The Sisters and The Masked Evil 2

April 26, 2014
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Chapter 2

“Okay,” said Mr Arthur turning to his daughters “You 3 will wait here for the bride and then, as her bride maids, you will carry the part of her long dress that touches the ground so she doesn’t trip, okay?” “You told us that a trillion times, Dad,” said Mary annoyed at the fact that her father keeps telling them the same thing over and over again.

“She should be here any minute now,” said Mr Arthur ignoring Mary. He turned and disappeared into the church which was already crowded. Raven started toying with her bright red hair. “You don’t have to show off!” Vivid shouted angrily at Raven. “Sorry?” Raven asked confused. “Hay, just because my hairs black and Mary’s is brown doesn’t mean you can show of that yours is red!” Vivid said getting irritated.

“She was just toying with her hair Vivid! And if you two ever fight again I will make sure you regret it. Is that clear?” Mary immediately said to her sisters giving them a hard glare. “Yes, Mary,” they said unable to take their eyes off Marys eyes. ‘Every time she glares at us like that she manages to put us into some kind of trance, how does she do it?’ thought Vivid.

A black car drove up in front of the church. “The bride! Go and get the glitter guns from the car!” ordered Mary in a whisper. Both Raven and Vivid took off running. Miss Rosemary stepped out of the car. Her dress was long and had transparent long sleeves. She had a red rose on her long brown hair. ‘What’s the use of sleeves if everyone can see through them?’ thought Mary.

Raven and Vivid quickly ran back and stood on each side of Mary; the glitter guns behind their backs. Raven passed Mary her gun behind her back. “Her hairs just like yours, beautiful and long,” Vivid whispered to Mary. “Never compliment your enemy,” whispered Mary sternly. It sounded as stern as Mrs Nora’s voice which surprised her sisters. The 3 sisters’ smiled at the bride who began to walk towards them.
“Oh, you tree are so beautiful!” said Miss Rosemary to the 3 sisters’. “You’re so cute,” said Miss Rosemary pulling Vivid’s cheek playfully. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem playful in the eyes of the 3 sisters’. But they kept smiling.

“Just walk in Madam Rose… we forgot something in the car,” said Mary sweetly. “Sure!” she smiled at them and then walked in. “Raven, I’ve decided you should leave the shooting to us,” said Mary. “Hay, how come you two get all the fun!” Raven whined. “Who’s going to take the pictures?” asked Mary making Raven go silent. “Fine!” Raven said passing the glitter gun to Vivid who smiled widely.

“Okay girls, the operation starts now!” Mary roars. Revan moves in first. She creeps behind the people heading for the wedding cake. On reaching the wedding cake, she takes a huge bite. “My Mom can cook better,” she whispers to herself sliding a toy bomb in the cake.

Mary and Vivid move in. Their black caps on their heads. “Wait for the bride to have a taste of the cake and then we attack,” Mary smiles widely. Raven slides in next to them a remote with one button in it on her hand. “She is soo gonna be sorry!” smiled Vivid. After being married, the bride and groom move towards the cake. The bride takes the knife and is ready to cut the cake.

“Game over,” whispers Raven as she pushed the button. The cake explodes in a huge blast, ruining the bride, grooms and the camera mans clothe. Everybody is still with surprise for a moment. But Raven takes that chance and throws more toy bombs in all directions which blast the moment they land.
“AAAAAAHH!!!” there are screams and everyone is running in circles. Mary and Vivid start shooting. Some head for the door but Mary and Vivid have made sure it was tightly closed. And suddenly the people realize that this isn’t war. No, it’s not even close. It’s just a few kids playing a sad prank on them.
Everyone is silent for a moment as the shooting stops. “MARY!!!” Mr Andrew shouted so loud that some people put their hands in their ears. “Run!” ordered Mary. The 3 sisters immediately drop their guns and burst out the back door and run straight into the forest.

They run really deep into the forest and then climb into their tree-house which was set high in a huge tree and pull up the ladder. The 3 of them are breathing heavily for a moment. “It’s a good thing Dad doesn’t know we have a tree-house,” Vivid grins.

“I’ve gotten ready everything we may need. There’s clothe, food, water and other things we may need,” Mary said. “How long are we going to stay here?” asked Raven. “One week,” answered Mary calmly as she checked the food supply. “One WEEK?!!” Vivid and Raven shout with surprise. “Keep shouting and the villagers will find us,” Mary replied calmly.

Raven and Vivid quickly shut up. “Why didn’t you tell us?” whispered Raven angrily. “I thought we work together!” Vivid whispered her head turning red. “If we go home when Dads mood is ragging like it was a moment ago, we’ll probably just end up punished. But if we make everybody wait a week, then they’d probably think it’s their fault we ran away. And when we come back, we could just lie and say we got lost in the forest, I mean, lots of people have died here right?” Mary asked.

Raven and Vivid are quite for a moment. It’s true, lots of people died in this forest because they couldn’t find their way out… and there were of wild animals in this forest. “Don’t you think it’s dangerous?” asked Raven. “There could be spirits here,” Vivid continued. “Just don’t get out and everything will go as planned,” Mary advised.

Soon the sun set and the girls changed into their pyjamas. “Vivid, bed time!” Mary called though Vivid was right in front of her playing games on her phone. “I thought we could stay up late?” said Vivid not taking her eyes off the phone. Mary snatched the phone from her sister and said “I said bed time, Vivid!”

“Fine,” Vivid yawned rubbing her eyes. ‘Awooo’ the girls heard coming from outside. Vivid jumped into Mary’s arms. “Wolves, don’t worry,” Mary said calmly. The 3 sisters went to sleep with the uncomforting sound of the wolves and the silver light that came through the window from the moon.

The author's comments:
This is the second chapter of my story.

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