The Hat Man

August 29, 2014
By cjmayes SILVER, St. Paul, Arkansas
cjmayes SILVER, St. Paul, Arkansas
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There was a boy named James. James had always like things about myths and legends.So one night he had made a plan with his best friend ben, that they would explore the old abanded Saw mill.The next week Ben had stayed the night with James to go to the saw mill.They had a camra so that Ben could video them that night,and had two flashlights.They had also brought a hachet, and a machettie for protection from andimals. When they started walking James Said "No turning back unless i says so  and were looking for anything thas a myth, now start reccording." Then they saw the old abandon swa mill. When they got to the main building it was two story high with a basement.After 3 hours went by thay seen nothing exept for mice and bats.Right before they started to givse up they had heardd a scream and there was a young girl running towrds them. She said that she saw a man in a hat,leaning towards a lamp post and had she showed them were she saw him and there he was.Then the girl ran away sreaming like a baby and Ben was still recording.The man with the hat had followed the girl and the boys had went home.that next morning they had seen on the news that a girl was missing, the girl thay saw last night. Tthen they ran to James room and vewied what they saw lat night.They had discribed the man in the hat as The Hat Man.So they went back the next night and when they went to that lamp post he wasnt there. So they decided to look for the girl from last night.Ben said 'lets look for her in the old owners home", when they was going up stairs they herd somthing in the master bedroom.Then James said" It must be the girl in the bedroom".So they ran to the bedroomand Ben saw somthing in the cornor of his eye.Then the door slam shut and they herd the Hat Man laugh saying that "you all are going to die"! So Ben ran and Jumped out of the window and had twisted his ankle james started to run but the window shut and the door locked.Then Ben hered James scream and when he looked at the 2nd story window he saw Hat Man laughing and not James. Ben ran and ran slowly and he finaly founded a cave by a river.That next morning he went to the old owners home and when he was in the room he looked in the closet and had founded two bodys.James and the girl from that other night. So Ben ran and ran back to the cave were he felt saft for right know. So he stayed there for the whole day just eating bugs and barries and he fell asleep. The next thing he knows is that there is cold strong hands on his throat choking him to death and Ben had die. if anyone wants to find bens camra its all recorded but bewere of the hat man good luck the odds are in your favor .

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