The Old Hound

March 18, 2014
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An old hound isn’t thought of as much more than just a dog. Some are known to be smart, others not so much. Every dog has its own personality and a mind of its own. However, there was something special about this dog.

Brown was an old hound dog with dark brown eyes, droopy ears, and a white stripe down the middle of his face. He had a round black circled nose surrounded by a gray face that revealed his age. He started off wondering the streets as a stray. On bitter cold nights he would search the streets in hope to find any scrap of food that residents threw out. When the food source ran low, Brown would rely on crops from nearby farms. A family, who lived on the farm, a few miles away from where Brown usually wondered, left out any extra food from their dinner for the animals and strays to pick at. The food source remained low and Brown started to show up on a regular basis at the family’s house. The family eventually took him in and decided to name him Brown.

The family had a big red barn with two tall white doors. The barn was old and weathered and the paint was beginning to chip. There were two tall white horses, three black and white cows, six sheep, and a few chickens. Brown got along with all of the animals. The family taught him how to herd sheep and other tricks to help out on the farm. Despite his age, Brown caught on fairly quickly. He went with the man who lived in the house on the farm to help him hunt every day for the next night’s dinner. The family grew to love Brown. He made life on the farm easier.

The old dog loved to travel down the old gravel road that leads to the barn. The animals got used to the sound of him trotting down the road, gravel crunching underneath his paws. Brown developed his own favorite spots in the barn. Sometimes he would crawl up on the hay stacks and curl into a tight ball so he could take a long nap. Other times he would jump the fence to run with the horses. The horses galloped gracefully and free across the brown field. Brown ran as fast as he could to keep up with them while nipping at the cool air. Brown’s most desired spot was the horse trailer. There was something about the inside of the trailer that made him feel at ease.

Riding in the trailer and sticking his head out of the window was Brown’s favorite thing to do. Whenever the family took the horses out, Brown rode along in the trailer with them. He loved to close his eyes and feel the sharp pierce wind against his face. He tried to sniff up all of the passing smells in one large sniff. When the trailer was parked outside of the barn, Brown would sleep in the corner every night. If the horses weren’t outside, Brown would wait in the trailer with his head hanging out of the window waiting for them to return.

Eventually, Browns age started to show. He became very grey and could barely get up the gravel road. Brown fell short of the horses because his legs no longer allowed him to run at full speed. He couldn’t help out on the farm anymore because he was too tired to hardly even stand up. Through all of his pain, he liked to rest in the old trailer. The trailer became his best friend; it was where he spent the rest of his life. He took his last breaths in the trailer. Brown will always be remembered for his love and passion for the trailer.

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