The Seal Crest

January 17, 2014
By TayHarper SILVER, San Diego, California
TayHarper SILVER, San Diego, California
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Shoot For the Moon, If you miss you'll still be with the Stars.

Have you ever noticed someone so beautiful all you could do stare. I don’t mean stare and occasionally break eye contact, no not at all. It was as if this person owned you at that moment, and you could only look away when something makes you break eye contact. She had that effect on me. She who had exotic, beautiful, perfect flowing caramel skin. Her skin always looked moist and soft, her color was so lively it almost had a glow around it. I had heard she was some sort of Latin mixed with Black. A perfect combination: fire and passion. She had no marks, cuts, dents, or bruises anywhere on her. Well the parts of her skin I could see, believe me I wish could see more but her clothes did not permitted that. Anyway , the only real “cuts” she had was in her arms, legs and abdomen with her muscles. She had long luxurious, silky, wavy hair that reached her mid back. Seemed as if you could glide your finger through it with no problem. Everytime she ever walked by me I could smell her hair conditioner, the scent became familiar to me. It was not longer the scent of the conditioner but of her. Her lip gloss laid ever so neatly, making them look ten time more amazing and they were just as intense as her eyes. They were a beautiful grey with a hint of blue when the light hit it just right. Her body was hot, but the thing that caught me the most was her voice. Her voice flowed vibrantly through the world and played like music to my ears. Her voice, even if she was saying the most disrespectful, crude thing to you it was like the voice of a siren or an angel. She stood about 5’11-6’1 with those black heeled boots she usually wears 9 times out of 10. In fact she had them on now. Black leather heeled boots that with a black skirt, a white shirt and black and grey mid cut sweater.
She was a witch, not the evil females that have attitude with everyone for no apparent reason. She was a witch that could control the pure nature of the elements, that could use magic and cast spells. I was a warlock, well not really. Warlocks are of the highest ranks of warriors cast and control their magic excellently, I wasn't even close to that. Humans build up stamina and lean muscle to control their bodies which is basically the same thing. But I was an entirely different being all together but we will get to that later. There was one last thing about her that mesmerized me, her name was as beautiful as to me as her voice was. Leticia Lamor Le’onnii was her name. She was the type of girl that didn't need a guy, but if I was lucky maybe I could be with her one day. I mean I wasn't bad looking, not to be conceited or anything. I was built (just like every other guy here, magic takes a toll on your body so you have to keep it in complete shape), about 6’3 and 215 pounds. My black hair was longer than most guys, it reached my shoulders, I hadn’t shaved in a week so the stubble was starting to show more. My family and others said was I handsome but I always second guessed myself when I looked at Leticia. She looked over to me, and our eyes locked. My heartbeat picked up, and I couldn't help but crack a smile. Surprisingly to me she smiled back. That smile sent excitement through my body. We continued eye contact for a few more moments just before and guy sat down next to her and greeted her with a kiss. That guy was Ricky Walton.

“JT...J....JACK!” a deep voice yelled at me. I turned around to face my friend - everyone else knew us as brothers - Zero.
“What’s good?”
“You were doing your creepy stalker stare thing again. Matter of fact you might want to wipe your mouth I think you were drooling.” He said just before biting into a warm biscuit. We were in the cafeteria of the Griffin Crest Academy. GCA, was a school for magic. It was 1 of 12 schools available for mages to learn how to control their power and deiced how they want to live out their life. Here at Giffin Crest Academy you had a few options. You could study as a Regular Mage (RM) were students basically just study magic, common spells, teaches the laws of magic and how to keep it away from humans. Its like a high school just for mages. But if you didn't want to take the safe road you could study under the Mage Crest (MC) where they teach you the same thing in addition to how to use your power for combat. If you're good enough you get “pushed forward” or “drafted” and are thrown into the Circle where they will enlist you. It’s the Military for Mages. Which one was I in? Every male in my family - since as far back as the b.c - enlists in the Mage Crest program for honor, glory, the expansion of our name and blood line. But I wasn’t in it for that, to be completely honest I just wanted the chance to work with her.

“You know she out of your league right?”

“So what?”

“She got a boyfriend.”

“I’m not liking that kind of negativity. Besides I heard they aren’t doing so well anyway.”

“You know Ricky hates your guts and is a lot stronger than you, I don’t know why you always put yourself in these type of situations.”

“Zero,” I said taking a sip of orange juice,” why do you even care?”

“Because getting my power level up is my main priority, should be yours too.Yo you realize how hard we worked to make it in the top ten of our class just to get a chance to be drafted? The second priority is gettin’ with your ‘mental lover’s’ best friend, not the other way around.” He was referring Ezmerelda. Ezme - as Zero called her - was Zero’s Leticia. She was about 5’7, long dark hair, light brown eyes, she looked like a mix between spanish and asian. She had an amazing smile and had Zero like a puppet on a string. Can’t say I blame him, every man has his vices. Zero was 6’3 and looked like he could have been Chris Brown’s younger brother. Black but light skin, short hair, and had green eyes. He was wearing a Las Vegas snapback, tan cargos, black socks, white nike shoes, a black v neck shirt and a greenish color vest. He went by the name Zero but his real name was Zathrian Michalson. Not many people knew his real name and that was the way he liked it.
“Anyway, was there any word on when you’re supposed to take your R.O.P?”
“Nah, you?”
“Its pending, from what they keep telling me it will be soon.”
“Thats another thing reason you should stay away from her, I'm not trying to become a Hollow and you keep going after L’s you know Ricky is going to try and challenge you, using magic outside of the tournaments punishable by Hollowfication.”
“You dont have to recite the rules to me like I'm a child. I’ve been going to the same school as you sense we were 7.”
“Ay’man alls I’m saying is losing the chance to pass your R.O.P and getting Hollowfied is not worth it, not over a girl, nor will I allow it.”
“I always enjoy what you think is helpful information Zero.” I said rubbing my temples. The R.O.P initiative - or Right Of Passage - was designed to test the skill, perception, endurance, logic, and lyrium (S.P.E.L.L) of the mages who choose to Mage Crest path. When you first sign up for MC they put you in the common knowledge classes. You learn about magic, the laws of magic, how it is to be used, what level of magic is appropriate in situation, basically a bunch of political bullshit that none of the newbies follow because they don’t know the dangers of it all.
The R.O.P is believe to be one of the most strenuous test mages will ever face, second to near death experiences. You have three chances to pass. If you fail then you can do one of two things. You can either transfer to the common mage program or be Hollowfied. Hollowfication is one of the worst things that can happen to a mage and as far as I know it hasn’t been undone. The Elders, or the Royal mages, are the ones who decide if you are to be Hollowfied or not. The process along with the effect scares the s*** out of me. They brand your hand and ribs with the Circles seal symbol. There is a small circle with a triangle inside of it, a larger circle around that with binding symbols around the larger circle. From what I've seen and heard, being hollowfied is worse than hell. You're cut off from magic...well from free use of it at least. Some mages are able to access magic through Spirits of their ancestors, some drink Lyrium which is like a steroid and helps them focus their magic, but when your hallowed your magic comes from your life force. Meaning if you push too much, you'll die, but if you don't use any magic your body eventually won't be able to take it and you will die. I heard you can’t feel anything love, remorse, anger, happiness is all cut off. Like living in a glass box, you can see everything, hear everything but the feel of it all is gone. I'd rather die than be hallowed.
"JT, did you take your Lyrium shots?"
"No, I didn’t have time."
"You serious? Lets go." Zero said standing up.
"Im not done eating." I said. Electricity flashed through his eyes, literally. His element especially was electricity, he could conjure it and manipulate it as easily as he could breath. I sighed knowing if I didn’t get up he would shock me until I did.
"Alright man don’t get pushy." I said standing up. I looked back one last time just to catch a glance of Leticia. I noticed she was sitting alone now, by alone I meant Ricky wasn't around anymore. Ezme was with her and they both were wide eyed staring my way. Confused I took a step and almost bumped straight into someone. Damn my affect foreshadowing, Ricky stood in my way. Ricky was my height, actually exactly my height. We stood at six one, Ricky had shaggy brown hair blue eyes, and an attitude of a pitbull. This guy thought he was better than everyone else because he was pushed forward early last year. Contrary to what Zero was saying earlier Ricky was strong but he wasn't stronger than me. He knew how to control his power than I did which gave him an edge. His ability and cunning was superior however...I knew I couldn't take him down...not yet at least.

“So Jacky here the deal,” he said stepping up to me, “that girl over there is mine. You know that, the school knows that, yet you insist on staring at her like shes a piece of meat.”
“What shaggy, you scared of a little competition?” I said returning a blow. I hate being called Jacky, but I know he hated being called shaggy even more. He smirked at me.

“Competition? What competition? I dont think you realize who you’re talking to, so I suggest you walk away before this gets ugly for you.” A wave of anger hit me. It flowed through me like a wild fire. I could feel the element of fire heating in my hands. I tried to stay in control and keep it at bay.
“JT,” Zero said next to me, “come on man now is not the time.”

“Listen to your little boyfriend here, you should leave.”
Zero gave him the finger in return. There was a split second and and all hell broke out. Ricky threw a very sloppy punch at Zero, he dodged it. My instinct kicked, while Ricky was still off balance I swept his legs from under him and he hit the ground hard. I felt myself losing control of my element, I drop to my knee trying to keep it under control.
“Zero...” I was barely able to say. Zero picked me up, and then Ricky started at us again except something stood in the way.
“Hey thats enough! Take a walk Ricky.” Leticia said stepping in front of him.
“You got lucky Apostate!”
“I said take a walk!” Leticia said raising her voice. Him and I held eye contact for awhile longer, then he turned and walked off. My heart was still pumping, my blood was still boiling and my magic was still on the rise.
“Zero...I can’t hold it for much longer.” I said.
“Hey are you okay?” Leticia turned to me and asked. For some reason, we she spoke to me, the inability to control my magic was gone. I felt fine.
“Y-yeah I’m fine...” I said stumbling over my words.
“I saw you drop. Are you sure you’re okay?” She asked again. I opened my mouth but Zero cut me off.
“Hes fine he just been having stomach pains recently.” he said. She nodded suspiciously.
“When is you’re R.O.P’s?” Ezme- who I didn't know was standing there- said. This time it was Zero who couldn't speak.
“We don’t know, they keep telling us its pending.”
“I can sense the power coming from both of you. You’re strong, what’s your names?”
“...On paper my name is Zathrian Michelson but I go by Zero.” He said.
“Zathrians a good name, you should use it more.” She said with a smile.
“If you’re Zathrian than you must be Jack Michelson.” Leticia said. When she said my name it was like a drug to my system.
“Yeah, its Jack Michelson Tensow. I take my mother maiden name, he uses our fathers.”
“I see, well we will see what we can do about your R.O.P. I hear their doing something special this year.”
“Thanks.” we both said.
“We look forward to working with you when you pass.” Ezme said. They smiled, turned and walked away. I looked at Zero, he just shook his head. Something told me this was going to get worse before it gets better.

The author's comments:
This is just the first chapter to the novel that should be finished in like June.

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