The Outbreak

May 6, 2014
The year is 2063. Michael Rusticucci, a full time masseuse and yoga instructor, was on his last day of work until his weeklong break. He received this for putting in countless hours of work in the past three months. Michael was a very fit person who loved to be athletic and healthy. He cared about his looks more than anything else in the world. He always had the best clothes and looked good even when he was at home by himself. He and all of his friends hunted together and they had killed many animals together. They were very experienced with guns and they loved to shoot. He had lived outside of Las Vegas in a town called Henderson. Since it was his first night off in over three months (other than Sundays), he was going to go have a crazy night out with his friends. He and his friends decided to go to the strip and drink all night there.

On his way home, he saw a whole bunch of ambulances heading toward the hospital. He made the person smell and inaudible. You can only get the disease through physical contact with someone already containing the disease.

Once he got ready for his crazy night out he called his friends and they met up at the stratosphere. They decided they wanted a rush so they went to the top of the building where there is a roller coaster and a free fall site and paid the $10 to jump off and a tube of air keeps the free faller from hitting the ground.

Michael realized he had left his wallet at home so he had to drive back and get it. They arrived at his house and turned on the television to check the weather and a breaking news story came on. It turns out that the outbreak had spread upon all of Vegas and started on the strip. Michael and his friends heard this, and they looked at each other and knew what to do. They all went and opened his gun safe and got his AR-15, his Semi Automatic M-16 and his pump action military grade 12 gauge shotgun. They decided that they would go to Michael’s house since it was very secure so they would have a bunch of cover in case of an invasion in order to stay safe.

At the local Costco they stocked up on all of the supplies that they could get their hands on. They walked in, guns over their shoulders, and went to work getting all of the supplies they needed. Michael took a cart to the frozen foods aisle and stocked up on microwavable chicken and French fries. Steve had the job of stocking up on drinks; he filled his cart up with milk, Gatorade, and soda pop. James’ job was to get first aid stuff such as bandages and spray and also ammunition, since Costco has anything and everything.

30 minutes later they all met up at the front of the store ready to go. Just as they opened the door a maimed and ugly creature came running at them, arms locked forward. James’ first instinct was to blow its brains off. Being as aggressive as he was, he did just that. One shot of the 12 gauge to the face and it was like the head was never there, but it was, just in about 100 and something pieces. The creature, or what was left anyways, dropped to its knees and lay lifeless on the ground with reddish brown liquid oozing out of the neck.

That was when it happened; a swarm of them came running out of the hospital located right beside Costco. Every one of them was dressed in hospital gowns. The streets were very deserted with many empty vehicles. The three men took the first one they saw. It was a Lifted Chevy truck. By the looks of it, brand new too. They picked up the carts and threw them in the back of the truck, hotwired it, and they were on their way. They drove 85 down the whole strip to get back to Michael’s house. They ran over countless victims on the way there. Blood and body parts filled the streets and the windshield of the truck. There was no stopping the three from being safe.

Once they got to Michael’s, they called the Military hotline to tell them what happened. The military had heard reports of this already and were sending out extraction teams in two days.

The men decided that they could wait it out for two days. They decided to stay inside for the two days and to survive as well as possible. They boarded up all of the windows and put tables and chairs in front of all of the entrances and exits in the house so nothing could get in or out. He lived in a community with many other houses so they weren’t too worried about an invasion. Once they got settled they decided who would keep watch while the others slept.

Michael had the first three hours of the night to watch the house. He sat and played video games with the volume at a low level for the three hours of the night. Once his time was up, he went to wake up James for his three hours of work and went to sleep. Michael laid his gun beside him and shut his eyes.

Michael woke up the next morning to a loud slam at the door. He rushed up and grabbed his gun and hurried to the door. Then, Michael opened the door cautiously while Steve and James had their guns aimed right at the door. As he opened the door he didn’t see dead creatures, he saw a group of men in military uniforms. They were there to extract them from the city. They gathered their things and got in the military trucks that were outside.

The drive was long and tiring. They were told that a couple of the zombies had been captured and experimented on, and they have found a cure for it. The only cure was to blow their heads off. A team of specially trained snipers were set up around the town in secure locations to delete every living dead creature in every town.

A week passed and the ok was given to let civilians back into the cities where they were all set to live again.

That meant the end to Michael’s week long break. It was not what he had expected it to be, but it was a story in its own.

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