched gears on another current factor. “Look, your friend is down there and he is going to be executed if we don’t hurry”
We ended up in the hallway and Fox kicked down a door labeled “E-19”, and we found Rowling chained to a wall, a man with a gun just in range to shoot him. Elijah quickly advanced, forgetting that he didn’t have his sword, and delivered a rush to the head of Julian.
“How are you- oh!” he stared at Fox, who clearly hated him. Fox stood there and drew a spear out of nowhere, and I realized that he was dangerously amazing with weapons if he can fight or even stand up to our enemy.
“I always knew you would best me in a game of cat n’ mouse!” Julian screeched as he commanded the execution to begin. BOOM! I hear the gun shoot and I see Rowling slump down from his position in his chains.
“NOOO!!!!!!!” I run down, bashing the guard in the head, and he fell down, blood heaping on the floor. I placed my hands into “beam mode”. The blood from Rowling’s gunshot wound continued to run, but the wound started to close.
Once the healing finished its job, I ran back into the battle. I saw the guard standing, gun in hand, locked on me. “Nighty-night!” he shouted, his fingers pulled on the trigger. I went down, and everything went dark

Death to the Enemy
  I sneaked up around the corners, stalking my father from the shadows while Elijah is play-fighting my father.
“Here, take this, you may need it.” I hear Klink say, and a sword materialized in my hand.
“Elijah, here!” I shouted in a deep voice, not giving away where I was. I threw the sword in the air, and Elijah did a spiral jump, caught it, and kicked my father in the face. He knelt down, clutching his forehead-which is starting to bleed- and cursed. He was unaware of what was the plan. I lunged forward, shoving the spear into the skin and flesh of my father. He screamed, kneeling down as his shirt became soaked with blood. He howled in pain, and to ensure this victory, I wrapped my hands around his throat until he pasted out, his last breath silenced his evil reign once and for all.
“Help!  Stephanie’s not breathing! Rowling managed to get out of the chains, and he was in tears. “Fox, Elijah, she saved me and I want her to be ok! Please!” he seemed unsettled, so I ran over there. I knelt down to realize that her breaths were shallow, but she was revived. “Stephanie, are you ok!” I soothed her as she awoke.
“I-I-I-m o-o-ok.” She stuttered, clearly weak.
“Elijah, we have to leave, but this place has one more surprise. Fox ran to the second door in the wall. The door opened to revel a young boy with rag-tag brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Elijah was stunned, tears stroking his cheeks. “O’Brian” Elijah murmured as he ran up to him and hugged him.
“Ah, it’s good to see ya! And that’s your sister, I’m guessing. Fox, come here and tell them what happened.” Fox eagerly ran to his side.
“Elijah, I am your cousin, so that means that O’Brian, is your brother twice removed.” He leaped up as all three of them hugged.
“Umm… A little help would be nice, since I almost flirted with death twice and think I am paralyzed from the hips down!” Stephanie shouted, so I ran back, released Iceflame, my dragon, and helped her get on.
“Well, we should be going, so Elijah, you and O’Brian go on your mount, Rowling, you ride your mount, and Stephanie and I will ride together on my mount back to Noonvale!” he shouted getting on the ice-colored dragon. Once everyone cleared the room, I put the barrier shield up to protect us for this.
“Iceflame, break open the ceiling!” he roared in reply, taking off with a crumbling wall.
The next bit was-umm- romantic. Once we reached an altitude of something feet, Fox turned in his seat, grabbed my left hand, and put it around his left shoulder. He then took my opposite arm, and wrapped it around his right shoulder, making the hands connect into a ‘while-in-flight” hug.
“You ok?”
“I’m ok, I just can’t feel my legs.” He looked stunned, his eyes, out of the blue, sparkle radiantly. This was the start of something majestic, beautiful, and right.

Three Months later….
“Happy birthday, Stephanie!” I hear as Elijah and the camp celebrate my birthday. I am now fourteen, and surprisingly, old enough to marry. It’s says in the law that if you have a boyfriend, you can’t actually kiss until twelve, and only fourteen years old and up can marry.
“Another gift! For me! Kira, you couldn’t!” I unravel the gift from Kira, and it’s a jar of Nadari berries, fresh from a patch. “Thank you!” I say, hugging her. I put the jar in the cabinet. I hugged her and thanked her for the gift. She then says thanks for Fox’s talent of creating machinery. I look back at my hips and realized that he was a gift, for I would not be walking if he wasn’t a genius. I started walking to my hut, and the door is open. I speed-walk in, and there is Fox, sitting on the table. 
“Here’s the girl I love.”  He stood up and embraced me to a hug. We exchanged a pleasant conversation, he was blushing all the way. He then wanted to show me something.  We rushed out and we ran for about ten miles.
“What is it you want to- ho?”  In my sights was a huge treehouse. He motioned me to go in with him. He showed me a tour of the house, and it was fit for two, maybe three people. The next thing was impossible.
“Stephanie, I have had a crush on you since the moment I laid eyes on you. So, Stephanie, would y-y-you li-like t-t-t-t-to marry me?” he knelt down, and pulled out a sterling gold ring, fit with a diamond in the middle.  And guess what I said.


The author's comments:

Here is the real thing. I worked on it for what it had seemed ages! hope you all enjoy!

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