Dark Forest

April 14, 2014
On the night this story begins, the air was cool, and the wind blew throughout the forest, making the elderly trees groan with the weight of their brilliant boughs. The light was low, and darkening still. The forest was very quiet, only the sound of the wind blowing through the trees. The ground was soft and damp, as if a rain had come some short time before. The air, too, smelled damp. The bark of the trees had dark green moss on them, and all sorts of vines twisting around them. It was almost felt serene. But birds did not sing, and the brook, over to the west, did not babble. Everything under the ancient trees was still. Too still for comfort. This forest also had a sense of spook all around. One wouldn't like to be here for long, by one's self.

But below these trees, a solitary figure was standing, with a sack over his shoulder. He was wearing a cloak with a hood over his head. He was trying to force his way against the wind. This figure's name was Galifrey, and he knew better than to stay in this forest with Night arising. Once the moon is up, all of the evil things come out to play. He, for one, didn't want to be caught amongst these beings. There once was a time, when the Others of Drenth fought with the Night. But not anymore. The Others had gone into hiding, for they knew the Night had grown powerful, for they had discovered the KeyStone. They unleashed all of Hell's beasts out of their prisons, and these beasts devoured most of humanity itself. Less than ten had remained. Now, they numbered over fifty. But for the Beasts, that was a light snack. The leader at the time of the Reaping, (her name was Lilac) knew that they had to hide, and so they did. Every single person all hid in one place. The Elder Oak. It was a gigantic tree, hollowed out. Some lived higher up, others lived at the base, guarding the door.

Galifrey ran in a hurry, trying to find the Oak, but darkness was falling rapidly. He only had three miles left to go. Suddenly, he yelped, and turned around. Five figures clothed in robes were standing around him, one with a bow had shot him in the foot. He tried to run, but two of the figures grabbed his arms tightly and twisted them. The pain was unbearable. Galifrey's eyes watered, and he yelled for help, not that anyone would hear him, but it was all he could do. “Galifrey. You know your efforts are useless against We. You will follow We.” Galifrey dropped his head. He knew they were obviously powerful, and he had no use resisting them. He had no idea of who they were, and he never studied them in the Book of Creatures. Anyone in the Tree had to study the book throughout to know what was out there.

Anyway, he struggled to walk along with the figures. After two hours of continuous walking, the group had reached a long stretch of land, bare and dead. A whole valley with miles of bones, rotting animal corpses and brown plants, and even a couple of decomposing Beasts. A Kumo Demon here, and a Quanlier there. The air stank of the smell of old blood and rotting eggs. Galifrey's eyes widened, for he had never seen so much death since the Reaping. The sky above was a strange yellow color. He hadn't seen this much of the sky since when he was an idiotic young boy and ran away from the Tree for fun. Back then it had been a sickening green color.

One of the figures pulled out a flute, and it played a melody. It was a beautiful song, but each note had a hint of sadness about it. Another figure started to sing with the melody. It sang long and low, creating an aura of magic. The song was in a language Galifrey couldn't understand the language of the song, but it sounded very old, like something that would have been spoken hundreds of years ago. Suddenly, with one looong note, the song ended. A portal opened in the air. Galifrey couldn't believe his eyes. Portals hadn't been in existence since... well, you know. They were all closed when the Beasts were unleashed. He tried to search his head for a possible meaning of this. Maybe he was dead, and entering Eternity. Maybe these figures were figments of his imagination and he was dreaming. One of the figures spoke. “We are not of your head. Nor are you no longer alive. We are We. A species closely associated with the Others of Drenth. I am Gondrauured. I will take you to the Others of Drenth, and you will cooperate. And if you so choose not to follow, you shall be fed to the Beasts.” Galifrey looked at Gondrauured with shock. He couldn't believe it... the Others were still alive!! But his expression darkened. “Why would the Others,” he said with a suspicious tone in his voice, “Want for ME to see them?” The figures said nothing, but silently led Galifrey to the Portal, and tossed him through it.

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