May 6, 2014
Someone was calling my name at the top of their lungs. They screamed with a panicked tone so intense it made my heart pound and my hands clammy. I quickly glanced around, and then ducked under the nearest object I could find. A shadow appeared into the doorway, then an unrecognizable figure looming there, eyes searching for me. Whoever it was seemed to be breathing uncontrollably, gulping every now and again. Then suddenly, they turned and ran, still screaming out my name with the utmost urgency. I quickly opened the window and jumped out onto the soft earth. I couldn't stand being in that building any longer. It was beginning to close in on me; giving me an irrevocable feeling of suffocation. I breathed deeply, slowly drinking the hot night air. The sounds of the darkness filled my ears. Crickets sang contently, and I wiped the dripping sweat off my forehead. My eyes finally adjusted, so I began to run. Anywhere. I didn't care where. I just had to leave. The feeling in my gut was always right, and anyway, it's never a good sign here when someone busts into a room screaming your name like that. And I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have ended well for me if I had stuck around. I walked briskly, fatigued from running. I was almost to the tree line now. I was soon enveloped by the smells of the forest. I took a deep breath, comforted by the familiarity of nature. The night was a thick velvet, rich and green. I decided to go meet Jonas, my friend whose home is these woods, and stay with him until it was safe to go back. I hiked across the damp, sodden soil. The earth was littered everywhere with strongly potent pine needles. They blanketed the air with a strongly crisp scent. I looked into the incredibly clear sky, the twinkling stars above me shone with confidence. They looked almost iredescent; Mother Nature's freckles. I soon reached a clearing, his camp. However, Jonas wasn't in sight. I walked around the space awhile until I found him, finely camouflaged, asleep in a nearby tree. "Jonas" I whispered. When he didn't respond, I whispered a bit louder, "Jonas!" I still got no reaction. I had forgotten how deeply he sleeps. I shimmed up the rough bark, reached up, and shook him. Suddenly, he sprang from the tree, jumped onto the ground and had me flat on my back in a choke hold, knees pinning my arms, before I could even yelp. "It's me, Will, you idiot!" I gasped in frustration. I could hardly breathe. For an eternal moment he didn't move, and then I saw regonition in his dark eyes, as he laughed. His face crinkled in amusement. He offered me a hand and hoisted me up, and then gave me a slap on the back. "Will, I thought I told you never to sneak up on me while Im sleeping!" he chuckled, brushing the dirt off my shirt. "I think I can remember that now!" I choked angrily, rubbing my throat. "What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?" Jonas questioned. But before I could answer, I heard footfall. Angrily approaching, heavy, abundant footfall. The kind made by many men. My heart thudded a mile a minute. "S***!" I cursed, "They followed me!" Jonas's eyes became wide with panic. "Dammit Will! What'd you f*cking do this time, man?!" He shouted angrily. But there was no time to discuss that. My hand went immediately to my hip, and I unsheathed the nine inch cleaver I always kept with me. I crouched behind the tree Jonas had been sleeping in. Jonas, however, did not have a weapon, since he mainly relied on his strength and skill. He climed up a tree and layed flat on one of the branches. We stayed silent and awaited the ineviatble. Soon we where enveloped by many ghostly black figures, darting about in every direction, guns raised, searching. "Find the boy!" A man, seemingly the one in charge, barked. His voice was deep and gravely, thick a with stern domination that sent my heart sinking to my stomach. I knew then that if I was caught, It'd all be over for me. I didn't know how two 17 year olds, one with a knife, one without, would be any match for all these men armed with guns. But I knew it was either try, or die. Even though I figured we stood no chance in hell, I had this angry fueling emotion to stop giving up and hiding; to fight with all I had. Time dripped on, slow as syrup. After quite a while, the man shouted "Wait! Stop!" Everyone froze. "Listen" The man said. No one moved. The utmost silence surrouned us. My nerves where getting to me. My arms ached, my legs cramped. My face burned with salty perspiration. But I could tell it was getting to Jonas more. He was never one who liked to be still, or under stress. Put him in a situation with both scenarios, and I doubt he will last long. And if that wasn't enough, I could see that the branch was bending under his weight, bowing. I started to get nervous as I observed the sweat pouring down his face, even more ferociously than my own. It dripped steadily onto his hands. I watched in slow motion as his left hand, overcome with moisture, slipped. He regained his grasp, but is shook the whole branch. Jonas gasped, then held his breath and shut his eyes tight, as if that would protect him. Suddenly, the soldier below him, without hesitation, raised his gun and fired. Jonas cried out in agony, and I watched, horrofied, as he crumpled limply from the tree. His body slammed lifelessly into the soil. The breath caught in my throat and my eyes widened in horror. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" I screamed, and lunged out of my shelter. Soldiers came at me repetitively, but I kept moving, slice after slice, their blood gushing from their wounds; splattering on my knife. Anger and sheer adrenaline fueled me, I had no control of my actions. Emotion after emotion raced through my brain. Tears where stinging my eyes, as I kept screaming, over and over, "NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!" Then, suddenly, a shot rang out. At first I thought it had missed me, but then I was stumbling backwards, overcome by a sharp pain, throbbing in my abdomen. I stared down, shocked, at the hole in my shirt with blood pouring out. I collapsed to my knees, tears flowing, now coughing up blood. I was on the ground now, my thick blood steadily seeping into the earth. I glanced over at Jonas, sprawled at the bottom of the tree, soaked in his own blood. My vision was fading as the man growled, laughing menacingly, "Good work, boys, we got 'em." I suddenly felt very tired. My body felt like it was spinning, ever so slowly. I felt very warm but sort of numb, soon I gave in and let my eyes flutter shut. Then I heard a sound. It sliced through my unconsciousness like a sharp dagger. "CUT!" Yelled the Director. I jumped up, as the lights came back on. My co-worker who had the part of Jonas got up, groaning. "Whitney," he said to me, "I think I messed up one of my lines!" He smoothed back his dark hair, a look of dissatisfaction on his chiseled face. "No, of course you didn't, Seth! You did great!" I said, beaming. I glanced over at one of the men who had a part as a soldier. He was examining the fake blood on his arm. The Director walked over, "I have to agree, I think I made a wonderful decision by casting you two. You play the parts of Jonas and Will very well," he nodded, smiling, "but lets run this scene through one more time. I want to make sure I have all the angles I wanted to shoot." "Sure thing, boss!" I said. Then I sprinted to the other side of the set, got into position in the room, and waited. "ACTION!" Called the Director. Someone was calling my name at the top of their lungs. They screamed with a panicked tone so intense it made my heart pound and my hands clammy...

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