The Adventuresof Thadius and Cletus

October 3, 2013
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One day in the Central Park Zoo Thadius, a walrus, was going to eat lunch with a polar bear named Cletus. When he gets there he sees that Cletus is in a bad mood. “Why are you upset “, said Thadius. “ I’m sick of being in the same place all the time”, He replied. “Well”, replied Thadius,” This is our home, and nothing is better than being at home.” Cletus thought about that before saying anything.The next day he decided that he was leaving. “I’m leaving the zoo”, he told Thadius. “Ok”, he said, “but I’m coming too.”

At midnight they creped out of the zoo and ran all the way to the forests. They had brought a few things with them and one of the items was a map. This map showed the way to the legendary Crypt of Entrails. It was very close so they decided to go to it.

When they arrived at the crypt they were extremely disappointed. What was once a tall and creepy building was now a broken, pathetic pile of rocks. As they turned to leave they saw that one of the graves out front had some dead animal corpses around it. When they walked up they realized that the animal corpses all had one thing in common. They all had their stomachs ripped out. “We’re here”, they said. They slid the lid of the casket aside, revealing a staircase beneath. Once they got down the stairs, they found a trail of organs that ran deep into the crypt. When they started following it they realized that the organs were moving along the floor. ”Cletus they’re moving”, said Thadius. Cletus tried to swipe them aside with his claws, but they kept coming back. At the same moment the wall beside Cletus broke, and a tentacle like object wrapped around his neck and dragged him through the wall. “CLETUS!!!!!!” Thadius yelled, but it was too late he was gone.

Thadius was distraught. He couldn’t believe Cletus was gone. He blamed himself; he shouldn’t have let Cletus leave the zoo. He also had a problem; he couldn’t find his way out of the crypt. He felt like the Minotaur in the labyrinth. He kept walking and then it happened. The floor gave out and he fell into darkness.

He awoke tired and sore. When he looked around he saw tufts of whitish fur in a pool of blood. He feared the worst had come to pass. He waddled onward in search of the monster that could have killed his friend. Awhile later he turned a corner and saw light at the end of the hall. He also sees organs and entrails all over the floor. He walks down the hall and comes into a big room with a staircase on the other side and a huge hole in the roof. There was a pile of entrails in the middle of the room. He moved forward and the pile moved. A huge, glowing, red eye opened. The Entrails Beast of legend rose up. It resembled a wolf somewhat but had no skin and no bones it was just organs. It had a huge pair of wings as well as a scorpion like tail. Thadius knew that he didn’t stand a chance alone. It was three times his size and could rebuild itself if injured. He needed something to weaken it. He looked around, but nothing stood out. Then he saw it, the torches, they were everywhere on the walls. He also noticed that the beast had a chain around its neck. That meant that he might be able to choke it to death. First he went for a torch, and when he got one he threw it at the beast. It caught the left wing on fire. He then ran up and while it was distracted he wrapped the chain around his neck and pulled hard. The beast then turned around and a giant tongue came out of its mouth and wrapped itself around Thadius’ neck. He pulled hard on the chain, but as he started to lose consciousness the chain feels out of the grip. Just as his vision started to go black he heard a roar and the glowing red eye was suddenly clawed right out of its socket. His vision returned as he regained consciousness. He stood up and saw Cletus wrestling the beast. He had to work fast, so he gathered up all of the torches and made a small fire. Then he grabbed the chain and pulled it. The beast got closer and Cletus kept pushing it forward. Soon it back legs were in the fire burning up, and from the burning legs and its wing it was eventually engulfed in flames.

They headed up the steps and soon came the inside of the broken building. This seemed to be the only room untouched. The walls were covered with tapestries depicting a walrus and a polar bear. In the center of the room on a pedestal laid Stora Tusk, meaning the Great Tusk in Swedish. It was golden and had light radiating off of it. Thadius went forward to pick it up but as he got close it floated up and bathed him in golden light. When the light died down Thadius saw that his tucks were gold. They assumed that he was chosen for something, but the question was, chosen for what?

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