World's End -Chapter 1

August 17, 2013
By Arashi BRONZE, Kuala Lumpur, Other
Arashi BRONZE, Kuala Lumpur, Other
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CHAPTER 1: Death

Everyone thought aliens was just a ridiculous myth. Well we are dead wrong. Humans was just living their own respective lifes everyday...not knowing that something was out there watching us, waiting to stike. My name is Joseph. Everyday, it was the same ruitine of my life. Just a regular working adult. Work may be stressful to me sometimes however I will always try to find a was for me to have fun. Trying to enjoy the little bits of happiness even in sorrow times. I have a beautiful and elegant wife, Vanessa and two children, Micheal and Danise. My family was a happy one. Every time, after a tiring day at work, I just wish to be at home cuddling my loved ones. Well thats basiclly my everyday life. However, everything falls apart when 'they' came. I will always remember the moment 'they' first land and killed my family. December 24, 2020.

‘'Hey Joseph since its Christmas Eve why not we go somewhere together?'’ Vanessa asked with my two childrens at her back eagerly waiting for my answer.

‘'I don't see why not? Well it’s not like we have something to do. Our relatives are too busy to celebrate this year event. Therefore let’s go,'’ I said while putting on my warm favourite black leather jacket. Venessa bought me this jacket when we started dating. Although it is a common leather jacket, for me it's special because it's a gift filled with Venessa's endless love. I feel warm even if it's freezing outside. I smiled at my excited kids and said'Oh don't forget to wear your jackets kids. It's kinda chilly outside'.

'Okay,' replied the kids happily.

As we went shopping happily around the central market, I decided to bring my family to the famous landmark, Empire State Building so they can see the entire city from there. The Christmas mood is sure to enhance the scene too. As we drove there, my kids were puzzled as I want to surprise them. When we arrived at the foot of the buildings, they instantly knew my intention and jumped happily while saying ‘‘yay, daddy is taking us up the tower’’. They don’t exactly know the name of the ‘tower’ they are mentioning but they always wanted to get a bird’s eye view from the observation deck. As I lined up to buy the tickets, I told my family to wait. I looked at my watch, to my surprise it’s already 11.30p.m. The last elevator up is on 11.51 p.m. With haste, I bought the tickets and rush back hurriedly to my family.
As we wait, Michael asked a ridiculous question. He asked ‘’daddy, are aliens real. In television, they say aliens do exist. I am scared that one day they will come and eat us and’

‘’Stop’’ I said. ‘’My poor child, aliens aren’t real son. They are just myth from the past. There is nothing to worry about. All the UFOs that you see in television are just plastic flying disks. Aliens don’t exist.’’ I smiled and heaved a heavy sign. What is wrong with kids these days, always thinking about aliens and other mythical creatures?
Without noticing the time, it’s already 11.50 p.m. I quickly grab Vanessa’s and the kids hand and run to the elevator. Fortunately, there were only a few people. We board the lift and up we go. When we reach up, my kids ran to the edge and were marveling at the view. The lights of the Christmas decoration really make this breath-taking moment the most relaxing and the best view. Of course, as a shutterbug, I will never miss this opportunity to take some photographs of this amazing view.

The midnight bells stoke, and it’s CHRISTMAS! I wished my wife and kids. For the presents, I gave Vanessa a ring which I put my heart and soul earning enough money to buy it. I took overtime shift and lied to Vanessa stating I am out with my friends. Vanessa was crying of happiness knowing the truth. She was very much pleased and hugged my tightly. This warm sensation I am feeling was the best. We kissed each other and just smiled. A few fireworks were shot into the air which makes the scenario more romantic. Denise and Michael covered their eyes when we kissed and looked at the fireworks. Oh how I wanted this feeling to last forever. Spending time with your loved ones is the best. Much little I know that, everything soon will end in vain. Suddenly, there was a power distortion. Everything was pitching dark. The boys were scared and I told them there is nothing to worry about. The government will sure to do something quick to resolve this matter.

A sudden thunder rumbled loudly followed by one and another. The wind was so strong that my hat flew out from my head. Fortunately, I manage to grab it back. Vanessa’s scream and pointed at the sky. I looked in curiosity was shocked. Something massive is falling from the sky. Screams can be heard from below. That thing was too big to be a meteorite. Usually a meteorite will burn into nothing before they reach the surface but this is a different story. No meteorite will have blue light and super big turbines on it. I grabbed the telescope to take a closer look. The surface of the UFO is made of metal-like material. With haste, I told my family to go back down. Unfortunately, the lift had no power. I cursed.

‘’We have to find a way out here. Wait the stairs!’’ I shouted.

‘’Are you out of your mind? This is the 86th floor. No I am not going,’’ Vanessa replied angrily.

‘’We have to. We are out of choice. None of the elevators are working. Come on.’’

I grabbed Vanessa and the kids’ arm and rush to the stairs. The moment we open the door, the UFO was emitting some kind of a laser-like-scanner. I panicked and rush downstairs. I open my cell phone and tried to dial 911 but it failed. The UFO is like jamming every single electronic current and device. Then, explosion can be heard from outside. I was paralyzed. One after another, boom!

Drops of sweat were flowing down to my chin. My mind was troubled. I couldn’t think properly anymore –you could say I am insane now. What to do? How can we get out from this? Will we survive? Will Vanessa die? I screamed loudly. Vanessa looked at me in horror. Although she was angry at me but she clearly understand how I felt. Suddenly, I tripped and fell down the stairs.

‘’Daddy!’’ screamed Michael.

I was in pain. Then, out of curiosity, the observation deck was blown. Debris and huge stones were falling down. Another explosion happened at the floor below us. The tower was collapsing. I closed my eyes, I can’t think any further. This is the end because we are falling off from the 50th story. Well only death awaits us.

-to be continued

The author's comments:
Writing for fun as usual. Await for chapter 2. My English is quite bad so sorry for the mistakes and I will try my best to improve

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