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March 20, 2014
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There once was a boy that went by the name of W.R. Iters Block. W.R. standing for his extremely long name, Willithanuel Roland. He lived in Brayne, a small fishing city just outside the main river that led through most cities, with a king by the name of Elyga. W.R. was a regular 4-year-old boy that was abandoned by his parents. The story being, that one day as King Elyga was walking the streets he noticed a basket lying there wielding a baby with an envelope that read, “Nobody wants him, I am sure one of you will take him”. From that day forth, King Elyga promised to keep and take care of the child.

There was only one problem. W.R. was a horrible pest. He broke into the homes of many stealing valuable objects, littered the streets with garbage, and ran around pestering people about random nonsense. No body liked W.R. for all of these reasons and more. King Elyga, being the king of the city, knew that he had to do something about it. Letters upon letters flooded the office’s mailbox about the various complains of W.R. and his wrong doings. Something had to be done.

One day, King Elyga went up to W.R. and said, “Willithanuel Roland, I want you to leave this city, and never come back”. With a push out of gate of the kingdom, he sent his son away. Days later, he was spotted crawling back over the city walls, pestering more of the people. Again and again King Elyga tried to kick W.R. out of the city, but he just kept coming right back.

Finally, King Elyga had the most brilliant of ideas. He sat down at his desk, grabbed a quill and some ink, and began to write a story about the horrible and disruptive pest. From that day forth, W.R. Iters Block had never been seen ever again.

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