Citadel of Shadows part 2

September 29, 2013
Scene two:

“Alex is standing in the great hall, mounting his personal robot, which he will use to defend the city. There are cries of war outside, and he fumbles a little with the controls. His friend of the Secret Order of the Death Guard is standing by him.”

Alex: I tell you Jephrie, the king has order the activation of the rings and it is the right time to do so. We are surrounded and there is not a intention to help from our neighboring planets. This is a desperate situation and he is already grieved from the death of his son?

Jephrie: Who you failed to protect. Not only is His Majesty distraught, he is also terrified and weak. It is time to dethrone him.

Alex: You are not being serious! Dethrone Thanatos? Do you want to die? Its foolishness, nothing else, if the king heard you right now, he would have you thrown to the Well of Light.

(Both shudder at the mention of the most powerful source of power in the citadel. Alex finishes with his robot and begins to climb up the robot. Jephrie activates his own ring and a robot shimmers into existence. He is suddenly exhausted, but also gets into the robot.)

Alex: Plus, the prince was running in enemy territory. I tried my best to get him back, but a sentinel saw us and shot me. You are very aware of how inmortal I am, but the prince suddenly forgot and jumped in the way. What kind of prince jumps in the way of an arrow directed to his body guard?

Jephrie: I don’t know man, but I really think that if His Majesty does not join us in the battlefield and proves his claim to the throne, I will have no other option but to challenge him to the duel of Blades.

(There is a faint tremor as the name of the most sacred duel is mentioned. Both robots lumber over to the door of the Great Hall and open the doors. Immediately, a giant werewolf jumps at them and throws them to the ground. Alex is unfazed and grabs the wolf by the head, snapping his neck as he does so.)

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