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Adventure in Kashmir

In kashmir a big snow fall vanished a village. The Lilliput of the village were only alive. The captain of the Lilliput called everyone “we have to search for our village people” “but captain how can we find our village people?” “We have to find somewhere around this place” “But the people of the village did not respect us” says tadio .They gave place to stay” said the captain snake. Everyone clapped at him. “Everyone TAKE THE GOODS AND MARCHHHHHHHH! Everyone searched A day gone A weak gone A year gone but they didn’t get them “Captain one year it’s self gone we didn’t find them. Says vinu” “You stupid we are so small in one year how can we find them.” “Captain see there is A river I think after crossing that RIVER there is a forest they might be there.” “Yes sri you are right they might be there. Everyone walked towards the river how can we cross the river! Everyone thinked “ captain see there a leaf first five can go first and next five can” said vinu “ great thinking vinu” thank you sir. Captain said first vinu,tadio,sri,raju,nobi can go first thank you sir they gone safely and pushed the leaf back to them next we can go said the captain while going a crocodile came captain said “ Everyone go” and the captain jumped into the water captaaaaaaaain ! Everyone gone to the shore ………THE CAPTAIN JUMPED WITH A SHRPED STONE KILLED THE CROCODILE. YAYAYAYAYAYA . The captain came to the shore everyone cheered him .In the forest everyone climbed on each other and saw the people of their village the people of the village was very happy to see them! And built a new village and the people of the village respect the Lilliput and they where happy.

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